Heart And Soul Tuesday, 12 October 2021. Episode 80-81.

Will Crisan get her body again?

Episode 80

Heart And Soul Tuesday, 12th October 2021. Black lady was making fun of Crisel. They heard Crisan’s spirit screaming because of Cheska, Crisan’s spirit went there and laid her hands on Cheska’s body. Her spirit enters Cheska’s body and takes over it. 

Suddenly Cheska’s pulse returned to normal, her vitals began to stabilize. They had to run some tests to make sure she was okay. Diego and her junior brother conversing about Crisan. He was happy for him because Diego has gotten his love back. 

Noli was talking about Crisan to Macoy but he wouldn’t believe it. Cheska gains consciousness and calls Geraldine aunt. Raymond asks “Cheska, did you just call your mum aunt”? But Giraldine asks him not to pressure her. 

Crisan remembers the incident at the cliff where she was fighting with Crisel over her body, she also remembers how she was able to enter Cheska’s body. 

Heart And Soul Tuesday, 12th October 2021 Ray mond was bluffing, asking her if she remembers what happened to her, but Geraldine asks him to stop because she almost lost her, and doesn’t want to waste any more time. 

Macoy goes to see Crisan at the hospital, but Crisel-Crisan thought it was Diego, she mentions Diego and frowned her face after knowing it isn’t Diego but Macoy. 

Macoy goes to hug her but the look on her face wasn’t good. Macoy smelled his shirt to see if anything was wrong with his shirt after seeing Crisan wasn’t giving him attention. Macoy left feeling disappointed.

Cheska’s sudden wake from death happened as if it was a miracle. 

At the prison, Diego visits his mom, who asks him about him and Crisan. Diego was feeling very happy because finally Crisan gave him attention and he can see love in his eyes for him.

Macoy was sitting quietly and feeling disappointed, and sad at the same time. Noli goes there to console him. Noli goes to the hospital to see the new version of Crisan in Cheska. 

Crisan asks Geraldine about Cheska, and she is told Cheska has gained consciousness. This baffled Crisel-Crisan very much. Raymond goes to Crisan and tells her that if she needs anything, she should tell him.

Because now the cat is out of the bag, that is how he can get close to Geraldine again. He tells her that she has asked the maids to prepare a room in the house for Crisan. 

But Geraldine tells him to stay away from her and her daughter, because has done so much evil against Crisan. He shouts at him to get out of her presence. Raymond goes out. 

Heart And Soul Tuesday, 12th October 2021 Crisan and Geraldine get back home. The house reminds Geraldine of so many memories but she tells Crisan one thing she is happy of is that she has been able to unite with her lost daughter.

Raymond comes there to plead with Geraldine who says she will move out of the house and from Raymond’s life. But Raymond said that can’t happen. How could Geraldine forget all the sacrifices he made for this family?

Geraldine shouted at him saying is this what he calls sacrifices? When he messed up her life and cheated her. He goes down on his knees to beg Geraldine, and begs Crisan too as well. But Geraldine will never listen. She takes Crisan and they move to the kitchen. 

Raymond started breaking and throwing things in the house. Geraldine hugs Crisan and tells her she is sorry she has to witness that. 

Raymond goes to Theresa to find the next plan. He tells Theresa that the only thing that binds Geraldine and Alan is Crisan, and they will have to start from somewhere. 

The doorbell rings, Geraldine goes to open the door and finds out it was Alan, upon seeing him, Crisan runs to hug him. He thanks Giraldine for taking good care of Crisan. The three of them embraced each other.

Episode 81

The episode begins with the scene at the basketball court,  Diego helping a lady with her work. Crisan-Crisel comes there and thanks him for taking him to the hospital and saving her life. She begins flirting with Diego. She tells him that he has nothing to do with Macoy but it is him Diego she wants.

Diego excuses her and goes to play basketball. Geraldine visits Cheska at the hospital and praises Cheska that sheus really a fighter, she never gives up on her life.

 Even when she is almost at the verge of death, she still fights for her life. They both hug each other. Flashback shows the day they first hug at the fruit shop. She also tells her about Crisan that the both didn’t have a good start with her but for now they will treat each other like a family.

Crisan-Crisel eating ice-cream and feeding some to Diego. Diego remembers all the past he had with Crisan and the day he asked her to sign their love letter. 

Crisan-Crisel tells Diego how much she loves him, she offers her lips to kiss Diego but he backs off. He then asks him what’s wrong? But Diego tells her that’s not the right time for that. She tells Diego how much she loves him, and hugs him. 

Cheska and Geraldine arrive home. Flashback shows all the moments they had at the fruit shop some time back. It was a happy reunion when they hugged. 

Black lady goes to Crisel in the room, Crisel tells her how happy she is to have locked lips with Diego. 

But black teases her that when they get to know the truth, she will lose Diego forever. Crisel was very angry to hear this.

Cheska arrives home to meet Crisan-Crisel who was very angry and talking on top of her voice. Crisan-Crisel was surprised to learn that it was Crisan who is now inhabiting Cheska’s body. 

Diego tells his younger brother that finally she now has Crisan’s love. James was very happy for him and teased him as well.

Crisan and Crisel exchanging words and fighting. Crisel slapped Crisan and she also slapped back. They started their silly fight while in the same house again.

Macoy hears Diego has won the love of Crisan and goes to him to congratulate him though Macoy feels disappointed but there is nothing he could do about that, he just has to accept the bitter truth.

He offers a handshake to Diego and gives him congratulations. 

While Cheska and Crisan were fighting, Geraldine goes to see them fighting and asks what the hell is wrong with the both of them.

Macoy drinking his heart out with his friends and contemplating on his failure. Crisan blamed Cheska for being the one who caused the fight and goes to Geraldine and hugs her.

Diego goes to his grandfather with lunch, his grandpa asks what this surprise is for. 

Diego replies that it is his token of appreciation to his grandpa. But Emmanuel tells him that he deserves all that and even more because he is a true blooded De Villa.

As a grandfather that’s the least he can do, and he is always proud and having a young and principled grandson like him.

A soft hearted Crisan who is in Cheska’s body wept bitterly as she stood there to have all the blame put on her. 

This made Geraldine say she is so disappointed in Cheska, she is such a spoiled brat, she should emulate the character of Crisan because she will not tolerate this attitude of hers anymore. Crisel laughed at her while their mother scolds her.

Cheska (Crisan) and Crisan (Crisel) going to stay in one house will bring a lot of turns and a sure you do not want to miss any update.

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