Crisan To Take Her Body Back. Heart And Soul Tuesday, 26 October 2021


Heart And Soul Tuesday, 26 October 2021. “My dearest grandson, if you are reading this. I try to offer to you the life of De Villa’s biological grandson. I know you may try to live a simple life and walk your way to the top and that makes me so proud of you, Diego‚Ķ., I want you to live a comfortable life because you deserve it, my grandson. I will always be here to guide you even if I’m gone.”

Diego reads and weeps. His mother goes and consoles him. Alan, Geraldine and Crisan are walking together. She put Alan and Geraldine’s hands together in an attempt to have them propose to each other. They get on a lift. On that same lift, Cheska, Noli and Macoy are seen on it. They pass separate ways without seeing each other. 

Geraldine and Alan go to the perfume shop. She put a perfume on her hands and she and Alan smell it. They had eye contact.

Flashback shows the days when they were enjoying their love life together. They turn it into laughter. 

Theresa keeps an eye on them as they move together. 

Noli, Macoy and Cheska meet a witch doctor who parades herself as a beautiful witch. She asks them what she could do for them. She takes them to her shrine. 

She asked them to close their eyes and began the rituals. She calls Crisel’s spirit and she feels this sensation. Cheska sees her face in the mirror. Crisel felt that something was going on. Alan and Geraldine ask her what the problem is but said she isn’t feeling well. 

Cheska, Noli and Macoy leave the shrine feeling that nothing better will come out of it. 

Heart And Soul Tuesday, 26 October 2021 episode 94 Diego and his mother in his new mansion which Emmanuel had gifted to him. Her mother is cooking some meals in the kitchen when they go to ponder over whatever has happened. His mother quizzes about Crisan. James also comes and joins the conversation.

Geraldine, Alan and Crisan go into a restaurant to have food. Theresa was also following them around everywhere they went per Raymond’s order. 

She takes photographs in the restaurant and tells the waiter to take a photo of her in order to have Alan and Geraldine’s photo captured as evidence to show Raymond. Crisan sees this, Alan also sees. They go and confront Theresa. 

Noli, Macoy and Cheska talking of the incident at the witch madam strong beauty’s presence and laughing. 

Theresa told them that she was only taking a selfie at the restaurant. Geraldine complains why she is following them around, and this made Theresa ask if she is the owner of the hospital. 

They left the restaurant afterwards and returned back home. 

Alan asks Geraldine to have her to himself, but Geraldine reminds him that at this point she is still married. Alan tells her who she married was a liar, it doesn’t matter what people will say about them. 

Geraldine thanks him for making her feel better. She promises Geraldine that he will always protect her and bids her goodnight.

Geraldine offers him a drink. Theresa gives the photos she took at the restaurant to Raymond at prison, but the picture was blurry and it was difficult to identify them. 

While having the drink, Alan gave Geraldine his word that he knows it will be difficult for her to move on from this life but he will protect her and also protect Crisan.

She holds Geraldine and was about kissing her but she objected that she has broken up with Raymond yet. Alan tells her whatever decision she makes, he will respect her decision. She places her head on his shoulder. Crisel sees the reunion and becomes very happy. 

Geraldine and her friend Jenny talking about her relationship with Alan, with Geraldine saying she learned the hard thing. Jenny asks what happened between her and Alan the night before and Geraldine says she feels so safe when she sees Alan. 

When they got down the lift, Geraldine asks Jenny what if she still loves Alan? Diego speaks with Crisan telling her about his life recently and the good news when Alan and Geraldine come and take Crisan away. 

Cheska also moved about on the streets fearing that she might get caught. She remembers the day she met Alan and he tells her how blessed he is to have her in his life. She also remembers when Geraldine tells her that she is a fighter when she resurrected from death as Cheska.

Alan and Geraldine arrive in his car with Crisan. Cheska sees them moving together.  

At the De Villa hospital conference meeting, the Lawyer and also Emmanuel’s friend introduced Diego to the board members. He tells them that, “in Doctor De Villa’s passing, he transferred all his ownership of his shares to his only grandson. So today, he becomes the new board member. May I introduce to you, our new major shareholder, Diego Ocampo De Villa. 

Crisan sees Cheska and this makes Cheska move away from there. She follows her up and calls her. 

Vincent congratulated Diego for his win. The other board members asked if this is a joke that Emmanuel has transferred his shares to this little boy. The lawyer tells them he has all the documents to support Diego’s legitimacy. The woman said to such an illegitimate grandson who doesn’t know anything about doctorship?

 But Vincent tells her to respect Diego. He also tells her that to save life is their job as doctors but to uphold Emmanuel De Villa’s legacy is Diego’s job. But this woman said Diego must do something about this why his father will give the major share to Diego and not Raymond.

The lawyer tells her he doesn’t see the need for this argument, why she should question Diego’s legitimacy. The woman said she has far better things to do and leaves from there. She excuses them and goes. 

Crisan follows Cheska but Cheska hides. 

Heart And Soul Episode 95

The episode begins with Geraldine calling Crisan. She asks her if she is okay, and where she was heading to in such a hurry. Crisan reveals to her that she has seen someone like Cheska and she is sure she is Cheska but she lost her while following her. 

In the cells Vincent is with Raymond, she pushes the food to him but he refuses. Raymond scolds for what he has done against him. Turning away from him and causing his arrest. 

But Vincent replies that he did what he had to do. Raymond tells him he is such a fool to have turned his back on him. He has forgotten that he was the one who helped him become a doctor. 

Vincent tells him he is no more under him because Diego is now the major shareholder of Emmanuel De Villa hospital. 

Raymond fumes with anger and scatters the food and everything in the cells. (Crisel) is sitting eating thinking about Crisan when black lady comes and teases her. 

Crisan meets Noli and Macoy and tells them that Crisel has seen her. 

Crisel cries that her sister didn’t die but has come back to life. 

Cheska’s head cover got removed by the passing of a motorbike. Macoy goes to get it for her. Some men saw her face and began pointing fingers at her, that is this not the wanted girl? Cheska sees them pointing at her and runs away. She hides behind a truck while Macoy diverts the men. 

James, Diego and his mum are dining, but Diego’s face was not looking good due to how he got embarrassed at the hospital. There is a knock at the door and James goes to see who it is.

Diego’s mother asks what the problem is, and asks what happened at the hospital. Diego explained everything to her, that he didn’t get respect from one woman who embarrassed him. 


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