Maricar Kidnaps Cheska. Heart And Soul Monday Pt1, 27 December 2021


The episode begins with Crisel being taken away in the car. Maricar calls her men and asks if there is any good news, they inform her that they were able to get hold of Cheska/Crisel. Crisel begged them to release her. She tells the men her mother is not Maricar but Geraldine. 

Cheska’s soul taunts her. Geraldine and Crisan get down from their car and go to the taxi driver who took Crisel. They asked where she was and he replied that some men kidnapped her from his car. Crisan takes out her phone to call her. 

The men who kidnapped Cheska come to a location. A man came to insert something into Cheska’s mouth. Crisel pushed him, Cheska’s soul tells Crisel that she thinks she knows what they are doing, they want a specimen for DNA. Crisel is held forcely and the substance was inserted in her mouth. 

They take out the specimen. Cheska tells Crisel to say bye bye to Geraldine and Crisan because the DNA will confirm she is Maricar’s daughter. Vincent and Diego ponder over the issue. Vincent asks, so Maricar is saying her child is Cheska? What a small world. Alan also gets down from his car and goes to Geraldine and Crisan. The police are also there. 

Alan asks Crisan what happened? Where were the bodyguards that she got kidnapped? Crisan explains they had to talk in private so she asks the bodyguard to excuse them. And Crisel got angry and went away in the taxi. Crisan said sorry to them as this was her mistake. 

The kidnappers take Cheska to Maricar’s house. Maricar saw her and was very happy. She hugs her. Cheska’s soul tells her this is Cheska. That girl is fake and a thief. Crisan remembers Diego knew Maricar when they met at the hospital. Crisan calls Diego. Crisel tells Maricar that she is not her mother. Maricar pleaded with her but she didn’t listen and shouted at her. She said sorry to her for kidnapping her. She tells her they will be doing a DNA test to prove she is her daughter, asks the doctor if the sample was taken? Crisel tells her with or without DNA, she is not her mother. 

Crisel took to her heels and ran away but Cheska pulled her back. Diego receives a call from Diego and tells him that Crisel has been kidnapped and they suspect Maricar is behind the kidnap. She asks Diego for Maricar’s house address. Diego asks doctor Vincent for the address. He asks why he needs that and he tells him it is very important. 

He tells him he will try and get her address from the charity home. Maricar takes Cheska/Crisel to her room to explain things to her. Cheska tells Crisel does she see how miserable her mom looks? How can she be so selfish? Cheska tells her if she is thinking she will allow  her to go out then she is wrong. 

Diego is being given the address and he gives it to Crisan. Maricar asks Cheska what happened to her face. Flashback shows the moment when she got burnt while fighting with Raymond on the boat. She tells Maricar it was just an accident. Cheska scolds her.

 Maricar tells the story to her how she has been looking for her for so long a while. She once saw Geraldine with a child who is Cheska but because she fell out of tiredness, she wasn’t able to recognize that child as her Grace. She has visited so many people, gone to so many places in search of her. 

Black lady comes to Cheska. She asks what she is doing there and how did she find her? Cheska tells black lady she hates Crisel so much, black lady tells her and she also hates her(Cheska) more because she is a spoilt brat who can’t be trusted. Crisel seemed lost and Maricar asked if she was okay.