Raymond Is Sent To Prison. Crisan Returns Home. Heart And Soul Thursday, 21 October 2021


Heart And Soul Thursday, 21 October 2021 A police man goes to handcuff Raymond but he takes a pistol and threatens to shoot him if the others come near. He hits him and escapes. The police go after him.

Cheska is being given food by the generous woman who saved her life. They chatted and hugged each other.

The police aim a gun at Raymond but he fires at them. They kept on chasing him. He fires shots and they also fired back. Eventually he diverts them. He was running away when Alan meets him and started fight with him. His gun fell and Alan takes it and aims at him. He tells Alan to shoot if he got the guts. The police come and gets hold of him. 

Geraldine also comes there and slaps him why he dared kidnap Crisan and her. He tells Geraldine that he loves her, but Geraldine tells him he doesn’t have love in his eyes, he is such a wicked person who doesn’t deserve to be loved. The cops take him away. 

Crisel is sitting when black lady comes to her to pollute her mind against her sister. But Crisel wasn’t ready to give in. She feels guilty of what she is doing to her sister so she leaves the black lady. But she follows her. 

Diego is shown with his brother James selling at the roadside.

Crisan takes the phone and calls Diego. She tells Diego she misses him and wants to see him. Diego tells her she will come and meet her very soon.

Diego excuses James and goes. On his way he meets Noli and Macoy and tells them she received a call from Crisan. They get into the car and go with him.

Vincent speaking with Geraldine. She tells him, he has no idea what he has done for her means so much to him. He tells her he is feeling guilty when he knew a whole thing but couldn’t do anything about it. 

He tells her Raymond deserves this, but the fact that he betrayed him… It was him who helped him to become a doctor and he has done a lot for him. He is just ashamed that their friendship has to end like this. 

But Geraldine tells him he is a good friend. And all he has to do now is to move on from all of this. She bids him goodbye and leaves with Alan. At the beach, Cheska is there, she looks at the waters and remembers whatever happened.

 How the ship blasted, how she got burnt and how they both fell into the waters and what happened. The boy comes to her, calling her sister Cheska. 

Crisan is sitting in her room, when she hears the doorbell rings. She goes to open the door and finds out it’s Diego, she gets him inside and wanted to kiss him, but Diego objected and they hugged instead. Noli and Macoy come in. They ask her where Cheska is. 

Heart And Soul Thursday, 21 October 2021 episode 91 begins with Noli and Crisan arguing about the whereabouts of Cheska. Noli and Macoy leave Diego and Crisan there and go. In the cells, the inspector goes to see Raymond. He scolds him for allowing him to be arrested when he has paid huge sums of money to him.

The inspector tells him what he did wasn’t right. Kidnapping is a crime punishable by law. Although he will help in anything, he is telling him now that his case does not look good, because it has evidence against him.  

He shouts at the inspector and tells the inspector to release him but he tells him that is not how the law works. The inspector leaves him and goes.

Diego questioned Crisan about Cheska’s whereabouts but she didn’t speak the truth. She hugs Diego. Noli and Macoy waking, and talking about Crisan. They see James who asks them about Diego and they tell him he is with Crisan.

Noli receives a call from an unknown person. She received the call but the network connection was very poor, Noli thought it might be a prank call. 

Macoy suggested that they report the case of missing Cheska to the police.

Geraldine and Alan come home to meet Diego and Crisan together. Crisan goes to hug Geraldine and Alan. Alan said the case of Cheska missing be reported to the police. 

At the village where Cheska is, she is about to leave, and the woman’s son and daughter bid her a farewell. 

Theresa is at home when Alan comes. But Alan didn’t show a good face towards her. She tells Alan to forgive her, but Alan said there is nothing between them anymore. And he would like to ask her to leave her house. 

Theresa asks what the problem is and he said the problem is that he can no longer continue with her. He has given her a few days to pack her belongings and leave. 

The police come to Geraldine’s house. She asks if anything has been heard of Cheska but she replies that nothing has been heard of her so far. 

She tells the police to find any information about her. She just wants her daughter back. Crisel was very shattered hearing that Crisan will be coming back to the house. 

Crisan tells Geraldine what actually happened in the waters, and she applauds her for being honest and telling her the Truth. They knew Cheska had died.

At the car station, Cheska and her new generous mother are speaking, she thanks for all she has done for her. 

The woman gave the address of the place to her that someday she might want to come there to visit them. Raymond calls Theresa on the phone planning the next thing to do. But while they were talking, the police came and locked him up.

Noli and Macoy meet Diego, they ask him to ask Crisan what actually happened and where Cheska is because they do not believe what she is telling them. But for Diego, he said Cheska is a criminal. 

She is the one who killed his grandfather. 

Cheska on the streets, she sees her photograph on the walls that she is wanted. While she stood there shocked, a truck almost hit her. She saw the patrol team and runs away into hiding. 

At prison, Diego with his mother, and they together with the prisoners are celebrating. Diego tells him what had happened.

Noli and Macoy are on the streets when they bumped into a girl with a burnt face.

Noli sees that she’s her Frenny Crisan. She hugged her, and hugged Macoy too. They asked about her burnt face. 


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