Full Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday May 13th, 2021: Episodes 57-58

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday Pt 1: Episode 57

Tumhari Pakhi update on Thursday starts with Lavanya and Girish talking to Ayaan. Lavanya and Girish argued. Ayaan asked, did you both fight?, it looks you guys have fought. Girish said, sorry to Lavanya to make everything fine. Lavanya talked to Ayaan and asked, what will you have for breakfast. Tanya thought of making Ayaan’s truth come out. Tanya asked, Lavanya to have breakfast at the table.

She said, will take care of Ayaan, you go please. Lavanya said, I will come later Ayaan and left the his room. Tanya sent the servants too. Ayaan was unhappy with the VIP treatment he was getting, he wws fed up of acting. He messages Maa ji and asked Tanya to play game with him. Tanya thought, your playing time is over dear.

Ayaan insisted. She asked him to eat first. Anshuman and Pakhi were together. She saw flowers. He said, lets go, we are getting late for the charity function. She said, I have not seen such flowers ever. Anshuman’s pant got torn by a nail. He was shocked and sat on the bench. Pakhi laughed. She said, let’s go, we are getting late.

He said no, I have not seen such flowers before. She sat by his side and said, lets see the flowers. A couple sat on another bench. The man tried to make up his wife’s mood who was annoyed. They asked Pakhi whose mistake it’s always between husband and wife. Pakhi asked Anshuman. Anshuman said, I don’t make mistakes, I am perfect. Pakhi told this to them.

The couple was fighting. Pakhi looked at Anshuman. The scene was funny. The man held his ears and said, sorry to his wife. She hugged him and they left. Pakhi thought, I know Anshuman is worried about Ayaan, but you have to say sorry. Pakhi talked to him and asked him to say sorry. Anshuman waa called for the function.

Pakhi said, if you say sorry, I can give you an idea. Anshuman was stubborn. She said, do you doubt my intelligence? He said, I am sorry. She asked him to say it again. He said, I am sorry holding his ears. She said, how cute and laughed.

He thought, I should have not gotten angry with you really. She gave her saree and covered him with it. He held her. They walked together. Tanya challenged Ayaan for a game. Ayaan accepted her challenge. She smiled. She kept a recorder so that she can bring out Ayaan’s truth out. Ayaan said, I can’t play, I can’t walk.

She asked him to try. They played the game and Ayaan said, you know I can’t get up. Tanya thought, Ayaan will get up to win the challenge. Ayaan lost the game. Tanya got angry. She left the his room to get juice for him. Ayaan smiled.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday Pt 1: Episode 57

Tumhari Pakhi update on Thursday continues where Tanya thought Ayaan is very clever. She thought of doing something else. Pakhi and Anshuman came back home. Lavanya asked, whats going on, you both walking together. Girish looks on? Pakhi said, I saved his respect, his pant got torn Everyone laughed.

Anshuman said, it can happen with anyone. He looked at Tanya and went to change. Pakhi asked what Ayaan was doing. Lavanya said, he is sleeping. Maa ji left Naina near the stairs. Ayaan got out of his room and saw Naina going near the stairs. He was shocked. He thought of what to do, either save Naina or get his truth known to everyone. He came back to his room.

Ayaan called Maa ji but she didn’t answer the call. Pakhi asked Tanya and Lavanya what will they have. Girish said, Lavanya will have coffee. Ayaan looked at Naina and shouted Lavanya and everyone. He said Naina will fall, someone look after her. Lavanya heard him. Ayaan run to stop Naina from falling. Everyone runt to Ayaan. Tanya smiled and said, Ayaan is fine, look. Everyone look at Ayaan. Ayaan’s truth was out. Anshuman waa shocked. Ayaan said I am sorry. She walked and fell. He got hurt and Anshuman run to him. Pakhi panicked. They took him to his room.

Anshuman called the doctor. Ayaan said, I don’t want to go to hostel. Pakhi said, no one is sending you to any hostel. Anshuman said, what did he do, we have to send him to the hostel, he will lie, cheat and will become a criminal. She said, can’t you see how much he is hurt? Ayaan named Tanya saying she told him that hostel is a good place. Girish scolded Maa ji for leaving Naina near the stairs. Tanya was happy and took Maa ji with her. Lavanya taunted Girish. Anshuman came and said Ayaan is better now, the doctor might be on the way. He said Pakhi is with him, don’t worry.

