Crisan’s Life In Danger. Heart And Soul Monday 21 November 2021


Crisel decided to go home and commit a mission. That is to kill her sister. Black lady pollutes her to do this. She sneaks to the house at night when everyone is asleep. She remembers Geraldine showing her where the master key was. She takes it and opens the door. She goes to the kitchen area and takes a 🔪. She moved towards Crisan’s bed and raised the knife. 

She cried thinking of what she was about to do. Black lady tells her to st@b her. Diego dreams about this too and wakes up from this nightmare. 

Crisel stabbed badly not knowing it wasn’t Crisan he was stabbing but just pillows and mattresses. She takes the knife and moves to another room. 

Diego’s mother gives him water to drink after telling him about the nightmare about Crisan’s life being in danger. 

Crisel moves into Geraldine’s room and sees her sleeping alongside Crisan on the same bed. Black lady teases her. 

She got jealous of Crisan taking her place in her mother’s house while she moved about wandering. Cheska wakes up from bed. Crisel hides. She asks who is there? Geraldine wakes up too. She asks her what the problem was. Geraldine tells her that there is no one there. But Crisan decided to go and check. She moves out of the room. Crisel moves away. 

Crisel held her neck and dragged her still holding her neck. She stabs her but Crisan douge. They fight. Crisan takes an axe to stab her but she douge again. Crisan falls from the staircase as a result of the fight. 

Heart And Soul Episode 116

The episode begins with Cheska falling down from the staircase. Crisel ran away seeing the security men approaching. One was asked to go and tell Geraldine what had happened. Geraldine was looking for her when she heard a knock at the door. She goes to check and sees Cheska down the stairs. They took her up. 

Crisel looks on. Cheska gains consciousness when she is taken to De Villa hospital. The doctor comes and says they had to run some x-ray scans to confirm if everything is alright with her. Diego and his mother ponder over Crisan and the nightmare she had the previous night. 

Madam Salia and Valarie are speaking about the whereabouts of Daren when he comes home. His mother asked where he went the previous night. Just when they were talking, he started gaining his eyesight, until he was completely able to see clearly. Everyone was happy that he is able to see now. Valarie hugged him. 

Crisan(Cheska) goes to the hospital to see Alan who is still unconscious. 

Diego asks about Crisan, the security man tells him he has been sent to the hospital. Diego leaves for the hospital. Daren goes to the hospital. He sees Cheska and Geraldine. Cheska called him and he realized it was her. Cheska was very happy to know that he had regained his eyesight. Geraldine thanks him for all that he has done for Crisan. Crisel follows and looks on. She watched as Geraldine left from Cheska’s bed. Diego goes to Crisan as Crisel looks on. 

Black lady gives Crisel a sharp object. When Diego leaves, Crisel approaches Crisan’s bed. Black lady diverted the nurse on duty so that Crisel could sneak in. She moves towards Cheska with the knife raised. She stabs but Crisan sees her and takes the pillow. She stabs the pillow. Cheska escapes and she follows. She caught her and raised the knife at her neck. 

Geraldine and Lola go to see the father who tells them a very demonic spirit is in action in Crisel. Geraldine tells him he wants her daughter to be at peace. 

Crisel drags Crisan out to the last floor of the hospital. She held the knife at her neck but Crisan fought back. They started fighting on top of the building where one can easily fall off. Some passersby see this and inform the security personnel. Diego also sees Crisan. 

Diego calls Geraldine and informs him about the fight. Diego runs into the hospital to handle the situation. Though Vincent tells him to allow the security handle this but he refuses and goes. But Crisel has locked the door behind him so they couldn’t get it. Noli and Macoy see the video footage on a phone. The video has gone viral. They run to go to the hospital. Meanwhile Geraldine has also come there already. 

Cheska hugged on the top floor, while Crisel tried to leave her hand so she would fall. 


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