Finally, Raymond Is Dead & Goes To Hell. Heart And Soul Thursday Pt1, 20 January 2022: Finale

raymond goes to hell

The episode begins with survivors getting out of the plane. Black lady gets happy and shouts for joy that Crisel and Crisan both couldn’t make it, as well as all the other dead bodies of the plane Crash. Alan and Geraldine get out and call for Crisan’s name. Geraldine tells them they have to help their children. The man asks them all to move out else the plane is going to explode.

 Crisan’s soul leaves her body. Crisel’s soul also leaves her body. The ambulance arrives at the scene, and they take out Crisan’s lifeless body from the plane as well as the body of Cheska. 

Crisan’s soul meets Crisel and they quarrel. Crisan blames Crisel for causing their death. Crisel also sparks fire on her. They both argue. Their souls began to fight.

 Raymond is also seen moving out of the plane and he hits the ambulance driver and he falls. The medical team tried hard to restore Crisan’s life to her. While they were fighting, their Kate foster father, Noor appeared to them and weeps why they have turned into enemies, meanwhile they were united in their childhood and nothing ever separated them. 

Flashback shows their childhood moments together. Crisel weeps while Noor advises them.  

He held Crisan and Crisel’s hands together and kissed their forehead. He then vanished from them and asked them to return. Crisan and Crisel finally gain consciousness. They are put in an ambulance, meanwhile Raymond was the driver of the ambulance.

Noli and Diego saw the news on television about the plane Crash. Noli says is that not the plane Frenny was in? Diego is shocked. The ambulance in which Geraldine and her family were in took a different route into the bush because Raymond was the driver. He shot Alan in the bush. Crisel and Crisan heard the gunshot and got out of the ambulance. 

Raymond points a gun at all four of Raymond and asks them to put their hands together and bet on who is going to die first. The bet caught Crisan. Raymond shoots her but Crisel takes the bullet. Raymond was about to shoot when Crisel used her hands to turn the gun on Raymond himself. Alan reaches for the gun and Raymond gets shot. Crisel was almost dying. She asks Crisan to forgive her for all that she has done against her. Crisan tells her not to give up on her.  

The medical team takes Crisel to the hospital. Raymond opens his eyes thinking he didn’t die, but to his surprise, his soul leaves his body. Raymond is dead. Black lady comes to him. She tells him she will be the perfect woman she will meet in hell. Black lady takes Raymond’s soul to hell. At the hospital, Doctor Vincent breaks the news to Crisan that Crisel is in a critical state. She begs him to do anything to make her sister well. Crisan goes to the cross of Jesus and prays. Noli and Diego come to her and console her. Flashback shows her childhood moments with Crisel.

Upon all efforts by the doctors to revive her, Crisel finally gave up the ghost, black lady tells her to come because this is the final goodbye she will be saying to her family. She draws Crisel to herself and teases her. But her late father, Noor, comes and takes Crisel. He tells black lady that Crisel is not for her but she belongs to the light. Noor extended his hands to her. Black lady fails. She screams and vanishes. Crisan sees her going and bids her a final goodbye. Their childhood moments are shown as well. Crisel finally leaves with her late father Noor and goes into the light……Read more