Girish said, we are fine. Anshuman said go home. Lavanya said inform me. Tanya talked to Anshuman and spoke against Ayaan. Pakhi said enough, don’t say anything against my son. Pakhi scolded Tanya for bringing negativity in her home. Anshuman was shocked and looked on. Pakhi asked her not to interfere in her home and stayed out. Anshuman said, Tanya is my friend, is this the way to talk to her.

Pakhi asked her to stay away from Ayaan and be in her limits. Pakhi said, there is no relation more greater than parents. She asked Tanya not to come. Anshuman said but Pakhi…. Tanya said, I did not tell Ayaan anything, I was talking to someone else and maybe he overheard.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday Pt 1: Episode 57

Tumhari Pakhi update on Thursday ends where Tanya said you can ask Ayaan about this. She said what if I did, what’s wrong in this. Pakhi got angry. Tanya said today’s hostels are good with amazing facilities. Tanya argued with Pakhi. Anshuman talked in Tanya’s defense. Tanya said, I know how to deal with Pakhi. Tanya said, sorry its my mistake. She said, I am your well wisher. Pakhi calmed down and said, I don’t know how to tell Ayaan that we don’t want to send him to hostel. Ayaan got up. He thought, what to do now.

He got the recorder and checked it. He saw Pakhi in it and looked on. Tanya came home upset and angry at Pakhi. Mr. Rana asked what happened. She told him what happened at Anshuman’s house. She said, only two days left now. In two days, she will know what I am. Ayaan looked at Pakhi. Pakhi came to him and smiled. She said, you scared everyone. She talked to him. She said, friends? Ayaan looked at her.

Ayaan thought about Pakhi. Ayaan agreed and she said, now you rest. She looked at him and left. Ayaan looked at the video once again and deleted it.

Ayaan asked the servants to become his parents and attend the interview. Tanya and Anshuman were deciding about their engagement. Pakhi came and they were shocked.

Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday Pt 2: Episode 58

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi update on Thursday starts with Ayaan asking Maa ji and Sukhi to become his parents and attended the hostel’s parent’s interview. Anshuman was angry at Pakhi from talking so rudely to Tanya. He asked Tanya how could you say sorry to Pakhi. Tanya said, I am happy seeing how much you think about me. She said, Pakhi is doing this, we should reply her.

Anshuman said, I don’t understand, I feel I am getting tangled in my own web. Tanya said, you should not spoil your image, only two days left now. Anshuman said, you are right. She said, if she does not go after two days, then what. Anshuman said, what will she do in two days. Tanya said, she can do anything in one hour too. She was Pakhi. I felt I could let her go from this house easily, but no, it’s tough, think you are unable to do it.

She said, we have to be alert, if Pakhi does something then. Anshuman got a call from Lavanya. Lavanya reminded him that the jeweller is coming at 6pm, so come with Tanya to select your engagement ring. Anshuman said fine, but you sound upset, what happened, where is Girish. Lavanya said, everything is fine, think about yourself and Tanya, don’t worry about me.

She looked at the divorce papers. She called the lawyer and asked for one more copy of the divorce papers. She said, I will see till when will Girish not give me divorce. Girish talked to Bua and said, I know Lavanya is angry and annoyed with me, I am afraid seeing her, I don’t know what will she do, will she break our relation. He said, I will not let my marriage break and won’t let her go away from my life.

Pakhi came and saw him with Bua. Girish was shocked to see her. He said Pakhi, when did you come. She said, I was coming from Ishaan’s house, where is Lavanya. Girish looked at Lavanya’s photo. Pakhi said, how cute, you are seeing her photo as you are missing her. He said, Lavanya is at home as she has a headache, we brought Naina here. How is Ayaan.

Pakhi said, he will be fine. Pakhi asked, Girish to take Naina home. Pakhi said, I will also come with you, let’s surprise Lavanya. Girish said, Lavanya doesn’t like surprises, so we should avoid it. Pakhi said, I will give her a head massage, she will like it. She brought Naina. Girish got tensed.

Anshuman was choosing his engagement ring with Tanya and Lavanya. Lavanya said, Girish’s words and thought about his proposal. Anshuman asked, where is Girish? Lavanya said, he went with Naina. Anshuman said, I am sorry, you had to stay at home because of us. Pakhi came to Lavanya’s house with Girish, Bua and Naina. Girish said, do you think Ayaan will accept you. Pakhi said yes, he will. Pakhi walked inside the house. Pakhi mentioned Anshuman and Anshuman was shocked to see Pakhi. Tanya looked on.

