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What To Expect On Adom Tv Heart And Soul

Crisel is angry with her sister, and their jealousy will rise because of her love for Diego. She will come back in the body of a human in order to have Diego’s love and the love of Geraldine. And thus Crisel will start

Becoming the Mask: Crisel tries to talk and act like either Crisan or Cheska while she’s in their body. She later inherits all of Maricar’s property because she was able to fool Maricar into thinking that her daughter Cheska was back in her own body when the ritual actually failed and Crisel got the body back instead.

Beneath the Mask:
The audience is shown the identity of the real spirit while they’re in another person’s body.
Any character with an opened third eye can see the identity of the real body inhabitant.

Alliterative Title:Kambal, Karibal

Alpha Bitch: Cheska is a spoiled, rich girl who takes out her misery on being adopted and in lacking Diego’s affections on any poor unsuspecting creature who happens to be in her way such as Crisan. Crisel later turns into this when she learns of Diego’s affections for Crisan.

Antagonist Title: The title translates to “Twin, Rival”, referring to Crisel.
Archnemesis Dad: Raymond is the biological father of Diego. Both have no love for each other.

Back for the Finale: Noli, the twins’ deceased adoptive father, returns in the series finale to take Crisel with him to heaven.

Big Bad Ensemble: Raymond de Villa serves as the Big Bad in the mortal world, while the Big Bad Duumvirate of Crisel and Black Lady serve as the supernatural antagonists.

Body Snatcher: Crisel, since she no longer has her own body. Favorite targets include Cheska and Crisan.
Cat Fight: Usually instigated by Cheska towards Crisan (and indirectly to Crisel).

Crisel (whether a spirit or in someone else’s body) starts a lot of them with Crisan whenever she sees her.

Character Development: Diego goes from being the useless love interest to actively playing a part in the twins’ escapades.
Crisan is now seen actively fighting back against her oppressors (mainly Crisel in Cheska’s body) when in the past she allows herself to be beat up and just cries from the pain afterward.

Chekhov’s Skill: Crisel has been training her Psychic Powers with Black Lady to use against Crisan. She uses it to stop Raymond from shooting her and her family at the final episode.

Demonic Possession: Black Lady takes over Diego’s body with the intent of ruining his relationship with Crisan and to help Crisel get closer to him.
Even Evil Has Standards: At one point, even Teresa becomes horrified at Raymond’s actions. This leads to a Pet the Dog moment where she freed Crisan and “Cheska” (Crisel) from his captivity.

I See Dead People:
Crisan has the ability to see her ghost twin since she was young until her third eye gets closed by Black Lady.
Geraldine has this ability for a while so she could help her daughters but doesn’t deal with it well at first and soon gets rid of it.
Maricar’s friend has this ability as she is a fortune teller.
Dead Person Conversation: Practically anyone with their third eye opened can speak to the spirit characters and hear their replies. Though the spirits can hear and reply to what the living are saying, they can’t be heard by them.

Heel–Face Turn: Emmanuel de Villa helped cover up Raymond’s evil plan to get Geraldine at first but later tells Geraldine the whole truth. Raymond gets him killed for that.
Missing Mom: Cheska’s real mom, Maricar who appeared later in the series looking for her daughter and then trying to get her back. Turns out she left her abusive husband and tried to work abroad as a domestic helper to provide for her infant daughter Grace (Cheska) but had to endure years under abusive employers until an Arab Oil Sheikh saves her from them and marries her. When she comes home to see her daughter Grace, turns out that she was given away to someone else.

Heel–Face Revolving Door: Crisel has constantly jumped ship from the good and bad side throughout the show.

It’s All About Me:
Crisel’s greatest flaw. As much as she loves her family and friends, her love for herself and her interests is what keeps her from being an entirely good person.
Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Crisan forgives Cheska and Crisel too easily, allowing them to regroup and think of other ways to make her life a living hell.

Not Good with Rejection: Raymond turns into a Crazy Jealous Guy when Geraldine leaves him and remarries Alan and did everything he could to destroy their marriage.

     Redemption Equals Death: Moments after permanently mending her relationship with Crisan, Crisel, while in Cheska's body, ended up Taking the Bullet for her family, leading to her death and Reincarnation.

Reincarnation: Crisan gets a new younger sister who looks exactly like Crisel as a child and is implied to be actually reincarnated.

Spirit World: A mirror version of the world the characters are in but only spirits can move within. Crisan enters the spirit world in order to defeat Black Lady.

Not Too Dead to Save the Day: Noli comes down from heaven to reconcile the twins and even saves Crisel from Black Lady.

