Faltu1 15 May 2023 Update On Sunday

The opening scene of the episode Faltu, which aired on May 15, 2023, features a devastated Faltu walking down the hall alongside Suhana.

She understands that they are still unable to obtain the documents based on Faltu’s expressions and state of mind.

Further, deterred Suhana requests that Faltu return to Mittal’s home before anybody gets them.

Nonetheless, a decided Faltu tells her that she won’t take off from the house till she tracks down the records today.

In addition, since Suhana is well-versed in Kanika’s house, Faltu inquires about the house’s special spots.

Faltu is advised to check Kanika’s special room for her spiritual guru by Suhana before leaving her house.

Faltu and Suhana hurry to the Master’s room and search all around the room.

Ayaan, on the other hand, takes care of himself and considers the trap that the officer and the gangsters set for him.

He comes to the conclusion that Siddharth, Tanisha, and Kanika might be planning this to get him into more trouble.

Will Faltu and Suhana receive the documents before the guards regain their composure?

How might Ayaan save himself from the torment happening to him in the prison?

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