Pakhi said, you said you have an important meeting. Anshuman said, I had a meeting with Lavanya. He said, what a coincidence, Tanya is also here. Bua took Naina and left. Pakhi said Girish told me that Lavanya is not well, she has a headache so I came to give her a head massage. Anshuman said, she did not tell me.

He said, Pakhi’s head massage is really nice, I got relieved, it’s refreshing. Pakhi smiled. Lavanya said, don’t worry Pakhi, I am fine now. She looked at Girish and said, I found a solution for it. Pakhi said rings……… Tanya said, Lavanya called the jeweller, as she wants to buy a ring for Girish.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday Pt 2: Episode 58

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi update on Thursday continues where Lavanya said yes, and asked Girish to see. Girish made her wear a ring and held her hand. Lavanya said, the ring not coming out, I will just come. Anshuman said, I will drop Pakhi home. Pakhi told Girish that she is leaving. Maa ji and Sukhi got dressed like Pakhi and Anshuman. Ayaan smiled. Ayaan taught them what to do. He said, I want you both to fail in hostel’s interview.

Pakhi talked to Anshuman about Tanya. She said, Tanya got everywhere, she was in the hotel that day too as if it was decided. Anshuman said, do you doubt on her. Pakhi said yes and smiled. He said, if the husband is so charming and does not see his wife, then it’s normal to have a doubt. She took his car’s keys and asked him to see her with love. He said, it’s so weird. She said, I am your wife, it’s not weird. She insisted. He looked at her. She slipped and he held her. they had an eyelock. She said don’t look like this and smiled.

Lavanya and Girish looked at each other. Lavanya said, what did you do. He said nothing, but love. She argued with him. She tried to get the ring out from her finger and left. Ayaan fixed online interview with the hostel’s people. Maa ji and Sukhi were worried as they don’t know english. Ayaan thought the hostel will reject him seeing them. The laptop is not charged. Pakhi came and Ayaan was shocked to see her.

Pakhi asked Maa ji to leave. Pakhi scolded Ayaan for making fun of Anshuman. She said, I heard everything, don’t lie, look at me, I thought we will be friends. I will not support you in this. Ayaan said, what if it’s your gain. Pakhi stopped and looked at him. Ayaan said, I know everything, I know if I go to the hostel, you will leave home, you have taken this challenge, if you stop me, I will call your mom infront of dad and everyone. He said, we will stay in one house but apart. He asked, do you accept this deal? Pakhi said no. Ayaan asked her to think again and she left.

Lavanya was still trying to remove the ring. Girish looked at her and helped her. He said, I understand what you are going through, but can’t see you in this, the decision will be always yours and he left. It was night, Pakhi looked at the sky. Anshuman came to her and looked at the sky.

She said, Anshuman, I am trying to understand, maybe you can explain me. He asked what? She said if we have to sell the moon, what would be it’s price. He said, it’s priceless. She asked about air. He said, it’s priceless. She said, what about my motherly love. She said Ayaan did a deal, he said if I stop him from going to the hostel, he will call me mum, he tried to buy my love, is this right?

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday Pt 2: Episode 58

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi update on Thursday ends where Anshuman said, how did he know about this. She said, I don’t know, I only know I have an option but I can’t. I don’t have anything. She said, forget everything, what I told you. She asked him to take care of Ayaan. She said, I won’t be here from tomorrow, I won’t know anything about him. You have to tell me about him.

She said, I could not become his mum, but he is my son. Anshuman asked, why did you do this, why did you not agree to Ayaan. Pakhi said, if I agreed to the deal, I would have won the 15 day challenge but would have fell in my and your sight.

Anshuman said, you are really nice Pakhi. She looked at him and hugged him crying. She gave him a diary which she wrote for him and Ayaan. Anshuman said, Pakhi, you won’t stop even if I stop you. Pakhi thanked him for supporting her always. She smiled.

Pakhi saw a shooting star and made a wish. Anshuman looked at her. She asked, what did you wish? He said, I did not, I got everything without making any wish. She said tomorrow 8pm, I will have my train, I will go and sleep now. He asked, what did you wish for? She said, you. Anshuman was stunned. She said, you for Ayaan and Ayaan for you and she left.

Anshuman and Pakhi’s head striked and the sindoor fell on the calender. Pakhi said, it’s a new sign to make a new start. Anshuman and Pakhi had a meeting in the hostel. Pakhi took Ayaan’s side.

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday Source: Eth Studios

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