Childhood Friend Romance: Crisel has been crushing on Diego since she was alive, but he unfortunately just sees her as a friend and has a crush on Crisan instead.

Comical Overreacting: Cheska acts this way whenever she crosses paths with Crisan. Also Crisel whenever she sees Crisan get more affection from either Diego or their parents.

The Corrupter:
Black Lady always knows how to play on Crisel’s insecurities to goad her into antagonizing her twin.

Cute Ghost Girl: Crisel can be seen as this, especially when she was still a kid. Also Ghost Cheska.

Dark and Troubled Past: Practically all of the main characters and a few side characters have it.
Dark Is Evil: The appropriately named Black Lady is as evil as they come.

Died Happily Ever After: Crisel dies and goes to heaven with their adoptive father Noli.
The Dragon: Teresa serves as her cousin Raymond’s main ally in his Evil Plans.

Easily Forgiven:
Crisan and their parents easily forgives Crisel’s antics because she’s family, duh.
Cheska’s crazy antics towards Crisan were easily forgiven by her adoptive mother Geraldine during the earlier part of the series.

Easily Overheard Conversation: This is how the antagonists and the protagonists learn about each other’s plans.

Empty Shell: Cheska’s body for the most part. Crisan’s body becomes this when she falls to her death from a high cliff.

Episode on a Plane: The penultimate episode features practically all of the main characters (excluding Diego) on a plane ride to Singapore. It doesn’t end well.

Ethereal White Dress: Crisel is wearing the same white gown she was wearing when she died.

Evil Is Hammy: Borh Raymond and Black Lady are clearly enjoying themselves in their respective dialogues.

Evil Matriarch:
Teresa, Raymond’s cousin who raised the twins with her then-husband Noli.

Evil Mentor: Black Lady further corrupts both the already flawed Crisel and Cheska at different points in the show.

Evil Twin: Crisel becomes this to Crisan as she wants Diego and their parents’ affections for herself.

Family Title: The show title refers to twins Crisan and Crisel and their very complicated relationship.

Flat Character: Notably, the twins’ father Alan.

Ghostly Chill: What the living characters feel when the spirit characters are in the same room with them.

Go into the Light:
Happens to most of the characters when they die.
Spirit Cheska and her real mother are reunited and ascend to heaven.
The twins’ adoptive father Noli come down from heaven to take Crisel’s soul with him.

Grand Theft Me: Crisel constantly steals Crisan’s and Cheska’s bodies by force.
Greater-Scope Villain: Black Lady at first causes problems for Crisan by manipulating Crisel. She only takes action directly towards the end of the series.

Heroic Bastard: Male lead Diego is the illegitimate son of one of the Big Bad Ensemble, Raymond de Villa.

Heterosexual Life-Partners: Crisan and her best friend Nori.

Ill Girl: Crisel gets sick and dies from a rare disease.

Invisible Jerkass: In the past when the twins got along very well, Crisel would play pranks on the people who hurt Crisan, like Cheska.

It’s Personal with the Dragon: Crisan has more emotional connection to the respective Dragons of the Big Bad Ensemble of Raymond and Black Lady. Crisel is her twin sister, while Teresa is their adoptive mother.

Last Stand: The final episode.
Light Is Not Good: Crisel wears white, and serves as The Heavy for most of the series.

Limited Wardrobe: Whatever clothes the person is wearing when they die will be their permanent outfit as ghosts.

Love Makes You Evil: Crisel, Raymond, and Teresa in particular, as their antagonistic ways are fueled by their frustrations over not being loved back by their loved ones the way they wanted to.

Manipulative Bastard:
Raymond de Villa. He had an elaborate plan to get his love Geraldine by framing her husband Alan as a cheater and telling her that her twins died in infancy just to get her to marry him. It works, until Geraldine’s father (who knows the whole truth) tells her everything.
Black Lady has manipulated both Crisel and Cheska for both her own selfish reasons and For the Evulz.

Monochrome Apparition: Crisel and the other spirits are depicted as a shade of light blue when among living mortals.
Ms. Fanservice: Cheska loves dressing in revealing clothes.

Near-Death Experience: Suffered by the main characters whenever they get shot, get into accidents, and get actively pursued by the main villains.

Nice Guy:
Diego, which causes both Crisan and Crisel to fall for him. Also Crisan’s best friend Makoy who later dies from protecting her from Raymond.
Darren, the blind rich kid who saves and helps Crisan (who was still stuck in Cheska’s body).

No Indoor Voice: Cheska and especially Crisel whenever they are confronted for their mistakes. Also can be said about their anguished monologues.

