Diego’s Life In Danger. Heart And Soul Thursday, 30 December 2021


Heart And Soul Thursday, 30 December 2021 episode begins with Cheska holding Diego’s neck. He tried to free himself but there is little he could do. Black lady comes and helps Cheska in strangling Diego to death. Crisel and Crisan go out to argue. Cheska taunts Diego for being part of her woes. Diego put her hand in her pocket and took out his protection, Cheska and Black lady couldn’t stand the power and quickly vanished. 

Diego fell to the floor. Crisel opens the door and sees Diego lying on the floor. Crisan also sees him and quickly runs to him telling him not to leave her. Crisel stood nearby watching. When Crisan goes out to seek help, Crisel goes to Diego who is still lying down. 

 Alan, Geraldine and their bodyguard came. Geraldine asks what happened to him and Crisan explains they just opened the door and saw him lying down. Black lady taunts Crisan telling her the sibling rivalry is finally back.

 Cheska’s soul comes to her mother who is still lamenting on getting Cheska back to herself. Geraldine also starts packing her belongings. Crisan looks worried. Geraldine receives a call text message and tells Crisan not to get worried because Diego is in the hospital and he will be fine. 

Crisan doesn’t feel what they are doing was right, Geraldine tells her the only way to end their problem now is to sacrifice for Crisel. Doctor Vincent checks on Diego at the hospital. Crisel and Alan are at the hospital, she feeds him food. Diego’s mother and James come to visit him at the hospital. 

Alan and Crisel are going home, Alan gets a call and gets down from the car. Black lady sits next to Crisel and tells her she is proud of her, trying to get back to her. Alan comes after black lady leaves and asks if she is talking with someone, Crisel replies she was talking to herself.

Maricar’s man takes photos of Alan and Cheska together. Maricar goes to Geraldine’s house and says we will take Cheska by force. She goes to the front desk to ask for her. She was told that Geraldine is no longer living in the unit. Maricar got very angry and shouted at her man for not doing the job of following them. She gots mad and starts shouting. 

Heart And Soul Episode 155

The episode begins with Alan and his family in their new home. Crisel says Diego will no longer see them and Crisan now that they are in a new home. Alan tells them their staying there is just temporary. Crisel is being sneaked into the hospital to have her treatment. Diego asks one of the guards who said Geraldine is no more there. The doctor tells Alan and his family that Crisel will soon be fine from the operation. 

Meanwhile Crisan still felt guilty about what they had done against madam Maricar. When Crisan raised the issue, it resulted in a quarrel between her and Crisel. It seems their rivalry is gradually getting back. Maricar and his lawyer go to the police station to report the case of Geraldine running away with her child. 

Cheska and black lady go to the police station too and hear Geraldine and his family have relocated. Cheska asks if she will help her in getting her body. Black lady said off course she will, if Cheska want her body, she want Crisel’s soul. Cheska tells black lady to stop joking with the situation and then do something. She opens her eyes and finds out where they have relocated to. 

They were at home when black lady and Cheska got inside. Cheska taunts and says this is where they came so that her mother won’t be able to see them? Diego calls Crisan on the phone. Crisel sees the call and hangs up the call. Diego wonders what might be the reason why his call was hung up. Crisan comes and asks her what she is doing with her phone. Crisel wanted Crisan that nobody should know their whereabouts, not even Noli or Diego. 

Diego and Crisan miss each other and sat thinking of each other. 

Maricar calls her attorney and asks how the case is going. Cheska and black come to Maricar’s residence. Cheska said they should let her know where Geraldine is. Black lady tells her to leave everything for her as she knows how to handle everything. 

Black lady caused Maricar’s soul to leave her body. Cheska asks what has she done to her mother? Black lady asks her to keep quiet and watch. Maricar’s soul wanders about in the dark and calls Cheska’s name.

Maricar’s soul sees a woman, she asks where Cheska and the woman tells where they have gone to. Maricar then woke up and asked for a pen and paper. She writes the address down. Black lady tells Cheska, I told you? 

Eventually, Diego meets Crisan at same place where he first met her sometime in the past. It happened as Crisan saved a little girl who was about to get hit by a bike. Diego sees them. He goes to her and realizes it is Crisan. Diego was very happy to see her. Maricar’s assistant tells her it might be her assumption out of stress. Cheska said why are you discouraging my mom? Cheska pleaded with her mother not to listen to her. 

Crisan was speaking with Diego when Crisel got out and saw them talking. Diego tells her how he accidentally met Crisan. She tells Diego to go where he is going, she drags Crisan to come so they go. Cheska goes to the house and calls Crisan and Crisel. She hits the door and asks where are you people? Black lady tells her they are not in the house. She said she needs them to come back there and bring her body to her. 

Crisel was very angry that Diego has got to see them and it’s the doing of Crisan. They ask why they are fighting. Diego follows them and meets Alan and Geraldine.