Diego Fish Raymond Out To The Police. Heart And Soul 8 December 2021, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 131


Heart And Soul 7 December 2021, Tuesday Pt2 episode begins with Alan and her family in the car with black lady also. The police take the megaphone and announce to Raymond that he should surrender because the building is surrounded by the police. Raymond points a gun at Diego while exchanging words. Diego reaches for the gun and they struggle for it. They started fighting. Diego gets hold of the gun and points at him. Alan and her family get to the location Raymond has been spotted. 

The police inform them Diego is in the building. The police officers enter the building fully armed. Raymond’s men started firing shots. Diego holds the gun at Raymond but couldn’t shoot. Raymond runs from there and enters his car while Diego watches on and is not able to shoot him. Diego jumps onto the car also. 

Raymond’s men get captured. They ask where Raymond is but they replied they haven’t seen him. They come down and informed Geraldine that Raymond has escaped. Meanwhile Crisan was also running and chasing Raymond’s car. They gets into the car and follows Raymond. Raymond drives the car carelessly while Diego holds on tightly. 

At last Diego gets into the front seat, and starts fighting with him as the car is moving. 

 Crisan was seen on the road running, they asked her to get into the car and they chased Raymond. Raymond crashes his car, and he together with Diego had an accident. Raymond gets out of the car. He takes his gun and leaves from there leaving Diego behind. The police arrive there and see Diego in the car. The police get him out and the car which has caught fire explodes. If they hadn’t gotten there on time, Diego would have burnt in the fire. Crisan goes to Diego and helps him. 

Raymond gets a man out of his and takes the car away. Diego is brought home. James and his mother come to him. They ask if it was Raymond who did this to him? Flashback shows the moment when Raymond left Diego in the car to die. Raymond comes to a drunk’s fitting shop. There was a television station there. The man’s wife comes and hears the news about Raymond. 

Geraldine and Alan return home with two policemen. Alan encourages Geraldine and tells her not to worry. 

Crisan and Noli come to Macoy’s grave. He tells Maccoy he is sorry that she couldn’t get justice for him till now as Raymond escaped again. Noli tells him not to worry but to leave the matter in the hands of the police. 

Raymond in his car parks at a fuel station. Alan and Geraldine come there too, Raymond sees them together and gets mad.  Raymond is in the washroom but Alan enters there also and doesn’t see him. Geraldine sees Raymond and goes after him. Raymond was about to enter his car when Geraldine pushed him off. He gets into a buy and moves away. Alan and Geraldine get into their car and follow. 

Cheska asks black lady what to do next? Crisan visits Diego at his house. Diego says sorry to her for helping his father and causing the death of Maccoy. He believed his father blindly and this has caused all these. 

Flashback shows the moment Maccoy was shot and he died on Crisan. Crisan remembers the pain and goes out and cries. She leaves Diego and goes home. 

Cheska pollutes Crisan against Diego and tells her not to forgive Diego because he is the cause of Maccoy’s death. Diego follows them as they leave to find their hideout. He heard Raymond’s voice. He takes a phone call to the police. Diego mistakenly steps on a bottle and this makes noise. Raymond tells his goons to check who is there. When one of them did, he found a cat and informed Raymond about it. Black lady tells Cheska why he didn’t help Crisan when Raymond pointed a gun but went into hiding? Cheska replied what if she got shot while helping her? But she got reminded that she has to behave like how Crisel would. And tells Cheska to show her her worth. Alan receives a call that they have seen the whereabouts of Raymond. The leader of the goons receives a call that the police are coming after them. He informs Raymond. When Raymond’s goons challenged him, he shot him at his shoulders. Meanwhile Diego was also hiding somewhere. The police arrive at the location. They tell Raymond De Villa to surrender. Diego goes to meet his father, scolding him for deceiving him. Diego promises him he will make sure the law deals with him…Read more