Faltu 4 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Faltu 4 May 2023 episode begins with Sidharth telling Tanisha and Kanika to not allow their singular advantages to assume control over the normal rationale as it will just prompt the disappointment of all their diligent effort and endeavors against Ayaan and Faltu.

Acknowledging Sidharth talking reasonably, Tanisha advises them to consider an arrangement to deflect this fight in court at any rate.

Tanisha, Kanika, and Sidharth’s evil minds are hard at work on a strategy to sign the papers and keep Janardan from Ayaan.

Faltu and Savita, on the other hand, are pleased to see Janardan and Ayaan entering the house together.

Faltu is pleased to see Ayaan’s plan succeeding as he observes her expression.

Additionally, Faltu informs Ayaan of everything that transpired during the board meeting before she could ask any questions.

In any case, Faltu is focused on by Kanika and Tanisha’s cleverness activities however Ayaan guarantees her about everything is refocusing as Janardan has placed his confidence in him once more.

Will Tanisha, Kanika, and Sidharth devise a strategy to harm Ayaan in order to prevent him from participating in the legal battle?

Will the course of action usher in a new phase in the relationship between Janardhan and Ayaan?

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