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Heart And Soul Episode 92

Noli, Macoy and Cheska speaking. James was also washing. He dries the cloth on the line but it falls and this makes him angry. Diego comes and teases him.

Crisan (Cheska) sitting quietly behind the laptop and remembers the past relationship she had with Madam Geraldine. She remembers when at the juice bar, Madam Geraldine tells her that her coming into her life is a blessing. 

Noli comes to her with coffee. She asks Noli to promise her she won’t say anything about what she knows. 

Geraldine, Crisan and Alan are also having time together at the restaurant. Crisan coughs. Alan and Geraldine what’s wrong? Crisan remembers Crisan and mentions her name.

She remembers the day she used to sit with Crisan together and watch her eat. Geraldine and Alan were having time together enjoying their food but Crisel was feeling guilty inside. 

Cheska is in the washroom when she hears a knock at the door. It was a girl standing there wanting to ease herself. But Cheska feared that she might get caught when she came out. 

But Noli keeps mentioning her name, saying Frenny. The girl asks if it’s Crisan in there. Cheska opens the door and the girl takes to her heels upon seeing her. 

Geraldine takes a photograph of Cheska. She sits remembering all the time she had with her and all that happened. Crisan sees her looking at the photograph.

The other tenants at the hostel threaten to report to the landlady that Noli is harboring Cheska in her room. They started arguing and started fighting. 

Alan walked into his car. He smiles and remembers the day he hugged Geraldine when trying to get back to her. Theresa comes and calls him. 

She tells Alan to give her another chance in his life. She holds his hand, weeps and begs him, but Alan tells her they can’t be together again. He doesn’t love her so she should move on. 

Cheska takes her bag to leave saying she doesn’t want Noli to fall into any trouble because of her.  Theresa visits Raymond in jail on their next plan to take. Raymond offers 30,000 to her but she insists on 50,000 before helping him in anything. 

Heart And Soul Episode 93

begins with Raymond telling Theresa that she shouldn’t fail their next plan. Now he wants her to be his eyes and ears. He should keep an eye on Geraldine and Alan and then inform him of anything she sees. Cheska goes to see her grandma in the house. 

At the prison, Diego’s mother is released. She meets Diego and James at the prison gates waiting for her. She hugs him. It was such a happy reunion. They wept tears of joy. 

Diego tells her how happy she is to see her out again. His mother also tells him how happy she is to see him.

They speak to the lawyer who helps them, and also talk about how Emmanuel De Villa helped them. 

Diego, his mother, the lawyer and James sitting eating in a restaurant. The lawyer reveals to Diego that he is now a shareholder of Emmanuel De Villa hospital as per Emmanuel’s will. Diego couldn’t find the tears to welcome this news. James congratulated Diego who couldn’t hold back his tears. 

But Diego has no idea in hospital management, this made him complain that he is only good at skateboarding and knows nothing about being a doctor.

The man tells him that Emmanuel is giving him his legacy because he believes in him. Diego remembers when Emmanuel tells him that he is happy to have him as his grandson. He is a fine young man. 

He is a De Villa and this makes him proud of him. 

The man explains further to him that Emmanuel wants him to succeed. Now he should take up the responsibilities on his shoulders as a man. 

Diego weeps bitterly. He remembers all the moments he had with his grandfather and this made him miss him more that he couldn’t hold on to his tears but wept like a baby. 

The man takes Diego to a very big and beautiful mansion that Emmanuel has requested for him together with several properties as a donation to Diego.

 Diego is also the main beneficiary of Emmanuel De Villa’s insurance policy. And that alone is enough to pay for donation fees and taxes. 

The man gives Diego an envelope and tells him Emmanuel has asked him to give him that envelope in which his grandpa has left behind a note for him.

Noli and Macoy go to see Cheska(Crisan). Macoy held her hand and they had eye contact while they were talking. 

Diego in his new mansion sees the photograph of Emmanuel and Raymond.

She opens the letter the lawyer had given and reads a letter from Emmanuel De Villa.

“My dearest grandson, if you are reading this. I try to offer to you the life of De Villa’s biological grandson. I know you may try to live a simple life and walk your way to the top and that makes me so proud of you, Diego…., I want you to live a comfortable life because you deserve it, my grandson. I will always be here to guide you even if I’m gone.”

Diego reads and weeps. His mother goes and consoles him. Alan, Geraldine and Crisan are walking together. She put Alan and Geraldine’s hands together in an attempt to have them propose to each other. They get on a lift. On that same lift, Cheska, Noli and Macoy are seen on it. They pass separate ways without seeing each other. 

Geraldine and Alan go to the perfume shop. She put a perfume on her hands and she and Alan smell it. They had eye contact.

Flashback shows the days when they were enjoying their love life together. They turn it into laughter. 

Theresa keeps an eye on them as they move together. 

Noli, Macoy and Cheska meet a witch doctor who parades herself as a beautiful witch. She asks them what she could do for them. She takes them to her shrine. 

She asked them to close their eyes and began the rituals. She calls Crisel’s spirit and she feels this sensation. Cheska sees her face in the mirror. Crisel felt that something was going on. Alan and Geraldine ask her what the problem is but said she isn’t feeling well. 

Cheska, Noli and Macoy leave the shrine feeling that nothing better will come out of it. 


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