Cheska Meets Crisan. Heart And Soul Thursday, 28 October 2021


Heart And Soul Thursday, 28 October 2021.

Macoy and Noli go to see Cheska in her house, they tell her what happened on their way to her house when Crisel was following them around. 

She also tells her how she had mistakenly sprinkled water on the blind man and how he has developed hatred for her because of this. Macoy wanted to go into the house and have a word with him but they stopped him. 

Black lady goes to Crisel who was fuming with anger. 

Theresa goes home to see Nanay, she embraces her and starts telling her how Geraldine is being a pain in her neck. 

Cheska takes the clothes from her grandma and sends them into the room. She was there when sir came and started telling her about his life. Tears harbored in Cheska’s tears. The blind Sir goes from them. 

Crisan was speaking with black and said she can’t lose Diego, she takes her bag to go to him. Just as she was about to open the door, there stood Lola, Auntie Nissi’s friend.

Black lady tells Crisan this is another problem on her path. Lola hugged Crisan. But the look on Crisan’s face upon seeing is mind-blowing to Lola.

Crisan became shocked seeing Lola in the house. 

When the blind Sir returned, Cheska had laid the bed. He fumes with anger and goes into the dustbin to check. 

Crisan has thrown his valuable treasure away. He pushed her into the floor. 

Geraldine and Alan are still hanging out together in his car. Geraldine was very concerned about Cheska. 

Crisan offers Lola a juice drink. Geraldine and Alan come back home. 

Alice comes home. Crisan’s grandma tells her what has happened between sir and Crisan. Alice goes to her and asks what has happened and why he pushed Crisan. But he said Crisan deserves it. She tells him what he did is not right, it’s not fair because he needs help.

 He should apologize to her immediately.

At dinner that day, Lola begins eyeing Crisan because she feels she is not the Crisan she knows. 

Cheska takes her belongings and is leaving that night when sir comes and tells her he is very sorry for what he did to her. 

Heart And Soul Episode 98

The episode begins with Cheska going and Sir telling Cheska that he is sorry for what he did against her. She returns back to the house. She takes his and a lady’s picture in the photo frame. Alice comes and tells Cheska that the girl in the picture is Febby, his girlfriend. She had an accident and died. 

Cheska remembers him getting angry with her after she swept his bangle beads away. He quickly moves outside to look at the trash. 

He looked into the polyethylene bag and saw the bangle beads in them. She picks them up one after the other. 

Sir was only asleep that night and saw his deceased girlfriend in the dreams.

He dreamt the moment they used to have time together. When she tells him about their wedding plans and how she will be happy being his wife. He also tells her she has gotten whatever he needs in a wife. 

She gave him a bangle. 

They get into the car, and he tells her how beautiful she is. His girlfriend tells him to look at the road and drive carefully. But he said his breaks won’t fail him. 

Suddenly a lady crossed the path, it was his girlfriend who told him that someone was crossing the road. He drove the car out of the road and crashed it into a pole. Before she died, she tore the bangles she had put on his wrists and finally died. 

He woke up from this nightmare. This was how he lost his girlfriend and also lost his eyes. And the bangle is the most valuable treasure that can remind him of his girlfriend. 

He sat outside alone when Cheska came to console him. She tells him it isn’t intentional that she swept those bangles away.  She tells him she is gone and it’s now time for him to move on. 

He isn’t ready to move and this heart wrenching story he told Crisan and how he shouted made Cheska weep. Macoy comes and Cheska goes to meet him at the gate and asks why she is crying. She tells him why and Macoy decided to confront him and ask him why he made Crisan cry but Cheska refused.

Macoy goes into the house and confronts him. It led to a quarrel between sir and Macoy, but Cheska prevented a near fight. Macoy tells her she can’t see anyone insult or make her cry. She hugged Macoy and told him to please leave. Cheska goes back to sir and he asks if he is her boyfriend, but she replies that he is just a friend to her. 

Cheska and Sir are going to the hospital for a checkup. In the car, she learnt that they are going to De Villa hospital. 

Diego is speaking with Crisan when Vincent calls and asks him why isn’t in the hospital today, and he replies that he has taken some break to check up on certain things. Vincent tells him he wants him to come to the hospital, because there are some policies at hand and he just wants to show them to him. He assures him that he will be coming soon. Crisan tells Diego he want to go with him to the hospital. Diego held her hand and they go. 

Cheska and Sir arrived at De Villa hospital, the security man checked her belongings, she registered and signed on the paper and they went. 

Diego and Crisan arrive at the hospital, the security man asks them to register, and Crisan voices out that he is the owner of the hospital and doesn’t have to sign. But Diego insisted and took the pen and registered. 

They entered the hospital behind Cheska and Sir but didn’t see them, they entered the same lift and yet Crisan couldn’t see Cheska. 

Sir goes to see the doctor who tells him that his eyes is an optical blindness which is as a result of the accident, and it will heal eventually.

 He cried and said eventually can take some many years, 10 years, or even more. The doctor said, no one can tell when but they will do their best to restore his sight. 

He fumes and moves out of the hospital, leaving his guard stick behind. Cheska goes to the doctor and takes it and then follows him. 

Diego also meets Vincent and takes the documents. He tells him he just have to check the policy and reactions. Diego goes a different path, and saw sir who was walking blindly alone.

 Cheska was also looking for sir when she heard Crisan mention Diego’s name. Sir goes to the stairs and was going downstairs, Diego sees him and quickly runs to him. He almost fell, but upon Diego’s sudden arrival. He was saved. 

Diego offered to become friends with him. Cheska had gone down and asked the driver if he had seen him. He replied no and they went back into the hospital to look for him. Diego asks sir how he lost his eyesight. He explains to Diego that he lost his eyesight in an accident. 

Cheska sees Crisel in the hospital. She hides behind a wall so she wouldn’t be seen. 


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