Crisan To Take Revenge On Raymond. Heart And Soul Tuesday, 7 December 2021: Episode 130


Heart And Soul Tuesday, 7 December 2021 episode begins with Diego speaking with his mother on the phone. Raymond points a gun at Crisan. Cheska comes there and calls Crisan. When Raymond turned, Crisan hit him with the flowers and ran away with Cheska. Alan and Geraldine waited on the road for them. Cheska and Crisan run away as Raymond goes after them. He fired warning shots. 

Geraldine and Alan heard it and drove the car. 

Raymond caught up with and was about to shoot Crisan but Macoy’s soul ran into him and the gun fell. Crisan and Raymond reach for the gun and struggle for it while Cheska hides behind and looks on. The gun falls again, Macoy pushes the gun to Crisan. She takes the gun and aims at Raymond. 

Black lady and Crisel arrive there also. Black lady was praying for Crisan to pull the trigger and kill Raymond so that she would sin. Macoy goes to fight black lady but couldn’t. Diego sees them and goes to them. He begs Crisan not to pull the trigger. Crisan scolds him. Diego tells Crisan to put down the weapon. Crisan didn’t listen and said it was Raymond who killed Mccoy. Crisan fired warning shots in the air. Raymond challenges Crisan to shoot him. Diego tells her to give him the gun but she refuses. Diego reaches for the gun and Raymond escapes. He almost got hit by Alan’s car. Crisan scolds Diego very much. The moment Geraldine and Alan arrive, Diego says sorry to them and goes. He runs into a wall and starts hitting the wall with his hands as he cries. 

Macoy and Crisel are walking in the park when the light appears to them. They ask him into the light, Macoy said Crisan’s life is in danger and can’t leave her alone. Crisel asks him to go to the light where he will enjoy forever. Diego goes home and tells his mother how he has lost Dr Manuel, Macoy and now Crisan too all because of Raymond. His mother tells him they should leave the matter in the hands of the police. 

Crisan sits home with the violin and plays Macoy’s song he dedicated to her when proposing to her. Macoy’s soul appears to her and speaks with her although with her third eye shut, she didn’t see him. Macoy tells her it’s time to leave her, he will forever be in his heart. Macoy sang for Crisan. Crisan weeps bitterly thinking about Macoy. He hugged Crisan. The light appears to Macoy again and he moves into the light. That was the end of Maccoy. 

Crisan, Noli and Macoy’s friend go to his graveyard. 

Raymond and his men play cards as they plan on what to do next. Geraldine and Alan reports the case of Raymond to the police. Diego also goes to Macoy’s grave and tells him how much he is sorry for what has happened to him, all being the fault of him, Diego. He promises Macoy that he will protect Crisan. He won’t allow anything to happen to her. Diego goes to see the police. 

Meanwhile, Raymond’s goon gathered around a drinking spot. They saw the news on television about the search for Raymond De Villa. Diego suddenly appears there and recognizes the mark on the sleeve of one of them as the same robbers who attacked their house. He hides to listen to their conversation. Read more