Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door

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Beginning of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door On Thursday Pt 2

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door On Thursday starts with Sujata provoking the terrorist to slap her. The terrorist slapped her. Atharv got angry seeing Sujata’s forehead bleeding. He opened the arm lock of the terrorist and threw him away. Atharv beats the men angrily. Everyone smiled seeing Atharv. Atharv beat all the mean single handedly. Bhoomi asked Atharv to beat them more. The man got a hammer to beat Atharv. Sujata shouted Atharv. Suman also shouted.

Ravish shot the man. Everyone got relieved seeing Ravish. Atharv looked on. The terrorists left the family, seeing Ravish. Ravish shot all the terrorists. Zeenat thought of doing something, since the game was spoiled. Ravish shot the men and beats them. Atharv and Ravish fought with the terrorists.

Ravish aimed the gun at Zeenat. Zeenat said great captain, why did you stop, shoot me, you indian army men are taught to shoot innocent women and children, you have worn this uniform for this. She shot and asked him to shoot. The man kicked Ravish. Ravish shot and the man held him. Ravish fought with him and shot the man.

A man went to Atharv to hit his head. The man hits his head. Vividha, Sujata, Ravish and everyone got shocked. Atharv held his head and got dizzy. Atharv threw his hand all around in the air and fell down backwards. They all looked on shocked. Sujata and Vividha run to Atharv. Suman and everyone look on. Ravish angrily threw the gun and beats the men.

Still On Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door On Thursday Pt 2

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door On Thursday continues Chutki asked Atharv to get up. Atharv woke up and said Vividha and fainted again. Sujata and Vividha asked him to open his eyes. They all heard sound and gotshocked. Zeenat shot Ravish. Ravish got shot at his hand. They all got shocked.

Zeenat shot again. The bullets got over. Suman went to Ravish. Ravish asked her to call the doctor for Atharv first, I am fine. Vividha angrily slapped Zeenat. Kalindi, Bhoomi and Vividha beat Zeenat and caught her neck.

The army officer asked the team to get ready. The Reporter tells about the army mission stopping before the beginning. She said, we can’t say the current state of the family, but we will inform you about the injured or dead state of any member or terrorists soon. Army and medical team entered the house. Ravish was taken by the army men, while the medical team took Atharv.

Reporter asked Suman to say something about Zeenat and the other terrorists. Suman asked them to see themselves and get the answer. Zeenat and the terrorists were brought there. Atharv was laid inside the ambulance. Ravish sat in the ambulance for his treatment. Vividha saw Atharv and Ravish in two ambulances and got in dilemma, thinking to whom should she know. The man told her that captain is fine.

Suman told the reporter that they did not lose, as they did not lose courage, we are enough to make terrorists lose, our strength is our family, we like to save lives than taking lives, enemy can come inside our house as we give chance to every guest, but if anyone comes with bad intention, he will not be given chance to repent, and about our children Ravish and Atharv, nothing will happen to them, they have saved the country today, not just family, they have blessings of millions of people. Sujata looked on.

Zeenat asked Adaa to come with her. Adaa refused to go with her. Zeenat said, I am your mum. Adaa said you are not good, you have hurt Atharv and Ravish, I will not go with you. She run and got an Indian flag. She says Jai Hind.

End of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door On Thursday Pt 2

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door On Thursday ends where the army took awat Zeenat. Adaa waved the flag and shouted Jai Hind. Media reported about Indian victory, this is our enemy’s failure. Vividha went to Ravish. Ravish asked how is Atharv, I think you should be with him, go to him, please for my and my family’s sake. She run to Atharv and sat in his ambulance and they left.

She said Atharv, you will get fine, we have won, we made all bad people lose. She asked the doctor about the bleeding, do something. Doctor said, it’s a head injury, he is serious, we don’t think he can survive. Vividha cried and said Atharv, you know the country is happy today, just because of you. Zeenat got arrested, we are reaching the hospital, you remember our home, Payal, gungun are there, you forgot your bike Julia, we have to run dairy again. She held his hand and cried.

Atharv was rushed to the hospital. He was treated. The nails from his head was removed. The doctor said, I am really sorry and they all got shocked.

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