Diego & Crisan Give Birth To A Beautiful Girl. Heart And Soul Thursday Pt2, 20 January 2022: Finale

Diego destroys the black lady at Crisel’s funeral ceremony in heart and soul final episodes, by using her name which is the only way to exorcise her from Geraldine’s body. This is how it all happened. At Crisel’s funeral ceremony, Black lady with her psychic powers raises Crisan up in the air, Geraldine tells her to let go of her daughter, she should release her. Black lady replies, okay and drops Crisan who was panting heavily from the fall.

Alan shouts at black lady that wherever she is, she should stop bothering his daughter. Black lady throws powers at Diego and Alan. 

Crisan asks what are we going to do now, and how can we help Fely? Diego tells her he is going to call the priest, he leaves from there to go and call the priest. 

Crisan said, black lady, I am begging you. Please stop. Don’t ruin Crisel’s funeral. Noli goes to take the cross and gives it to Crisan to use to fight black lady. Crisan uses the cross but it won’t do anything. 

Black lady tells her, I think the priest didn’t bless you. Nothing is happening. 

Geraldine asks, black lady, what do you want? She tells Crisan to answer because she knows what she wants. Crisan answers that she only wants me!

But Geraldine replies that you will never get my daughter. Black lady starts possession those present a the funeral one after the other. 

First she possessed Jenny, and said. Why, Geraldine? Do you really think she is as good as a saint? You know you are not. You’re a flirt. You’re still in relationship with your husband yet you’re reconnecting with your ex!

She leaves Jenny’s body and possesses Patricia, and goes to Crisan and says to her. You’re always arguing with Cheska! She died because of you, Crisan.

She then moves into Noli’s body. She went to Crisan and said; Crisan! Do you really think you are innocent? You even dragged him to all your problems! Heck, you even asked him to go to the spiritualist! You know what you are doing is just luring them into the darkness. 

Black lady leaves Noli’s body and moves to Geraldine’s body, and said; I’m here. What, Crisanta? You think you are a good person, huh? Everyone has their evil side. Everyone sins. 

So it means that you are all mine! She laughed heartily and said, Crisan, stab me now! Kill me now, Crisan! Hey Crisanta. Your mom’s asking you to kill her! What are you waiting for? Kill her!

Diego comes and shouts at her and says. Stop, black lady. Leave my aunt’s body. She turns and looks at Diego, Diego said. Get out of her body. 

Black lady tells Crisan, so you are not going to kill your mother? Well then, let her kill you instead. She held Crisan’s neck and began strangling her. 

Give me a name! Diego said. Because knowing her name is the only way to exorsise her from Geraldine’s body and to banish her. Noli recommends Rehab to Diego. Diego shouts, Rehab. 

But Geraldine, who was possessed, turned to Diego and said, what’s this Diego? A guessing game? 

Diego remembers a name in a Pentagon sign in the Free Demonology Lessons book, “Ganeva.” And has seen the same sign on black lady’s hand. So he concluded that her name is “Ganeva.”

Diego shouts, Ganeva! Black lady gets shocked. Crisan tells Diego she’s Ganeva. Her name is Ganeva! Diego shouts, get out of her body, Ganeva! 

In the name of Jesus, leave that body! Ganeva! Crisan took the cross and said, We all loathe you, leave! Get out of here! She leaves Geraldine’s body, and vanishes into the air. She gets destroyed. 

The lookalike of Raymond, who is his cousin, gets his face restored. Crisan and Diego get married and give birth to a beautiful baby girl. A funeral in memory of Cheska De Villa and Criselda De Villa took place. With Crisel gone into the light and black lady destroyed, Crisan and Diego and their family lived happily ever after. 

The end

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