Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Full Story Plot/Episodes 1-/Cast

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawana is a side project of the sequential Ishq Mein Marjawana, and the sequential acquired colossal prevalence through its two effective seasons. The side project of the show is a thrill ride romantic tale and prevailed with regards to intriguing the crowds unequaled.

Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan is the circle of drama of Agastya, Ishan, and Pakhi and their ways to deal with getting their adoration.

You may be needed to be familiar with the new series of Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan. Here is a nitty gritty depiction of the most recent sequential tattles, cast, beginning date, maker, and different subtleties.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Cast

Zain Imam as Agastya, Rim Sameer Sheik as Pakhi, and Akshit Sukhija as Ishan will be viewed as the lead job in Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan.

It is normal that Avinash Sahijwani, Swati Tarar, Shruti Chaudhary, PrachiKadam, Anushka Merchande, and Dolly Verma will likewise show up in Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Story

The show has an exceptional story of darlings who go past each degree to demonstrate their adoration. The heartfelt spine chiller has a breathtaking story of Pakhi, who is a free young lady working in an administration organization, and Ishan, a cool kid. Both are the primary hero in the show. Zain as Agastya will play the principle adversary.

Agastya is a business head honcho and a clairvoyant darling who loves Pakhi to the super level that he can annihilate all that which comes in the middle of Pakhi and Agastya.

The story will essentially rotate around Pakhi, Agastya, and Ishaan’s circle of drama. The watchers will likewise observe the fixation of Agastya and his franticness towards Pakhi to get her at any expense.

The story will take a risky turn when Agastya’s fixated love for Pakhi begins demolishing all that comes in the middle of Agastya and Pakhi.
Ishq Mein marjawan has consistently intrigued the crowd, and presently it’s the third season. To find out about the story and plots, remain tuned for the most recent updates of Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan.

Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan Episode 1

Scene 1
A person in hoodie and alarms a moderately aged man. The man shouts if it’s not too much trouble, let me go. I will return your cash. If it’s not too much trouble. I wanted that cash to save my significant other and finish her medical procedure.

I will return it soon. The hoodie man says I was wanting to completely finish another lady. The man is stunned. He says don’t break my or your better half’s trust once more. I’m dependably near and watching out for you. Nobody can escapse from my sight, uniquely her. His thugs remove the man.

Scene 2
Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan Episode A young lady is strolling and voering her face with a dupatta. Her dupatta falls and the young ladies around her say sorry to her. Pakhi snaps a picture. Agastya calls her from personal luxury plane. Pakhi searches for her earphones in the room. Agastya counts the rings. Pakhi picks the call. Agastya says I will meet you following 7 days and you addressed the bring in 7 rings as well. Pakhi says don’t pitch these fits at me Dolu.

Agastya says don’t call me that. Agastya says proceed to eat something, you haven’t eaten since morning. A server comes to the room with her food. Pakhi gets cheerful and says every one of my desires are satisfied this way.

Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan Episode Agastya says you can likewise get your beloved chocolate magma cake in the event that you need after the food. He says quit contacting your arm bands, for what reason do young ladies continue to do that it’s wild.

Pakhi says shut up I am not wild, I am hot. Agastya says this red tone sometimes falls short for you. Pakhi says how would you realize I am sporting red? Agastya says I realized you would attempt that lehnga and I assisted you with picking it.

Pakhi asks Agastya did you get an arrangement for dadi? Agastya says OK. Pakhi’s companion Taniya comes in and says the DJ dropped, the bookkeeper Deeraj fled with 12 lacs and MNamrutha (the lady) has would not get hitched. Pakhi is stunned. Agastya says do you really want any assistance? Pakhi says no universe will help me.

Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan Episode Agastya says I’ve been hearing this since youth. You get anything you wish for. Pakhi says I am Universe’s cherished kid. Pakhi says I will converse with you later. Taniya says you look charming with Agastya and you become flushed when you converse with him. Pakhi says we are simply companions.

Scene 3
Agastya is in London. He arrives at his office. His administrator lets him know Tina (a representative) has blamed the CEO for the organization Kanna of s*xual provocation. Kanna says no sir, I’ve been with this organization for some time. She is lying. Agastya says Tina go out. He tells Kanna you can see me don’t stress I am with you. Kanna admits reality.

Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan Episode Pakhi comes to Namrutha and inquires as to for what reason would you say you are not wedding Harsh abruptly? Namrutha says I would rather avoid Harsh’s family. They’re antiquated. My life and opportunity would be detracted from me. Pakhi says flip a coin when you’re confounded. Assuming it’s heads, get hitched.

