Alan & Geraldine Meets Death. Heart And Soul Thursday, 11 November 2021


The episode begins with Diego, Crisan, Alan and Geraldine partying. Alan walks to Geraldine and proposes to her. He spoke his heart to Geraldine. Alan shows her a ring and asks if she will marry him. Geraldine accepted the proposal. 

Everyone clapped for them as Alan put the ring on Geraldine’s finger. Theresa, who is hiding somewhere, saw this and wept. Crisan and her parents hugged. 

Daren is sitting with Cheska who was reading a line from the book which Daren had gifted her. 

“It is only with the heart that one can see light. What is essential is visible to the eye.” 

Daren tells her he really appreciates whatever she has done for him. Macoy calls Cheska from the gate. Cheska opens the door for Macoy. He comes in and confronts Daren thinking that something is going on between them. Daren put his walking stick down and hit him and they started up a fight. 

Miss Valarie comes there. Macoy leaves the house. 


Cheska said sorry to Valarie and Daren, but Valarie tells her to act accordingly because she is not a princess here. She should know her limits. Cheska said it will be better she leaves for all of that to stop but Daren tells her I want you here. 

Theresa goes weeping. She remembers the day she met Alan when she got stuck in the ice plant and all the happy moments she had with him. Diego congratulated Alan and Geraldine. Crisan also tells Diego that she will love her forever. 

Geraldine and Alan leave in the car. On the way, she asks him she would want to stop and ease herself. Alan applied the breaks buy it won’t work. Theresa calls Raymond and informs him Alan and Geraldine are finally together and even going out. 

Alan tells Geraldine that the only thing that can save them now is to jump from the car as their car was moving towards a flammable fuel tanker. She held Geraldine and they jumped from the car. It crashed into the fuel tanker and exploded. 

They die. Crisan sees them moving near the light. She wanted to stop them but she couldn’t move her feet. They enter into the light. Cheska woke up from bed and realized it was a nightmare. But the accident part was real, they have been involved in an accident.

Valarie comes to Cheska that night and asks her to pack her things and leave the house.

Diego and Crisan arrives home. She calls her parents but couldn’t see them. Crisan hugs Diego. She took the glass but they fell. Rescue personnel and the ambulance arrive at the accident scene. They take Alan and Geraldine into the ambulance. 

Valarie sacks Cheska at midnight, she opens the gate and asks her to go. Cheska remembers all the moments she had with Daren. In the ambulance, the nurse said Geraldine and Alan should be taken to De Villa hospital. They checked Alan’s pulse. He wasn’t breathing and there was no CPR. 


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