Cheska To Kill Crisan. Heart And Soul Tuesday, 30 November 2021


Heart And Soul Tuesday, 30 November 2021 episode 124 begins with Cheska holding the knife in her hands, and fuming with anger that she feels like sending Crisan to hell. Crisan comes and taunts her. She asks Crisel if she wants to stop her? Then she should go ahead and try it. All she feels like doing now is to kill Crisan. Cheska takes the knife and approaches the door. Crisel blocks her way. She pushes her, Cheska falls and the knife also falls. 

Crisel drags the knife away. Cheska slaps Crisel forgetting that she is a spirit. Crisel goes to Crisan and tries waking her up that her life is in danger as Cheska is planning to kill her. But she couldn’t wake her up. Crisel goes to the other side of the bed and remembers what she did when she was a spirit some time back. 

Cheska comes holding the knife to stab Crisan. Crisel drags the bedsheet and this wakes Crisan up. Geraldine wakes up from suddenly sensing than Crisan’s life is in danger. She quickly rushes towards Crisan’s bedroom. Meanwhile Cheska was holding the knife at her back. Geraldine comes in and sees the knife at Crisel’s back. She asks what she is doing with a knife in her hands at that time of the night. Cheska lied. 

Diego too wakes up from sleep. He remembers all that had happened all these while Crisan’s body was possessed. He fell sleepless. James comes and asks if he is thinking about Crisan. He recalls when James tells him that he has seen a spirit. 

Cheska goes to black lady in the kitchen. She asks black lady why Crisel was able to fight her, saying she thinks Crisel is dead and can’t do anything. Black lady teases Cheska.

 Noli is in her room when Crisel goes to her, she drags her headscarf to make Noli sense her presence. She tells Noli that Crisan’s life is in danger as Cheska has teamed up with black lady to destroy Crisan. She takes Noli’s board and communicates to her with the glass just as Crisan did when she died. 

Crisan is with Cheska when Diego calls. She asks him if there is any problem. Meanwhile Cheska was feeling jealous. Noli got angry from the gameplay. She scrumples her board and throws it away saying she doesn’t want to listen to any spirit who wants to deceive her. Crisel cried that Noli would listen to her. Crisan and Diego talk for a while. Cheska looks on with anger. 

Crisel takes a pen to write her message on the wall. Just when she was writing, black lady appeared and hit the pen away. She also hit Noli and she fell unconscious. Crisel taunts black lady on why she is doing that, and she replies that she.cant afford for their plan to fail. Noli got conscious. She looked around and didn’t see anything again. She began to think. 

Cheska is sitting by the piano and playing when Geraldine walks in. She remembers when Cheska was asked to play piano for Madam Nissi but she couldn’t, at that time Geraldine now understands it’s because it was Crisel in Cheska’s body. 

Geraldine calls her Cheska and asks if she is Cheska because Crisel cannot play the Piano. She lied to Geraldine. Geraldine sensed that something wasn’t right. 

During dining that day, Cheska felt reluctant to eat vegetables as she doesn’t like it. She cooked up lies to cover herself. 


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