Geraldine Gets Bail As Maricar Get’s Crisel. Heart And Soul Tuesday, 4 January 2021

The episode begins with Maricar going home. Gladys runs to her with her usual plenty of talks. Maricar asks her to relax because it’s nothing really serious. Maricar wonders why Cheska will run away from her. Cheska replies because Crisel is not her. Crisan gave the package to Alan.

 She remembers Maricar’s condition that if she wants her mother to be freed from jail or if they want peace, then they should give her what she wants. As they were speaking, Crisel comes back home with Diego. Crisan slaps her. 

Maricar, Gladys and her spiritualist sit and talk about the matter. Flashback shows the moment they went to the spiritualists who told her the cards signify deaths. She mentions Geraldine and her family keeping telling her her daughter is dead and so many stories. 

She asks her to find out the truth concerning these issues. Cheska tells her to please tell her mother the truth. She starts chanting words. She opens her third eye and speaks with Cheska. She tells Maricar she saw someone who was dead and asks for Cheska’s picture which she showed her. She confirms to Maricar that she saw Cheska’s ghost. 

She asks how is it possible that Crisel is in Cheska’s body? Maricar calls Crisan on the phone for the way forward. Crisan calls Diego on the phone and invites him on a date together. Diego came to her house, and Noli was also there. Diego speaks with Crisel and asks that she joins them as they go out. Alan goes to meet Geraldine in the cells and makes her speak with Crisan. Geraldine sensed that something wasn’t going well. 

Maricar and her family went to the restaurant where they were dining as she agreed with Crisan. This means the outing was all a setup. Crisel felt betrayed. The attorney tells Geraldine she has good news for her. She has been bailed. Geraldine thanks him and they head to the house. Crisan explains to Crisel why she has to do that. Maricar tells them she is there to get her daughter and that is what she is doing. She tells Crisan she has fulfilled her part of the bargain, that is releasing her mother, but she is getting her daughter and that’s it. The men take Crisel. Crisel gets very angry with Crisan. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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