Crisel Saves Noli From Cheska. Heart And Soul Tuesday, 14 December 2021: Episode 134


Cheska and Crisan at the hospital. Cheska bends over her and said she is Cheska. Noli opens her eyes and holds Crisan’s hands. Noli wasn’t able to speak. The doctor explains to Crisan that the part of her brain responsible for speech is not working. She can’t guarantee when she will get well but soon. 

Black lady speaking to Cheska and Crisel was also present. Black lady tells Cheska to think. She realizes that Noli’s phone has proof against her. Cheska thought of going to get the phone. Crisel gets there first and tries but couldn’t touch the phone. 

Crisan goes to the hospital to see Noli. Diego meets her and calls but she wouldn’t mind him. Eventually she stopped and Diego tells her he is very sorry for all he did wrong, but Crisan still didn’t mind him and headed to the ward where Noli was laid. 

Cheska gets inside and picks up Noli’s phone saying that is the proof against her. Just when she picked the phone, Noli held her hand and said she wouldn’t allow her to take the phone. She takes the pillow to strangle her. Crisel goes to Diego and tells him that Noli’s phone is proof against Cheska. 

Crisel goes to Noli and sees Cheska strangling her. Crisel runs into Cheska and pushes her. The nurse enters and Cheska runs from the hospital ward. Noli sees her phone and takes it. 

The episode begins with Geraldine and Crisan speaking about everything that has transpired recently. Crisel goes to Noli in the accident ward. Crisel tells her to call Crisan and tell her all that Cheska has done, Cheska’s truth and how she caused her accident. Noli takes the phone and calls Crisan, Cheska sees the call coming and tells Crisan she went to pick the call. Crisan allowed her to. The call kept ringing and no one said anything to Noli. So Crisel tells her to try Diego’s number. Noli thought of Diego and called him. Diego answers the call from Noli and tells him she wants to see him and it’s very important. Alan, his family and friends meet and introduce themselves to the guests. Jenny comes and there also and congratulates Geraldine.

Black lady goes to Noli in the hospital. Noli remembers the protection sur Xander gave to her and realizes she has lost it. Black lady taunts her. She threatens Noli that if she reveals anything to Diego, she will teach her a lesson. Black takes her soul to the underwood. They taunt Noli. Diego comes there and calls Noli, she wakes up. Diego asks her what the plan is. But because of black lady’s threat, Noli couldn’t say anything to Diego but kept her mouth shut. Alan and Geraldine gave their speech with Geraldine saying she is very happy that she will be getting married to the man she truly loves and thanks everyone for supporting them. Black lady comes there and Cheska goes to her. Black lady tells her she has kept Noli’s mouth shut.

Geraldine invites Cheska and Crisan to the podium. Black lady caused a stir and everyone started running for their lives. Cheska was even afraid of black lady for the display she put up saying Crisanta is what she wants.At night, Crisan and Cheska lay on the bed as Crisel taunts Cheska. Alan tells Geraldine that she is welcomed to his house at all times. But Geraldine tells him that time will come. Alan says I will marry you once again and we will become one happy family. Raymond’s men are playing cards when he comes to them and gives them money. He takes his laptop and goes to the internet and sees Alan and Geraldine’s engagement, he said happy engagement.