Crisel Repents As She Begs Crisan For Her Life. Heart And Soul Tuesday, 22 November 2021


Heart And Soul Episode 117

The episode begins with Crisan hanging on tightly on top of the floor. Diego brings a megaphone to Geraldine. She speaks to Crisel. But she wouldn’t listen and was still getting her hands off so that Crisan would fall. Eventually, Crisan pushed her and she managed to climb up. Crisel takes a metal stick and beats Crisan with it. She was about to push her down when the tables turned on Crisel. 

She was almost falling off. Crisan offers her hand to help her climb up. All attempts to break the lock open didn’t work. Diego goes and finds an axe. He breaks the glass and takes it off. He started breaking the chain until it eventually broke open. Diego arrives there on time and helps Crisan pull Crisel up.  

Crisan hugs Crisel. The police officer tells Raymond that he has been arranged before court next week. He tells them to do everything to get him out. But the police officer tells him that is not how the law works, he can only ensure that he gets the shortest possible sentence. 

He calls Theresa. She began telling him stories of how an action movie fight occured between Cheska and Crisan. But Raymond tells him he is not in for her nonsense but there are important issues to address. He didn’t give her the apartment for play sake. 

Crisel and Crisan cried and hugged. Crisel tells Geraldine that she is sorry for whatever she has done. She turned to Crisan and also asked her to forgive her for whatever she has done. 

Flashback shows Crisel in her childhood days. When she first met Geraldine she was about to donate to her a bone marrow. 

Theresa remembers the past where Geraldine made her life a living hell. How she took her award away from her back then in college and how she has now taken away the love of her life, Alan. 

At the hospital, Geraldine and Crisan go to see Alan who is still unconscious. When they got back home, Crisel tells Crisan that she is very sorry for all she has made her go through and all what she has done against her. Diego comes in as they were talking, Crisel excused them and left Diego with Crisan. 

Crisan stood at the door and looks on. She weeps. 

Heart And Soul Episode 118

The episode begins with Crisel standing at the door and weeping because Crisan has now taken Diego away from her. Black lady comes and teases her and tells her to take revenge. But Crisel left her and went. Macoy and Noli meet Diego, Noli said that Crisel is the best performer she has seen. 

The doctor tells Geraldine that Cheeka De Villa is now safe and they can go home. While Geraldine and Crisan were speaking, Crisel hides and overhears their conversation. She got sad and entered. 

Noli and Macoy enters as they were speaking and hugged Crisan. She got discharged and they went home. 

At home, Crisan and Crisel are in the kitchen preparing food together. Geraldine and Genny are also conversing about the state of Alan when she asks what plan Geraldine has for her kids. She explained to her that she will allow Crisel to take over Cheska’s body while Crisan takes over her body. Geraldine watches them as they happily work in the kitchen together.

At night, Crisel moves from her bed unto Crisan’s bed. Flashback shows the childhood moment when Crisel as a soul sleeps on the same bed with Crisan. Now, they both are lying on the same bed. They held hands and slept. Geraldine comes to them and clothes them and then wishes them a goodnight. 

Skateboard training is going on. Daren, who is no longer blind, trains his team. He shows up his skills as they cheer him up. He meets Diego after the training. Diego was happy to see he had regained his eyesight. 

Crisan and Crisel are flying a kite together. Their childhood moments are shown when Crisel and Crisan fixes a kite together. Flashback ends.

While running for the kite, Crisan falls. Noli and Macoy see this and think Crisel is hurting Crisel and Noli starts pushing and scolding her. Crisan explains to her that Crisel is now a changed person. Noli disagreed saying she might hurt her again or return back to her old ways. Diego comes there. Diego comes there.

Crisan takes his sister and her friends to Daren’s house and meets Grandma Salia. They were speaking when Daren came holding his skateboard. Macoy said sorry to Daren for what happened between them the previous day. 

Daren gives his skateboard to Diego. She asks Crisan to make him proud. Daren’s mother, Valarie comes and thanks Crisan for all that she has done for her son. Daren and her mom go. Diego, Crisan and Crisel get back home. Crisel tells Crisan she can have her way with Diego. She leaves them and goes into the washroom. Black lady comes and gives her bad counsel. Crisel turns her back on black. She got angry and shouted in her ears. 

Geraldine goes to the hospital to see Alan who is still unconscious. She weeps and tells Alan to please come back to life and witness what is going on. Geraldine tells Lola about switching soul between Crisan and Crisel so that Crisan can have her body back and Crisel will take over Cheska’s body. 

They go to the spiritual man. Lola tells him about Crisan and Crisel and they soul switch they are about to do. She calls them and asks if they are ready. They go into the altar. The man lights up a red candle to prevent any spirit from interfering. 


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