Cheska Is Caught. Heart And Soul Tuesday, 2 November 2021


Heart And Soul Tuesday, 2 November 2021 episode begins with Cheska pulling Sir Daren from the water, Daren pulls her and she falls over him. They had an eye lock. She said sorry and helped him sit on the bench. 

Miss Alice sees this. She tells Cheska’s grandma Salia that Daren seems happier today. She said she will want to give his eyes to him, if she must, even her life just to make Daren happy.

Daren sits enjoying the music from his headphones. Geraldine calls Crisan and when she doesn’t hear from her, she goes to her and asks what the problem is. 

She tells her it’s because of Diego.

Geraldine asks what had happened because she needs to know. If she feels that he is still the one for her then she has to fight for him. 

She tells her she is preparing breakfast.

Alan dresses neatly to go and meet Geraldine because she said it’s been a while since he saw her. He picks up his flowers to give her. Theresa takes a phone, seeing this calls Raymond and informs him what she has seen.  

Theresa comes to Alan who was holding the flowers in his hands. She comes to him with his contract. Alan tells her she should give the contract to the assistant in charge to check but she said he has gone home, and urged Alan to check it. He sits.

Diego comes to Crisan and tells him about the party that he will be attending. Theresa put drugs into Alan’s drinks while he was in the office with her, so that he won’t go to meet Geraldine. 

Geraldine dresses in his best outfits, Genny compliments her and tells her finally she has opened up her heart. But she tells her that this is just a friendly date. 

 But Genny informs her that after her marriage annulment, she together with Alan and Crisan will form one happy family.

At Daren’s house, the party is on going. His friends and other people are present. His friends come to greet them and tell him they are really happy to see him again. He tells them he wishes he could say the same thing.

 They leave from there. Diego also comes to him and wishes him a happy birthday. He was very happy to see Diego. Diego introduces Crisan as his girlfriend. Crisan too wished him a happy birthday. 

Cheska was then in the kitchen. 

She was asked where Daren was, and she went and called him. Cheska goes out and sees Crisan, Diego and Daren speaking. 

Madam Salia comes to Daren and gives him a phone call. He asks where Crisan is. 

Crisan goes to look for Cheska, suspecting that she might be there. Cheska sees her and runs into hiding. He sees someone entering a room, and goes there and keeps knocking. Alice comes and tells her to go upstairs. Daren jumps into the pool. Crisan comes back to Diego.

Alan takes in Theresa’s drink and feels dizzy. Auntie Salia gives Crisan the food to go and serve to the guests. She felt reluctant at the moment, but later on agreed to go.  She takes a cap and covers her head so she won’t be recognized. 

She comes in contact with Crisan and accidentally the bowl of food fell and poured on Crisan. She got angry and held her cap trying to pull it but Auntie Salia comes and saves Cheska, she asks her to go. 

Alan got up from his desk to go but she was too dizzy to get up. He fell on the couch and kept calling Geraldine’s name. Geraldine complained why Alan hasn’t come yet. 

Since it was quite unusual with him, he thought there might be an emergency. She called his phone but couldn’t reach him, so she decided to go to the ice plant and check what was going on. 

Cheska takes his phone and calls Noli telling her what has happened. She was making the call when she saw Crisan. Crisan too sees her, and starts running after Cheska who was running at top speed. Cheska runs into the bush and hides behind a grass. 

The episode begins with Cheska hiding in the bush. Crisan sees the bush shaking and thought it might be Crisan but a cat allears from the direction. 

She screams upon not seeing Cheska. She leaves from there and goes to inform Diego that she has seen Cheska.

Noli and Macoy come to the road to wait for Cheska, she comes there and tells them what had happened. Cheska takes her phone and tells Auntie Salia that she has left the house. She asks why she would do that and leave Daren behind. 

Daren comes to Auntie Salia and asks if she has seen Crisan. Theresa wanted to blackmail Alan. She sets a video and wanted to have an affair with Alan who was fast asleep due to her drugs. Alan sees this and manages to wake up, and Theresa’s plan fails. 

Geraldine comes there and slaps Theresa for trying to blackmail Alan. 


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