Assuming tail drop the wedding and I will help you in escaping. Pakhi flips a coin. Pakhi says I realize you love Harsh and need to wed him however you don’t want to abandon your fantasies all things considered. You should call Harsh.

Agastya tells Kanna at no point to directly around in the organization in the future. He says there’s a bad situation for individuals like you here. Agastya says I am grieved that this happened to you Tina and our worker’s wellbeing if our main goal. On the off chance that anybody ever harrsses any of you, you can constantly stroll to me straightforwardly.

Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan Episode Pakhi and Namrutha call Harsh. Pakhi asks Harsh will you support her fantasies in the wake of getting hitched? Brutal says OK I will constantly uphold her fantasies. Pakhi checks the coin and says it’s heads. Pakhi says you’re fortunate to have a steady accomplice like Harsh. I don’t have the foggiest idea when will I luck out that way.

Namrutha says recollect Harsh’s cousin Rajeev? He’s keen on you and has requested your number. Meet him once. Pakhi says I will see. Pakhi tells Taniya Namrutha has consented to get hitched. We want to organize a DJ. Taniya says superstar DJ Victor addressed her and concurred. The man is hoodie records Pakhi’s video. Pakhi and Taniya dance cheerfully.

Scene 4
Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan Episode The hoodie man comes to DJ Victor. Victor says as a result of you just I consented to do the occasion for half of my financial plan. Kindly erase my video. Pakhi comes there. She sees Victor is conversing with somebody. Taniya takes Pakhi with her and asys Deeraj is here we should go. Deeraj returns the oney and says sorry I got into a mishap.

Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan Episode Pakhi says get your injury treated first. Taniya says every one of your concerns get settled. You’re certainly Universe’s cherished youngster. Or on the other hand perhaps it’s soemone continuously safeguarding you and getting things done for you? Pakhi says it’s universe. The man in hoodie takes a gander at Pakhi.

Pakhi chips away at wedding arrangements. She readies the mandap. Agastya calls. Pakhi informs him regarding DJ Victor reaching them himself and tolerating the lower financial plan offer for the wedding. Also Deeraj didn’t flee. He had a mishap.

A worker says sir to Agastya, he says call me Agastya. Pakhi says you’re so rational in spite of possessing such a major business realm. You are a gift from Universe. Agastya says perhaps the Universe is arranging an unexpected present for you. He takes a gander at the ring in his grasp.

Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan Episode Pakhi says I got an amazement. Namrutha let me know Harsh’s cousin Rajeev is keen on me. I will meet him soon. Pakhi’s dupatta bursts into flames from the mandap. Agastya says look behind. Pakhi looks behind at shouts. She tosses her dupatta. Pakhi asks Agastya how could you know her dupatta burst into flames?

Agastya acts stunned and gets out whatever? Your dupatta burst into flames? Might it be said that you are alright? Pakhi says I am fine however for what reason did you request that I look behind? Agastya says I was conversing with my office kid. pakhi says most likely it’s Universe again who safeguarded me through you. Agastya says the baraat should come. Proceed to change your dupatta.

Scene 4
The wedding begins. Namrutha’s mother expresses gratitude toward Pakhi for persuading Namrutha. Rajeev comes there and presents himself. He says I love the arrangement and courses of action. You have astonishing abilities. Would I be able to have your number? The hoodie man slams into Rajeev and strolls quick. Pakhi takes a gander at him. Rajeev says we can meet after the wedding some place. Pakhi says OK.

Agastya calls Pakhi. Pakhi educates him regarding the wedding. Agastya gets some information about Rajeev. Pakhi says she met him at the wedding. He resembles a pleasant person, and requested that I meet him after the wedding. I will meet him for a brief time frame and perceive how it goes.
Rajeev shares with his sibling, I will draw nearer to her this evening. In the event that she doesn’t consent to go to stay with him, he will add something in her juice.

Pakhi tells Agastya simply relax. In the event that he isn’t really great for me, Universe will give me an indication. The man in hoodie pushes Rajeev from the porch. He shouts and tumbles down. Pakhi races to the porch and sees Rajeev down there in blood. The hoodie man leaves. Pakhi is stunned.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2

Pakhi addresses Taniya available to work. She says express gratitude toward God Rajveer made due. I was so strained. How could he fall? Taniya says police will examine after he’s cognizant. She says we should go for a film. Pakhi says not today. Agastya is coming. I’ve to get him. I will wear Indian dress, he prefers it. Somebody looks in through her entryway. Pakhi looks outside. It’s Kashi’s sister. She says I was making my substance for my blog.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2 Pakhi says with 2k adherents? She say Kylie jenner additionally had 2k supporters once. Shanaya really does family visit. She comes to her father and says dad.. see here. She says my father is named Sami. What’s more this witch lady made that man quiet. Her mother says quit utilizing you telephone constantly. She says this is my cousin Mohit, conding virtuoso. He has two lady friends. She says this is my uncle Anub.

