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Krisha is a middle-class girl whose life is forever altered when she receives a marriage proposal from a prince. Krisha believes that her hopes of becoming a queen of a royal family have come true. When her dream of marrying her prince charming comes true, her life is nothing short of a fairy tale.

She is thrilled to be Devraj’s wife and enter Ambikapur palace. She falls in love with Devraj, but she quickly realizes that the people around her are spreading lies, betraying her, and plotting evil. When Krisha discovers the truth about Devraj, her life becomes a terrible nightmare.

In order to provide for her family financially, Krisha works in a hotel. Her father was the hotel’s top chef until an accident forced him to quit. Krisha is happy when she sees a couple. In her dreams, she sees herself falling in love with a prince. She informs Rani, her friend, that her prince will arrive in a distinctive manner.

Raj, her romantic interest, enters the same way she describes. The hotel where Krisha works appeals to him. He intends to purchase the hotel. Krisha says that fairy tales can come true. She pursues Rani in an effort to assist her in welcoming the prince. She welcomes the prince at the hotel by going to the ghat.

Krisha arrives on time with the garlands, but as she drops them, she falls over her face. The prince is directly hit by the garland. Krisha feels the wrath of Singh. He says hello to the prince. Krisha meets Devraj, the prince. She expresses regret for her error. She pursues Singh. Rani informs her that Singh is with Devraj.

She discovers that they are meeting. She wonders if the prince is expressing his disapproval of her. She doesn’t want anything bad to happen. Outside of Mr. and Mrs. Deewan’s room, she finds some blood drops on the floor. Because he was treating her badly, she believes Mr. Deewan was responsible for her death.

To check the room, she calls Singh and other staff members. She inquires of Mr. Deewan regarding the deceased wife. She informs him that he murdered his wife. She gets to meet Mrs. It turns out that her concern is just another mistake. Singh is furious at her for putting the blame for the murder on the guest.

Mr. Deewan explains that he was painting and that the red color was the paint. Krisha is found by Devraj in the mess. Krisa is asked to apologise to Devraj by Singh because he is now the new owner of their hotel. Despite Krisha’s apology, Devraj fires her from her position.

Devraj later acquires Krisha’s marriage alliance. She asks him why the marriage alliance came to her house. He declares his desire to wed her. She inquires whether he intends to exact revenge on her. She asks him to spare her family from punishment. He declares that no one is being punished. She asks him why he made such a big decision so quickly.

The fact that he wants to marry her puzzles her. He says that he really wants to marry her and that he likes the way she talks. She informs them that they require time to become acquainted.

He says that it only takes a moment to get to know someone, but that sometimes even a lifetime is not enough. He tells her to stop thinking of herself as a typical girl. He advises her to get to know him and spend time with him before making a decision about marriage. He gives Krisha a day to get to know her. He informs her that he will not bother her with the marriage proposal if she rejects it. He asks her to return to her job. She informs that it will be premature to accept the proposal. He asks her to be patient. Krisha tumbles over the edge. She yells for aid.

Devraj is able to hold on to her. Krisha is saved by him. After saving her, she finds him falling off the cliff. Krisha tries to get him some assistance. She shouldn’t put her life in danger, says Devraj. He shows that he cares about her. He’s saved by Krisha. She accepts Devraj’s proposal. Krisha later informs her parents that the marriage cannot take place so soon. The wedding is very exciting for the family. Krisha does not want her parents to run into financial difficulties. Devraj’s family can’t wait, according to her parents.

Devraj listens in on them. He informs him that he can await Krisha. He appreciates Krisha’s choice as well as her parents. He assures Krisha that he is always there for her. The good news from Krisha’s parents is that they will soon receive the insurance money, allowing them to fulfill their obligation and get Krisha married. They experience a moment of emotion.

Devraj is pleased that they have self-esteem and did not seek his assistance. Devraj is also highly respected by her parents. Krisha enjoys witnessing Devraj’s family’s closeness. They are invited to Ambikapur by Devraj to meet his family. He says that if everything goes well, his family will arrange the marriage. Krisha is drawn to Devraj. Krisha and Devraj tie the knot.

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