Faltu 7 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Ayaan tells Mayawati at the start of the episode Faltu 7th May 2023 that she needs to be aware of how much time women take to get ready and that Faltu is to blame for them being late.

Faltu gives an extraordinary gaze to Ayaan who accuses her and lets everybody know that Tanisha’s make-up craftsman destroyed her face purposefully to make her the joke of the party.

She lets them know that to ensure she looks reasonable to be a Mittal Bahu she took Ayaan out for preparing.

Faltu’s explanation makes Mayawati laugh, she loves her face, and she tells Faltu that she doesn’t need makeup because her inner beauty is more beautiful than anyone else in the party.

Tanisha is desirous seeing Faltu taking all the spotlight however Kanika advises her to quiet down as she will be able to stand out to herself.

The hosts ask Tanisha-Sidharth and Ayaan-Faltu for their first dance as the party is in full swing.

While Mayawati disarms them, the guests are overjoyed to witness Ayaan and Faltu’s stunning chemistry.

Will Tanisha act out of insecurity to ruin Faltu and Ayaan’s night?

Will Sidharth, Kanika, and Tanisha learn about Faltu and Ayaan’s strategy to locate the office documents?

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