She says this is my chachi, she’s charming. She is fasting today. She hasn’t eaten. Laddu tumbles from her hand. She gets out whatever? Chachi you were eating this? Chaachi says no I was concealing it from your uncle. She says I will pick Agastya. Shanaya ohh charming. She says we are simply companions.

Scene 2
Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2 Agastya is in his stream. He takes a gander at Pakhi’s photos and reviews her grinning. Agastya grins contemplating her.

Pakhi and Taniya show the scene to the new client. They say would we be able to have a castle? An old haveli? Pakhi tells Taniya her companion had a haveli. She says come let me show you. The hoodie man follows them.

Pakhi comes to the haveli. The hoodie man is there. Pakhi shows it to the clients. They say wow we can do our occasion here. Pakhi says nobody comes here? The guardian says the princess kicked the bucket an exceptionally agonizing passing.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2 The sovereign brought her powerfully here yet she was difficult she didn’t wed him and kicked the bucket. Pakhi says that is so uncalled for. The guardian says each moon night, we hear her voice in the haveli. She says then we should come on moon night? He says its moon night this evening. We need to close the haveli. The client sees the setting.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2Pakhi searches for Taniya. She is in patio. Pakhi says I want to click photographs. You go. They go first floor. Pakhi takes the photographs. The two or three leaves. They think Pakhi is with her companions. Her companions believe she’s in the client vehicle. The two of them leave. Pakhi is left alone in the haveli. The hoodie man follows the vehicles.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2 The overseer locks the entryways. Pakhi takes the photographs. The overseer locks the principle entryway and flees. Pakhi comes ground floor. Nobody is there. Pakhi attempts to open the entryway and says where did everybody go? She says I gave my telephone to Taniya also. She shouts help.. Is it safe to say that someone has arrived? Pakhi attempts to open the entryways. She shouts for help. Nobody comes. Pakhi says it will get dull.

Scene 3
It gets dim. Pakhi’s mother asks Taniya where could Pakhi be? She went with you? Taniya says her telephone is with me. Sami says we should check at the air terminal.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2 Pakhi is frightened. She expresses out loud whatever is occurring, it’s moon night and I am stuck here. Universe will send somebody for my assistance. A person comes to the haveli. He bounces in. He says at last I am here, on full moon night with a witch.

Imagine a scenario where the witch gives me wine. They used to say there is a lady here wearing anklet. Pakhi runs. He hears anklet and makes proper acquaintance.. He says I want to deal with my feelings of trepidation. I’m envisioning it. Pakhi is frightened. She says kindly get me out Universe. The person attempts to view as her.

Scene 4
Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2 Agastya says you will come to the air terminal to pick me.
Pakhi runs higher up. The person comes there as well. Agastya composes there’s no line between our companionship and love. That is all I need.
Pakhi slams into the person. She shouts.. He holds her. Agastya says I might find a sense of contentment when I see you.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2 Pakhi says who are you? How could you come in? He says divider.. Pakhi says would you say you are a criminal? This is my companion’s haveli. I will get you captured. The hoodie man comes and attempts to open the entryway. The new person says who says who did you call hoodlum? Pakhi picks a pole. He says I am Dr. Ishaan. Criminals don’t have names like Ishaan. I’ve a decent name.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2 I heard an apparition comes to this haveli on full moon light. I came to see her. Pakhi says assuming you’re a specialist I have contruction organization on moon. What’s more specialists work at this hour don’t pay attention to idiotic stories by their companions. He shows her card to her. Pakhi peruses Dr. Ishaan, Oncologist.

She says you treat kids with malignant growth? He says don’t quit fooling around. The children need to grin, so I really want to grin as well, to satisfy them. What are you doing here? He chuckles and says who gives their telephone to their companion? She says give me your telephone I want to settle on a decision.

Scene 5
Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode 2 Agastya comes to the air terminal. Pakhi says there’s no organization in your telephone. Ishan says I need my telephone back. Pakhi goes around to track down network. The hoodie man picks Pakhi’s memento. Pakhi shouts. Ishaan races to view as her.

Agastya says Pakhi never gets late, for what reason didn’t she come? Ishaan searches for Pakhi. Agastya hangs tight for her. Ishaan says where did she go? He hears the storage compartment moving. Agastya says who’s in it. Agastya says trust Pakhi is fine.

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