Out-of-Body Experience:
What Crisel experiences after she dies. All the characters who die or are near-death experience this.
Experienced by Crisan as she prevents Crisel from taking over her body.
The real Cheska experiences this after Crisel takes over her body.

Poltergeist: The spirits have the ability to move stuff around for either scaring people or pranking them.

Possessing a Dead Body:
Crisel possesses Cheska’s comatosed body, making it seem to the doctors and Geraldine that she finally recovered.
Crisel steals Crisan’s body after pushing her off a cliff to die.

Rags to Riches:
Emmanuel knows that his son Raymond is not a moral man, so he instead made his illegitimate grandson Diego the heir to his fortune.
Cheska’s biological mother Maricar was a poor woman who eventually marries an Arab Oil Sheikh.

Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: During the first part of the series, Geraldine and Alan believed that their twins have died in childbirth when in fact Raymond gave them away to his cousin.

Self-Made Orphan: Raymond, via his Accidental Murder of his father.

Sibling Rivalry: The entire theme of the show, if the title doesn’t give it away.

Spot the Imposter:
What Crisel tries to avoid when she’s taken over Cheska’s body.
Geraldine discovers the fact that the real Cheska was only to be pretending to be Crisel when she hears her play a familiar song on the piano.

Stalker with a Crush:
Spirit Crisel follows Diego around everywhere and even watches him as he sleeps in the hospital.
Both Raymond and Teresa will do anything to gain Geraldine and Alan back.

Surgical Impersonation: Raymond gifts his cousin Samuel with free plastic surgery to look exactly like him just so the police would go after him instead.

Tagalong Kid: Diego’s younger adopted brother James.

Taking You with Me:

Raymond dies at the end and Black Lady drags him with her to hell.
Black Lady gets destroyed when Diego and Crisan call out her real demon name.

Too Dumb to Live: Usually Crisan is either too dumb or too kind to notice the signs of impending danger to either herself or her family even if it’s happened a bunch of times already.
Crisel never suspects Diego so she always goes along with whatever he asks even if it harms her. She’s yet to learn from those mistakes.
Practically all of the characters can be this whenever the plot asks for it.
Traveling at the Speed of Plot: As expected of a TV melodrama.

Turn of the Millennium: The twins and Cheska were born in 2000. It’s unstated if the flashbacks to their childhood were from this decade or the early 2010s, though.
Vengeful Ghost: Black Lady likes instigating discord within family and romantic relationships.
Crisel when she decided to turn against Crisan.
Also Cheska when she got kicked out of her own body.

Wounded Gazelle Gambit:
Cheska does this whenever she’s in a Cat Fight with Crisan and someone else happens to pass by to make it look like she’s the one being harmed by Crisan.
Crisel does this later on as she has Cheska’s body all to herself.

Heart and Soul(Kambal Karibal) on Adom tv is about the happy ending to the story of fraternal twins Crisel and Crisan and their waging battle against an evil spirit who tried to drag the soul of these innocent fraternal twins to the underworld or better said, to hell. The name of this evil spirit is the “ Black Lady.”

The story is centered on twins, Crisanta and Criselda. Due to a rare disease, Criselda dies, she remains a spirit that only appears to Crisanta. Their bond begins to fall apart when they both fall in love with Diego.

This rivalry between them became worse just as their mother’s love for Crisanta increased. When Criselda got consumed in her emotions, and her soul finds the body of another person to inherit. She returns to get her mother’s affection and the love of Diego.

Heart and Soul movie drama is one of the top-rated GMA movie series aired. This movie series received several accolades and public attention on Twitter when the final was aired on August 3rd.

Adom tv, a subsidiary of the multimedia group of companies, is beginning a tv telecast of Heart and Soul on Monday, 19th July 2021. 

Here is the story plot of what to expect in the Heart and Soul Drama series.

The climax opens with Crisel’s and Crisan’s plane crashing on a mountain. God being so good, they survived. This made Crisel realize that family is more important than her pride justifying the saying that “blood is thicker than water.”

Another survivor of the Plane Crash, Raymond, won’t allow the twins peace of mind to enjoy their happy ending. He shoots Crisel who is in Cheska’s body and she dies.

He was arrested and faced a jail penalty for his crime. Crisel on the other hand is led to the light with the help of the soul of Noli, their late adoptive father. During the last funeral rites of Crisel, the evil lady or the Black lady returns and tries to take Crisan’s soul, claiming that she too is evil. 

Diego, recalling the training he had in exorcism, calls the Black Lady by her real name “Ganeva,” which was the only option they had to exorcise her from the body of Crisan.

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