Finally, Diego Ch贸p Crisan馃槼 Heart And Soul Tuesday, 18 December 2022: Episode 175-176

The episode begins with Crisan going to Cheska’s house to confront her on why she has allowed black lady to influence her again. Upon reaching there, Cheska insulted her by asking what she wanted in her house, if she came begging for money then鈥 Cheska removes a bunch of notes from her purse and throws it at her. Cheska turns to go when Crisan mentions her name Crisel, she gets shocked and turns. Crisan said she now knows the truth that she is Crisel, and asked to speak with her. 

Crisan hugs her but she pushes Crisan away. Crisel scolds her and says she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Diego is driving his car when Noli stops him, he gets him and they begin conversing about Crisel. Flashback shows the moment in the childhood days when Diego met Crisel who was quarantined so she wouldn’t fall sick, and that was how they met in the first place. Diego said he doesn’t know how Crisel will turn out to be. Noli tells him it’s all under the influence of black lady. 

Diego and Noli go to the hospital to see Alan, Geraldine was also there. Meanwhile Crisel still blasts Crisan, and tells her how she is very selfish and wanted to hand her over to Maricar so Cheska could take her body from her. Crisel pushes her and raises flower pots at Crisan. Noli gets worried thy something bad might happen to Crisan as she is going to see Crisel, and truly, Crisel was sparking all her anger on her and threw the flower pots to hit her. 

Crisan pushes her and runs to take refuge in the house, but Crisel follows and throws oranges and things at her. Geraldine, Diego and Alan get there on time, but she turns her anger on them. Geraldine tells Cheska to stop, Crisan mentions her name Crisel, and Geraldine gets shocked asking is it true she is Crisel? Geraldine pleaded with her and said she is sorry for whatever wrong has been done to her, and asks her for forgiveness. 

She hugs her and Crisel weeps. Black lady comes there and says there is so much drama going on in there. Black lady warns her not to allow them a place in her heart. She blasts them all, and black lady gets happy. She then asks them to get away from her house, they leave with shame. 

Gladys and her friend come home and ask what is wrong? On the way, Crisan pleaded to her mother. Crisel also sits thinking about her mom, how Geraldine asked her for forgiveness but she drove her away from the house. Black lady sees the sad look on her face and asks her what is the purpose of that face? 

Raymond and his goons stops Infront on De Villa hospital, the police are waiting on him. Dr Vincent comes and tells them they have arranged for a doctor for him in Singapore and every travel document is getting ready for him to continue his treatment there. Cheska spies and listens to their conversation. Black lady teases her. 

Crisel goes out and cries thinking she will miss her family. She got angry and threw the dustbin. Geraldine and Alan plan on the Singapore journey, with Geraldine telling him about Crisel. Diego and Noli pass by Raymond’s car. He quickly rolls the glass and Diego couldn’t see him. He stares at the car, and Noli asks what’s the problem? He said he feels Raymond is around. They leave and Raymond rolls his glass, and says he is looking nice because the hospital has made him a person. 

Raymond and his goons get down from their car and watch Alan and Geraldine from behind. They blew emergency sirens and Alan got closer, hid and waited for him to get near. 

One of the goons overhears them speaking about the trip to Geraldine. He goes and informs Raymond about it. Raymond still feels Raymond is near and comes back to where he found the red car. The episode ends. 

Heart And Soul Episode 176

The episode begins with Diego saying they have to inform the police immediately and Noli to tell Dr Vincent. He follows Raymond’s car. On the way, the goons learnt that they were being followed and told Raymond. Diego corners them. Raymond gets out with a gun in his hands, but Diego is too courageous and challenges him. Noli informs Dr Vincent about Diego following Raymond. He calls the police. Raymond points a gun at Diego. Diego scolds him. 

Diego reaches for the gun and his gun falls. His goons wanted to intervene but Raymond tells them to relax as he can handle Diego alone. They began to fight. It was a very hot fight. Noli also calls Crisan and informs him about Raymond coming to the hospital and Diego following him. 

Diego beats Raymond and he throws dust on his eyes and asks his goons to beat him. Raymond points a gun at Diego, Suddenly he hears the police sirens. He runs into his car and sped off. The police come and arrest his goons. 

Crisek is in a car and hears the news about Diego being in danger. Crisel felt nervous and scared that something might happen to him. She asks the driver to turn back. Geraldine and Crisan arrive at De Villa hospital, and they see Vincent and Noli who inform them Diego has followed Diego and the police have been summoned.  

The police call Dr Vincent. Crisel arrives at the scene and calls on Diego, but Diego ignores her and goes to hug Crisan instead. Crisel felt bad. Geraldine holds Crisel but she ignores her and goes inside her car and goes. 

She gets home and screams with anger as if she was going mad. Black lady teases her. She complained why can’t Diego look at her? Black lady tells her since Crisan is there, Diego will never look at her. 

Geraldine tells Diego he doesn’t have to put himself in danger. Vincent also added that Raymond is a very dangerous man. Cheska tells Gladys about a flight to Singapore. She was preparing to go to Singapore too. Black lady cheers her up. There was a knock at the door. Diego comes inside and tells Cheska to dissociate herself from black lady because she is influencing her.

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