Faltu 24 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

The Faltu 24th May 2023 episode opens with Faltu telling Ayaan to take care of himself as he leaves the jail.

After that, Faltu calls Mayavati and tells her that she has to go somewhere and will be late getting home.

Before continuing with work, Faltu is requested by Mayawati to return home and rest.

Nonetheless, Faltu tells Mayavati not to be stressed over her and that she will return when she completes the work.

Faltu finally gets a car to get to Brijmohan’s house and wonders if he will be of any assistance.

Later, when Faltu observes a door lock, she becomes enraged and inquires about Brijmohan in the neighborhood.

Brijmohan went to his village two days ago, according to a neighbor.

Faltu prays to Mata Rani that she will be ready to take all of the tests, but Mata Rani should protect Ayaan and his family from the pain.

Will Brijmohan be able to meet Faltu?

Can Sid save his marriage with Tanisha?

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