Crisel Defeats Black Lady With Apostles Creed. And Soul Tuesday, 21 December 2021



The episode begins with Cheska’s soul getting up from the ground and seeing black lady. Black lady taunts her since she couldn’t complete the work given her against Crisanta. It’s her fault that their mission failed. Cheska scolds black lady too and tells her it is also her fault. Cheska tells black lady that she wants to go back to her body because that is all that she wants and the body is hers. Cheska’s mother goes home, she is very down.

They ask if she is alright, she replies that she hasn’t had the feeling before, but she feels something is just not right. She looks at the statue she made of a mother’s palm holding her baby. Flashback shows the moment when she had baby Grace/Cheska in her arms and the baby was taken away from her. She fought with the bully for her child and managed to escape with her baby. She ended up in the home of Gladys.

She gave the child to her to take care of before she travels abroad. She was working as a servant abroad, she was also thinking of her child that she wasn’t able to concentrate on her work. She was prevented from speaking to Gladys about her child.

They tell her not to talk on cellphone. Even when she wanted to send money home, she wasn’t able to send money. She got angry at her workers and told them to give back her passport to her so she will go back to her child. When she complained, she got slapped and beaten. She couldn’t even escape when she wanted to. One day when she was serving the guest, she met a friendly man who asked if she had eaten and told her she had to eat first before serving.

Seeing him to be a good man, she tells him her problem is that she wants to go back to the Philippines because they are always hurting her there. Her employers got angry and when they were about to scold her, her savior rescued her. She takes her away and says he will take care of her.

They ended up getting married. She returns home with her husband and goes to Gladys house. She introduced him as her husband and Grace as the one taking care of Grace. She asks where Grace was, and she replied Grace has been adopted. She was very angry with her why she made such a decision without her knowing.

She said sorry to her to forgive her. Alan and Geraldine were at home when Cheska, Crisan and Diego arrived. Geraldine scolds them why they kept them worried. Crisan and Cheska pleaded.
Cheska’s soul gets home too and gets angry at Crisel saying she is stealing her body and life again. Ger soul scolds Crisan. Crisan became so confused at the situation. They gather around the dining table. Alan excuses them. Diego uses the opportunity to apologize to Crisan. Black lady and Cheska come there. Cheska taunts Crisan.

When they were watching tv the next day, black lady appeared with Cheska. Black lady began chanting. She scatters everything around the room.
At the orphanage home, all the kids gather around to celebrate, Vincent and Diego go to visit them. Vincent introduced Diego as one of the stockholders of the hospital to the madam. She said wow, aren’t you too young to be a stockholder? She tells him it’s a pleasure to meet him. Black lady is still scattering things there. They began praying and black lady vanished.

That was when Crisan and Cheska related to them it is black lady doing that. Alan asks if her third eye is opened? Geraldine tells them to come so they will go and seek help. Diego and Vincent join the celebration. Geraldine gives them protection to put around their neck. Cheska was unable to have the protection around her neck. Emmanuel and Raymond’s pictures are shown on the walls of the Orphanage home.


The episode begins with Alan and his family conversing. Geraldine hugs her kids after explaining to them why she was crying. Cheska’s mother goes to the internet to research about Cheska. She sees pictures of her and the rest of her family. Raymond checks pictures of Alan, Geraldine and the kids and gets mad. He smashed his phone on the floor. 

Alan walks to Geraldine who is frustrated and asks if she is okay. Flashback shows the moment Geraldine spends with Alan and her kids, and tells Alan she fears Cheska will be taken away from her. Alan promises her that she will do anything so they don’t lose Cheska if that will make her happy. 

Cheska’s mother printed photos of her and was heading out to the street to look for her. Alan and his family head out in the car. Meanwhile Raymond and his goons were spying on them. Diego and James also take a walk where James was advising on matters regarding Crisan. Cheska screams after seeing Crisan now leaving her life again and calls the black lady to come out now wherever she is because since the last time Crisel and Crisan sacked her by reciting the Apostles Creed, nothing has been heard from her. 

Cheska still calls her telling her she needs her help urgently, she was very desperate to see her. 

While Cheska’s soul was standing there at the gate, her mother got down from her car. She meets with Cheska who passes through her. She feels the ghostly chill. She stops, turns back and asks who she is. Cheska was shocked and asked if she could truly see her. Cheska’s mother didn’t pay attention afterwards and attended to her own matters.

 Gladys and her other family members wondered what was wrong with ma. Gladys tells her she has a sixth sense. Cheska listened to this conversation and upon knowing she has a sixth sense, thought of trying a shot, she might end up getting noticed so Cheska touches her. She feels the ghostly chill again. Maricar tells the security man she is looking for Geraldine. Cheska wonders and says she even knows mom? 

If money can buy you a weapon, then madam Maricar will be building a batallion, says Gladys when they get back home, and finding how desperate Maricar is in finding her long lost child, especially when she is taking everything to a legal grounds. Alan receives a call speaking to a contractor when someone points a gun at him. He turns and sees it is Raymond. 

Crisel gets beautifully dressed. While standing behind the mirror Cheska taunts her for living her life. Raymond points the gun at Raymond and asks what his problem is. Alan challenges him to pull the trigger. Suddenly, 3 bodyguards arrive and point guns at Raymond.

 Raymond says to Alan he thinks he is prepared right? He whispers and his goons come out and also point guns at Alan. Meanwhile, Cheska and Crisel were exchanging words as Cheska scattered everything around. Crisan and Geraldine come and they move from there. 

Alan also pulls his gun and points at Raymond, Raymond tells him he came very well prepared and takes out a greenade/bomb from his pocket and throws at Alan. Geraldine takes her phone and calls Alan but there was no reply. Cheska possessed one of the toys at the boutique. 

The episode begins with Cheska scolding Crisan and Crisel while possessing the boutique toys. When Crisan takes the protection around her neck and points at her, Cheska tells them she is not done yet because she is going to be their living nightmare and vanishes. Alan was injured from the blast. Raymond’s goons take him away. Geraldine comes to Alan and sees him on the ground. His bodyguards lift him up. Cheska then goes to a secluded location and calls black lady telling her that she needs her. 

Black lady appears to her. Cheska sees her and asks what happened to her? Black lady tells her this happened to me, and it happened because of you, Cheska. Let me take you back to a flashback in the previous episode where Crisan and Crisel taught black lady where power lies by driving her away with the words of the apostles’ creed and the power that came from the cross.