guddi's death

Guddi’s death was all a setup by Suman to separate Vividha and Atharv. Her death is nothing more than just a drama created by Suman. Guddi never died.

Who Killed Guddi?

Who killed Guddi In Jaana Na Dil Se Door has become one mostly question asked by fans of Jaana Na Dil Se Door, Eth Studios have been able to unfold this mystery and it has been revealed that she never died.

Guddi will return and marry Atharv as per Suman’s evil intentions.

Questions About Guddi’s Death

Come to think, Guddi died and was cremated. How then will such a burnt body come back to life. If this is not a planned layed down by a third party. What else could it be?

Star Plus’s prime time show Jana Na Dil Se Door On Adomtv will unfold lots of suspense of Athrav’s new life as he gets a new name of Raghav. becoming Ravish’s mother Suman’s son.

Suman will take advantage of Atharv’s memory loss and achieve her evil intentions with it.

As per the track, Ravish and Vividha live a happy married life with their son Madhav while Atharv loses his memory and believes that Suman is his mother.

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Final Thoughts About Guddi’s Death

Furthermore, Suman has control of Atharv using her fake love drama and now she revealed that Guddi is Atharv’s wife and both get married. But the shocking twist will unfold when Vividha finally reveals the evil intentions of Guddi.

Atharv got to know the truth of how Guddi and Suman had manipulated her and finally ran to Vividha and they both got married.

So Guddi was never murdered. It was just a carefully planned drama.


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