Macoy D!es & Is Laid To Rest. Heart And Soul Monday, 6 December 2021


Heart And Soul Monday, 6 December 2021 Raymond taunts Macoy. Macoy tells him that very soon he will be in the grips of the police. Raymond takes out a gun and points at Macoy. Crisan comes forward and says he won’t allow him to hurt him. Raymond shoots as Macoy takes the bullet. Macoy asks Crisan if she is alright. There she realizes that Macoy has been shot. Raymond shoots again and gets into the car with his goons and flees away. 

Crisan tells Macoy not to give up but should live. Macoy tells her he is really sorry. They talk for a while and weep until Macoy finally gives up the ghost. Both Crisan and Crisel weeps. Geraldine, who was with Alan, didn’t know what had happened. 

To her it was a happy moment seeing Alan, but elsewhere, it was sorrows and tear sheds. Geraldine calls Cheska and asks where Crisan is, but she replies she doesn’t know where she is. Black lady scolds her for not wanting to follow the plan and behave like Crisel, but Cheska said the only goal she has on earth is to survive. 

Macoy is rushed to the hospital. Vincent tells Crisan to stand there because the doctors are going to do everything to save his life. Vincent tells Geraldine and Alan that Crisan is in the hospital, and Macoy has been shot. Alan tries getting up but Vincent tells him to stay down because his health is under observation. Geraldine goes and sees Crisan. She asks what happened and Crisan informs him that Raymond has shot Macoy.

Geraldine tells her not to worry because Macoy will be alive. The doctors are on Macoy trying to save his life, his pulse and CPR dropped to Zero. Macoy dies at 11:45. His soul leaves his body. 

Noli is performing some rituals when her mates come and disturb her. Noli feels that something is going wrong. Macoy tried waking up his body but he didn’t know that would be impossible. 

Macoy’s father takes up pictures of him but they all fall down. Geraldine promises Crisan that justice will be served for Macoy, Raymond will surely pay for his crimes. 

Vincent comes and breaks the news to them that Macoy couldn’t make it. They rushed to the hospital and saw Macoy lifeless. Crisan cries as she lays her head on Macoy. Macoy’s soul tells Crisan that he is very sorry for leaving her behind. He hugged Crisan. Crisan breaks down in tears. 

Crisan remembers the moment she had with Macoy. Geraldine comes and consoles her. She said Macoy was everything to her. Macoy’s soul appears behind her. Macoy sees his body being rushed to the mortuary and follows. He sees Crisel and is shocked to see her. Crisel explains to her that Cheska has returned to her body. When they were speaking, Cheska and black lady came and saw them. Cheska asks, you are dead? Macoy sparks at Cheska. Cheska tells him he can’t do anything to hurt her. 

Heart And Soul Episode 129

The episode begins with Noli arriving at the hospital, and they all weep and mourn Macoy’s death. Lilian sees Diego’s phone ringing and calls him to come for it. Diego checks the message box and realizes he has received a text message that Raymond has shot and killed Macoy. He was shocked. 

Crisan and Geraldine go to Alan at his ward. Alan consoles her as they hug. Cheska looks on from behind. Alan calls Cheska for a hug also, to join the reunion. Macoy’s parents go to the mortuary and mourn over the dead body of lifeless Macoy. They weep their hearts out bitterly. Macoy’s father gave him a salute. Raymond and his goons arrive at their base. He scolds them on why they didn’t allow him to shoot Crisan also, because they dragged him away before he could pull the trigger at Crisan. 

It’s Macoy’s last funeral rite, his family, friends and sympathizers all gathered around to bid him a soul peace in the next life. Macoy and Crisel also come to the funeral service. His father who is an ex-soldier gave testimonies about him with his condolence messages. He salutes his dead body after he finishes his speech. 

His best friend also gave his testimony about Macoy who he has taken as a brother and a best friend. Noli also gave her words of condolences and gave testimony about him. Flashback shows the moment they had together. 

When Noli has finished speaking, all eyes turned to Crisan as the next person to give her testimony. Meanwhile Macoy’s soul was standing nearby with Crisel hearing all that was going on. Crisan gave testimonies as being the best friend she ever had.

 Flashback shows how the friendship began from childhood, Macoy was always his protection, he was her refuge, he never turned his back on her. Even when Raymond fired the bullets at her, Macoy took the bullets, he died saving her. Listening to Crisan’s words of testimony, everyone present at the funeral couldn’t help it but cried bitterly. 

When Crisan finished speaking, there was Diego at the door, everything has now become the fault of Diego now. Crisan blamed and scolded him for whatever had happened. Diego said he is very sorry, Crisan asks if the sorry will bring Macoy back to life. Diego felt so embarrassed as he said condolences to the family. 

Noli tells Crisan to forgive Diego. Macoy’s soul also seconded Noli, and tells Crisan to listen to what Noli is saying and to forgive Diego. Diego leaves from there and goes home. He sees the bracelet Crisan gifted him and Macoy and takes it. Flashback shows the moment and how Crisan is angry with him. He tells Macoy and Crisan that he is really sorry. 

Macoy and Crisel speak about helping Crisan from the dangers of black lady and Cheska. 

Macoy’s corpse is sent to the cemetery and is about to be laid to rest. Friends and families surrounded the coffin. They all placed flowers inside his grave. Everyone leaves as Crisan sits near the grave and tells Macoy to send her regards to Maa Theresa. Crisan tells him he will always be in heart. Meanwhile Raymond, who was also present at the funeral, points a gun at Crisan….. Read more