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Beginning of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt 2 – Episode 133

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Friday starts with Atharv raising hand on Daddy ji. Sujata said no Atharv, he is your Dada ji. Atharv cried and got dizzy and fainted. They all got worried. Sujata asked Vividha to get water. Chutki asked, what happened to him? Vividha sprinkled water on Atharv. Atharv held his head and got conscius. He got back to his kid avatar. He asked, who is mad to sprinkle water, did you all see ghost, what happened. Sujata cried. He asked Suman for food and he left with Chutki.

Vividha talked to Ravish and said, whatever happened today, you got hurt. He said, everyone is hurt, I knew it’s complicated, there will be fights and pain, we have to bear all this, there is no way out, how is Atharv. She said, he slept, he doesn’t remember anything. He said, I don’t know how the gun came here, maybe Avinash kept it. He said no, we checked his house well, he has security agency gun with him. He saw Aruna and Chutki. He said in the army, sometimes we run after death and sometimes death runs after us, I can feel something, but not see. He doubted Aruna.

It was morning, Vipul complimented Bhoomi and asked the reason for glow on her face. Suman did an arrangements. Daddy ji asked, am I looking fine, don’t worry, she will not scold you. Suman asked Vipul to order sweets. Vividha asked, who is coming. The door bell rang. Suman said, she has come. They all went to see. An old woman came. They all smiled.

Still On Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt 2 – Episode 133

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Friday continues where Daddy ji greeted his sister. She taunted Kalindi for staying in dad’s house. She blessed Suman and everyone. She asked Vipul, did he change after marriage and still same. She asked Bhoomi to openly talk, even if it’s about joking the mum in law. Suman said, I made your room ready with all needed things.

Bua said, this is my Maayka, I know I will get whatever I want. She saw Vividha. Vividha smiled. Suman said, she is Vividha. Bua asked Ravish’s wife? Vividha greeted her. Kalindi thought drama will start now, as marriage happened without her presence. Bua blessed Vividha. She said Vividha is beautiful, by looks and heart, atleast one Vashisht bahu is good.

She said, I could not come to Vividha’s marriage and not see my Ramakant, it’s bad to see children going away, I was in America, my treatment was going on. Vividha said I know, Suman told me, how are you now. Bua said, I am fine now by seeing you. Ravish came and hugged Bua. Bua made Ravish stand with Vividha.

She said you both look good. Atharv came and asked, who is this woman like a ghost, she will look like Santa Claus in red coat. Bua went to him and said Atharv….. Suman and everyone got shocked. Bua said, I am not Santa Claus, I did not get anything for you. Atharv asked for video games. She said, I will buy a good one for you. He thanked her.

She saw Sujata. Kalindi thouht, now Bua will scold her. Bua asked, are you Sujata? Sujata touched her feet and took blessings. Bua blessed her. Kalindi got shocked. Sujata said Ramakant used to tell a lot about you, I had a wish to meet you, but did not have hope to meet you here. Bua said, but I knew you will come here any way, you did not get late, but time got late. She hugged Sujata.

Suman and Daddy ji lookef on. Aruna greeted Bua. Vividha said, she is ….. Bua said, Ravish told me about her, remember you have to become a family to stay in the family. Army men came to meet Ravish. Suman asked, what’s happening Ravish? Daddy ji asked, what’s the matter? Ravish said, basic training for women, I request you all to report in the garden outside.

End of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Friday Pt 2 – Episode 133

The second part of Adom TV Jaana Dil Se Door Update On Friday ends where Ravish said, the officers came from the army, they will teach you shooting and self defence. Atharv said ask me, I know everything. Suman said, whats the need. Vividha asked, is there any problem?

Ravish said, our house is in danger by terrorists, our family is at the target of a terrorist group, so I did all this, so that women should have basic training for defence, focus on the training, it can help you in saving your life. Aruna looked on. Vividha asked Arun to come and take the training. Aruna said, I am fine. Vividha asked her to come. Ravish looked at Aruna.

Ravish asked are you sure, mail me the pics. He got the pics and downloaded then. He got Aruna’s pic. Aruna looked on.

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