Geraldine Opens Her Third Eye & Exposes Crisel. Heart And Soul Tuesday, 16 November 2021


The episode begins with Lola exposing Crisel big time. Geraldine begs her that they should do this some other time.

Diego goes to Noli to find answers to her questions. She asks Noli if she believes in someone’s should being in the body of another person? Noli tells him that she is a true believer of the paranormal. And it’s true that Crisan is being inhabited by Crisel. Diego remembers the strange experiences he had himself. When he felt the ghostly chill when she was on the bed and what Crisan told him about Crisel being alive. 

Cheska comes and Diego reveals to her that Alan and Geraldine have been involved in an accident and Alan is still unconscious. She goes to the hospital and meets Vincent who tells her that only his family are allowed near him, but they will do anything to save him. 

Geraldine calls Jenny on the phone and tells her about Crisel being in Crisan’s body.

 Then she asks if that is so then where is Crisan? Geraldine remembers when Cheska tells her that she is rather Crisan. While they were talking, Crisan and black lady were listening. Geraldine leaves to go and look for Cheska. Diego comes to Geraldine’s house and meets Crisan. He tells her that Cheska has gone to the hospital to meet her parents. They leave to go to the hospital. Geraldine arrives at Daren’s house. 

Valarie comes to meet her. Daren asks who she is and he is told that it’s Crisan’s mom. Daren tells her she is very lucky to have a child like Cheska, and she need not to abandon her. They tell her she is no longer in the house. Diego and Crisan went to the hospital but they didn’t see Cheska. She balances behind and goes away. Cheska goes to the temple and finds the cross of Jesus. 

Just when she was about to enter, she was pulled by strange forces. She couldn’t move her feet into the temple. This made her weep. 

From there, Geraldine goes to Noli and asks her where Cheska is, she is told that she has gone to the hospital. Macoy too comes to Noli’s house and she tells him she is in the hospital.

Geraldine arrives at the hospital and meets Vincent. She asks of Cheska and Vincent confirms she came there to see Alan but he tells her only family members are allowed to see him in the ICU. She asks about Alan’s condition and Vincent says he is still unconscious. 


Daren meets Cheska. Though she didn’t talk, his instincts made him see it was her. His mother comes and he tells her he has seen her, but Cheska has gone away fearing the embarrassment Valarie might give her. 

An announcement was made for Cheska De Villa to come to the ICU. Daren sees the doctor and he was told that very soon he will see though he can’t give a timeline. 

Crisan comes out and sees Cheska. Cheska goes with Crisan when she says she wants to have a quiet time with her somewhere. They get into the car and go so Geraldine doesn’t see her at the hospital. Crisel remembers a well in which Patricia has shown her when she was on Cheska’s body that it’s capable of solving her problem and granting her wish, that is to say if she pushes her competitor into the well, the road will be clear for her to have her way with Diego. He goes to the well to check. Flashback ends.

Geraldine was at home with Jenny when she heard a knock at the door, she checked and it was Lola at the door who told her that she needs a third eye to be able to know who is inhabiting the body of her children. 

Crisan and Cheska come to the park where the well is located. Black lady tells her to complete her mission. She should get Cheska from her life. She takes a stick and hits Cheska. 

Heart And Soul Episode 112

The episode begins with Crisan crying after hitting Cheska with a stick. She drags her near the well. Lola tells Geraldine that a third eye is the only way for her to see the truth. She remembers how Anicia tried so hard to prove that Crisel is in Cheska’s body. Lola tells her she can assure her, everything will be well after getting a third eye. She remembers Cheska telling her that she is Crisan. She then agrees to go for the third eye. 

Crisan pushes Cheska into the well. She hung on the walls. Black lady tells her to end it for all. Lola and Geraldine go into the paranormal room for the third eye. Crisan takes a rock and hits Cheska’s hands. She falls into the well. The ritual for the third eye begins. 

Geraldine closes her eyes and the process begins.  The ritual ends. Geraldine is asked to stand up. She took up and sat. She was asked to open her eyes. She started seeing the souls of the dead. She became scared. She screams. She covers her face with her hands. She opens again and sees all kinds of dead people. 

Cheska is in the well. She shouts to Crisel to take her out but Crisan won’t do that. She shouts back that she will die in the well. She gets some board and covers the well so that no one will see Cheska. Crisan then leaves from there.

Diego is practicing skateboarding when Daren comes to him. Diego tells him Cheska is in the De Villa hospital. 

Macoy and Noli are also looking for Cheska. Noli says she called but her number was unreachable, there Macoy said they should check up at the hospital.

Crisan goes home and asks Genny where her mother is, and she tells her she doesn’t know if she should say this to her but her mother has gone to open her third eye.

Lola and Geraldine arrive at a park. Lola leaves Geraldine there, a young girl’s ghost comes to her. She gets scared and shouts. 

She also started seeing many souls. She sees a Roman sister and runs to her not knowing she is also a spirit. She screams. A taxi comes and she gets in and goes. Noli and Macoy are walking down the road when Diego and Daren get down and stop their car. They ask where they are going and they reveal to them that they are going to look for Cheska because she is nowhere to be found. They all get into the car. 

Some little boys are walking at the park where Cheska is in the well. They heard someone shout and went near the well to check. They heard someone screaming from the well. They run away from there calling people for help. Diego, Noli, Macoy and Daren arrive at the park area. The little boys come and tell them someone was shouting from inside the well. 

Geraldine screams in the taxi. 

They are looking for Cheska. Daren steps on a phone, they pick it up and realise it is for Cheska. They started calling her name. 

Crisan packs her belongings to run away from the house. At the door, Geraldine is also there. She turns off the lights, and hides. Geraldine calls her but she has hidden. 

Diego and her friends come to the well where Cheska is. She heard their voices and screamed at them. They learnt that her voice is coming from the well. They started removing the woods on the well. 


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