Heart and Soul Monday, 11 October 2021

Crisan is taken in the carrier into the hospital ward. Giraldine tells her she is sorry for doing that to her. Diego asks his grandpa why Giraldine is suddenly asking Crisan for forgiveness. 

He revealed to him that Crisan is Geraldine’s daughter. This baffled Diego and he asked what happened. But Emmanuel De Villa tells him it’s a long story. 

He saw scratches on Diego and asks a nurse to check on him thoroughly. Geraldine remembers the day she tells Crisan that she is really disappointed in her. She treated her like a daughter but she didn’t see it worthwhile.

She also remembers the day she sacked Crisan and Noli from her house when they visited to tell them the truth about Cheska.

She remembers the day she slapped and pushed her. 

Noli and Macoy are talking about Crisan when her spirit goes to them and reveals to them what happened. But they couldn’t see her. She held Macoy and he felt a ghostly chill on him.

Giraldine is very restless, Alan arrives at the hospital and they meet. She tells him what the doctors said about Crisan’s health.

She told him she is expected to wake up a few more hours. He asks how come he had an accident. There Giraldine reveals the truth to Alan that Crisan is their daughter. Raymond and Theresa took them away from them. 

Raymond wept upon hearing this truth that they twin who they thought died is actually alive. He asks Theresa is this is true and she confirmed it.  They both wept bitterly. Geraldine asks Alan to forgive her for whatever she did. And they both embraced each other in the presence of Theresa.

Raymond is very angry with his father for revealing the truth and shooting a gun at malt cans. He felt he had lost Geraldine forever. But his friend tells him that this is bound to happen. It is the work of kama.

But Raymond said he doesn’t care, all he cares about is Giraldine and now he will lose her because of that Crisan.

Crisan’s spirit comes to the hospital. She sees his father Noor who has come to take her to the light. But he left because it was not time for her to leave the earth.

Crisan who is now dominated by Crisel’s spirit is feeling conscious now. Crisel remembers the incident down the cliff when they fought over Crisel’s body.

Alan comes to the hospital and saw the new Crisan. Crisel remembers the day she overheard Emmanuel telling Raymond that if Giraldine knows what happened to her twins, it won’t be good for him. 

Crisan’s spirit goes to the hospital to see this happening. Crisel hugs Giraldine and Alan. Raymond meets Theresa who tells him Crisan is at the hospital. He goes there to meet Alan and asks him to move out of the hospital and away from his wife.

Giraldine stood on the side of Alan when they were exchanging words.  

Crisan tells Crisel to get out of her body but she wouldn’t listen.

Raymond and Alan fighting in the hospital. The security guards come to separate them. Raymond tells Giraldine they have to talk. They are one family.

But she tells him she has nothing to talk about with him, and this family he is talking about is a family full of lies. She tells Raymond they are done and slapped him. Diego saw this happening.

Diego goes to the hospital and found Crisan lying on the bed, meanwhile her spirit was standing there seeing what’s going on.

Crisan tells Diego what happened and embraced him. There Crisel’s spirit angrily leaves from there and shut the door behind them.

Giraldine goes to Cheska to see her. She talks to her about Crisan. Crisan’s spirit goes to Geraldine. Theresa tried to convince Alan but Alan asks her to stop whatever nonsense she is saying.

He tells her that nothing can happen between them because Giraldine is his wife. He pleaded with him to accept her but Alan wouldn’t listen. She moves out of the car and Alan drives away.

Giraldine comes to Crisan and Diego leaves from there, Crisan asks Giraldine where sir Raymond is and what’s happening between them but she tells her that’s not important. Raymond is all alone, he remembers pleading with Giraldine and she telling him that they are done.

Crisan’s Spirit Reveals Her Identity To Noli

Raymond said they cannot say no to each other. Macoy and Noli discuss Crisan being taken to the hospital. Her spirit comes there and tells them she is not the one at the hospital. She touches Noli who feels the ghostly chill.

Noli feels this ghostly chill and tells Macoy about it, Crisan’s spirit then drops flower pots to get Noli’s attention. She further drops other things. Noli saw this and decided to find out what’s going on.She took her candles and was about to perform a ritual.

She put some alphabet there and Crisan used that alphabet to spell her name to Noli, and then she found out that the unknown spirit is Crisan.

With the help of the letters of the alphabet, Crisan communicated to Noli. Theresa goes to Raymond and they both contemplate their losses.

Hope you enjoyed this update? It’s sad though but happy times ahead. Nothing remains hidden. The truth shall surely come out.

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