Heart And Soul Thursday, 7 October. Crisel’s spirit is very angry about losing hold of Cheska’s body. Black lady continues to tease her.

Macoy was with Crisan at the police station when Diego came there. Diego tells her that Geraldine isn’t willing to withdraw the case. 

The only option they have now is to help her escape. They convince Crisan who later agrees to their plan. 

Emmanuel goes to Giraldine to convince her to quit the police case but she asked him to stop because her decision will remain unchanged. 

While Emmanuel was with Giraldine, Alan also came there. Diego and Macoy helped Crisan escape from Prison. 

Alan speaks with Giraldine and begs her about withdrawing the case. Emmanuel too tells her to listen to them. But Giraldine refuses when Raymond comes.

Diego takes Crisan to a secluded area. Crisan felt what they are doing isn’t the right thing. While they were escaping, the police got hold of Macoy.  Crisan said this could put them into more trouble. But Diego constantly convinced her to listen. 

Alan calls Crisan on phone. She tells him she is sorry about the escape, and says she is with Diego. Alan tells them to leave from there and go to Batangas. So they took a car and left. While they were on the journey. 

Crisel attacked her and wanted to kill her. She beat Crisan, held her neck, threw bags at her. Come and see bags flying in the air. Since it was Crisan alone who saw her.  Everyone on the bus including Diego witnessed this strange happening.

Some of the travellers jumped out of the bus until it eventually crashed into a tree nearby. 

Because the police arrived, they had to escape from the accident scene. Diego asks her to run away from there.

She quickly took her heels and run into the forest. 

Emmanuel remembers the incident of Raymond kidnapping Geraldine’s twins. A flashback was shown. 

Crisel follows Crisan into the forest. She was determined to end her revenge. Emmanuel tells Giraldine she has something to tell her.

But then he was very angry. Raymond sensed danger and goes to her to relax, but he told him he can’t let this injustice happen with Crisan. It’s about time he saves the day.  

He shouts at him to go and tell her that Crisan is her daughter or he himself will tell Geraldine the whole truth and nothing but the Truth. 

Raymond punched him very hard, Emmanuel also punched him back. Geraldine comes there and scolds him on why he would lay his hand on his own father. 

“Geraldine, you have to know the truth,” Emmanuel began. 

Raymond begs him to stop but Emmanuel will not. 

Geraldine asks what’s happening here, Emmanuel reveals to her that Crisan is her daughter. Raymond still asks him to stop but he continued revealing more secrets. 

He tells her that his twins never died, but they are Crisan and Crisel. A flashback was shown. Geraldine remembers the moment they had the accident.

Crisan was also on the run..being chased by Crisel. Diego was also everywhere looking for her. 

Crisan slipped and lost her balance from a cliff, she nearly fell but Diego came there on time. But an unknown force was pulling her down the cliff.

Giraldine wept bitterly after she was told the whole truth about how Raymond took her twins away from her. 

Crisel held and pulled Crisan’s legs down the cliff, while Diego was pulling her hands upwards. 

Eventually, Crisel pulled her and she fell down the cliff.

Crisel’s body was located down the cliff. Crisel’s spirit goes to her and remembers Patricia telling her the only way to get closer to Diego is to get rid of Crisan or to become like her. 

Her spirit takes over Crisan’s body. Giraldine was very angry with Raymond and slapped her. Raymond begged her to forgive him but she wouldn’t listen.

He knelt down before her but she tells him he is done with him. 

Both Crisan and Crisel fought over her body. Crisel succeeded in driving Crisan’s soul out of her body. 

Geraldine goes to Emmanuel who tells her more about Crisan and Crisel, and how Crisel died. She remembers the moment she was eager to donate a bone marrow to Crisel and Diego warning her not to put her life at risk. 

It was also revealed he gave the children to Theresa to sell but they ended up with her. 

All the moments she had with Crisan was shown. 

Crisan saw her spirit out of her body, but she has no idea how to get back into her body. But Crisel knows how to.

Emmanuel tells Geraldine that they will have to find Crisan at all cost. She tells the cops to bring Crisan to her unscratched.

Crisel and Crisan both get into the body and fought over the body again. 

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