Crisel & Crisan Unite. Raymond Ties Them Up. Heart And Soul Monday, 18 October 2021


Heart And Soul Monday, 18 October 2021 Cheska meets Crisel, to have peace talks with her on how she has become stranded after she was moved out of her mother’s house. Black lady came in their middle while they were exchanging words about the same Diego. A stone-hearted Crisel will never listen.

She leaves from there leaving Cheska and black lady. She scolds the black lady for turning her sister against her and turning her into such an evil soul. Black lady laughs and vanishes. 

Geraldine gives the document to her lawyer, she tells her she will study it and file the petition. If they will excuse her, she has another client call but they can stay and talk about it. She leaves.

Geraldine wondered with Jenny, she said what is happening with Raymond has happened with Alan too, the same divorce issue, failed marriage again. 

Jenny tells her it’s not her fault, she’s been a good wife to Raymond but couldn’t get a good husband in Raymond. Everything that happens is for a reason so she shouldn’t worry so much about that.

Alan arrives there and tells her about his plan to take her and Crisan out so they would make up for the lost time they couldn’t have together. 

Diego, looking at his dad’s documents and found out that Emmanuel has given the biggest share of the hospital to Diego. His lawyer tells him that he has bigger issues to deal with. Geraldine has filed a petition against him. This angered Raymond. He threw the documents away and fled out of the room.

Raymond with his friend, he tells him what had happened. His friends replied that it’s just logical for Geraldine to petition for an annulment in their marriage. He has had some times with her, and he would advise he should let her be and let her go.

But Raymond said he will never do that. He calls Theresa to meet him. They get into the car and asked that this time their plan should never fail. Noli was quizzing Crisel when Theresa arrived and dragged her along. 

Meanwhile Geraldine and Alan are shown in their car and talking.

Geraldine had a bad feeling that something was going wrong. A cat nearly got hit by the car but Alan applies his brakes.

Cheska follows Theresa while she dragged Crisan/Crisel along. She asks her where she is taking her. There Raymond gets out of the car, and covers Crisan/Crisel’s mouth with a handkerchief. She faints. 

Theresa drags Crisan into the car. When Cheska was trying to be a hindrance, Raymond covered her mouth too with the handkerchief. She faints. And put her in the car. He drove them away. 

Alan and Geraldine arrive at the school premises and ask Diego where Crisan is, he asks Noli also and she was told Theresa dragged her away from the school. She reveals she was there with sir Raymond. 

Geraldine calls Raymond but he wouldn’t answer the calls. She asks what Raymond might be planning to do with Crisan. 

Heart And Soul Episode 86

Heart And Soul Monday, 18 October 2021 episode 86 begins with Macoy going to the school and asks Patricia if she has seen Cheska. Patricia tells him she skipped classes that day. She doesn’t know her whereabouts. Macoy seems worried. 

This made Patricia ask what the problem is, but he replied that it’s nothing and goes. She meets Noli on the way who asks him if he has seen Cheska. But he replied no, and that he just asked Patricia who told him she skipped class that day. 

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Noli tells him Crisan is also missing, Geraldine comes looking for her also, meaning both Cheska and Crisan are Missing.

Patricia heard them call Cheska Crisan and he asks them if he heard them correctly, are they calling Cheska Crisan? Noli tells the polar bear Patricia to keep mute because that doesn’t concern her. Patricia in turn calls her panda bear. 🐻

Alan goes to De Villa hospital and asks the staff where Raymond is, but she replies he isn’t in the hospital. He sees Raymond’s friend and asks him on top of his voice but Vincent asks him to calm down and tell him what the problem is. 

He tells him is it not a problem that Raymond will kidnap Crisan?

Geraldine calls Alan on the phone and he tells her she didn’t see Raymond at the hospital. 

Alan leaves from there. Vincent also tries Raymond’s contact. 

That night, Cheska and Crisan are seen lying on a bed with their hands and legs tied up. They felt conscious of the drug that was given them. 

Macoy and Noli were very worried about the sudden loss of Cheska/Crisan.

Cheska/Crisan woke up from the bed, and managed to take her phone and called Noli. Macoy asks her to put the phone on a loudspeaker. 

Crisan/Crisel wakes up from sleep. Seeing her hand tied she started screaming. Cheska heard her scream. She tells Noli that Sir Raymond has kidnapped them and they are tied in a room somewhere.

Sir Raymond comes and scolds her for using the to call. She tried getting up but the tops won’t allow her. Raymond pushed her onto the bed and left from there. 

He goes to Crisan who was shouting and screaming Raymond’s name. 

He goes downstairs to meet Theresa. Crisan/Crisel tried to untie herself and was able to untie her legs. She walked into the room that Cheska’s was kept in, Cheska pleaded with her to untie her. But she remembers the grudge she had with her and refuses.

She stealthily walks out of there and is coming downstairs in order to escape from Raymond and Theresa. But her escape attempt failed when she dropped a vase which caught Raymond’s attention. 

Cheska also managed to untie her legs. When Raymond pounced on her, she went to her rescue. They started fighting with Raymond until he beat them up and sent them back to the room. 

This act of Raymond was a bad sight for Theresa to watch and tells him to stop beating Crisan but he wouldn’t listen.

Alan goes to the police station to report the kidnap case. But the inspector who Raymond had bought with money tells him he has legally adopted the children so it’s nothing of kidnapping. Noli and Macoy go to the police station also and meet Geraldine and Alan there.

 She tells the inspector that Cheska has been kidnapped by Raymond. She called them and informed them how Raymond had kidnapped and tied them up. 

They said all they could to the police I inspector but he was not ready to take the matter on.

Crisan tells Crisel to forgive her for whatever she has done against her, she reminded her how she risked her life to save hers in their childhood days. 

They both weep and get united. Crisan goes near Crisel where she puts her shoulder on hers. 

Raymond calls Geraldine on the phone and blackmails her, he asks her why she isn’t saying he misses him. He tells Geraldine to meet him at the beach house alone.

Geraldine asks to speak with Crisan first. Raymond takes the phone to Crisan and she tells Geraldine how Raymond has tied her up. Alan then tells Geraldine she can’t go alone because Raymond is very dangerous. They have to seek help from the police. 

Cheska shouted at Raymond that he is a bad father to treat them that way. Raymond held her neck and began to strangle her. When Crisan interrupted, he held the neck of both of them.

So Alan goes to call the police to go with her. But when Alan leaves, Raymond calls her again that she should come alone else it won’t be good for her daughter. 

Geraldine accepted to go alone. Raymond said he can’t wait to see her beautiful face. She left without waiting for Alan to return. 

This episode ends with Crisan and Crisel trying to untie themselves. 


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