Faltu 28 May 2023 Update On Saturday

The opening scene of the Faltu episode that aired on May 28, 2023, finds Ayaan being taken aback by the preparations as he enters the Mittal home.

Mayavati goes to god for getting her family far from the hostile stare.

All of a sudden, Savita calls Kumkum to give her a pooja thali and afterward she does the arati of Ayaan and Faltu while being close to home.

Ayaan gives Faltu a big hug and thanks her for all her work because he is overwhelmed by the happiness of his family.

Ayaan then gives Savita a big hug and she keeps crying on his shoulder without saying much.

When the doorbell rings later, the Mittal family gathers in the hall and begins discussing Ayaan’s health.

However, Shanaya’s presence at the door with the luggage bag shocks everyone.

Shanaya inquires as to whether they are unsettled to see her there and reports that she needs to remain with them for 4-5 days.

Will Shanaya’s dependence on Faltu turn into another difficulty for the Mittal family?

How Kanika will save herself from getting captured in the extortion case?

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