Crisel Is Back As Cheska Fights For Crisan. Heart And Soul Thursday, 16 December 2021


Heart And Soul Thursday, 16 December 2021 The episode begins with Diego speaking to Noli Infront of the hospital. Her parents waited for her. Noli leaves Diego and goes. Crisan confronted Andre for beating Cheska. Crisan beats Andre also. She hits him with sticks. Black lady comes and tells Crisan to beat him to death. Diego and Vincent ponder on who might have hurt Noli, and said it might be Raymond who did that but Vincent said it doesn’t make sense that Raymond will try to kill Noli. The light takes out Crisel from the darkness.

Crisel goes back to earth and tells Crisel to stop fighting. Black lady was surprised to see Crisel back to earth. Andre was going to Kill Crisan when Crisel intervened and pushed him. Geraldine and Alan wondered why their children are not back home yet, meanwhile they have bodyguards. Andre takes the same stick Crisan used to beat her and was going to beat her with the same stick. He raised his head to hit Crisan’s head with it, but shockingly, Cheska saves Crisan and pushes Andre away, she takes the stick and hits Andre with it.

The tune of events shocked black lady when she saved Crisan. The security men there arrived and stopped the fight. Cheska hugged Crisan. Black lady fumes with anger. Crisel taunts black lady so much after Cheska fails her mission. Cheska and Crisan are at the hospital with Crisel also. They saw how injured they were. They ask who did that to them and they explain that it was Andre who did that to them. Geraldine and Alan scold their bodyguards.

Vincent brings the report that there are no serious injuries. Crisel goes to Diego and tells him not to get mad at Crisan. Alan goes to the police station. He was there when Andre was brought in. Alan started beating him. Andre was locked up in one of the cells. At home, Cheska reveals to Crisan that she was actually the one who provoked Andre, and tells Crisan she is sorry. Black lady scolds her.

She tells black lady she has to save Crisan because Crisel saw everything that happened, besides she did what she(black lady) asks her to do. Crisan still ignored Diego. Cheska meets Patricia who tells her that she heard all that happened between her, Crisan and Andre.

Although they have some disagreements and silly fights, she wants her to know that she is still there for her. Diego was at home when Crisel went to speak to him not to give up on Crisan. When Diego wasn’t giving her attention, he hit his wine glass and it fell. His mother, Lilian, hears this and asks what the problem is. Lilian feels a ghostly chill.