Macoy Fish Out Raymond From His Hideout. Heart And Soul Wednesday, 1 December 2021


Crisel warns Crisan that she shouldn’t fight with her because it is black lady’s wish. 

Patricia tells Crisan to stop wasting her time because she can’t even fight her. And what’s the problem with her that she is defending her. Crisan threatens her and she asks what she is going to do? She takes water and pours it on Crisan. She leaves. Crisan got very angry and felt the urge to do the same to Patricia but she couldn’t. Black lady claps. 

Crisan follows her and asks why she is doing all these against Cheska. Patricia replied because she thought she was her friend, but then she turned her back on her. Crisan understands the situation and tells Patriy she is sorry for what she said against her, and makes it up to Cheska once again. Patricia tells her she will think about it. Black lady realized she had failed and said this is so boring. Macoy and Noli come to Crisan and she explains things to them. Crisel was happy. 

Raymond remembers all that happened, when Geraldine slaps him. Flashback also shows the moment he shot her but Crisel comes and takes the bullet. He tells himself that he is coming for Geraldine. He started press-ups. When Diego enters, he taunts him why he has soiled the bed with breadcrumbs and acting ill. He locks him up. 

Black lady comes to Cheska. She tells black lady she needs more time to think on what to do. Crisel is her twin and she needs patience to think about what to do. Crisan comes to her and tells her she has spoken with Patricia, and she will make it up to her. Black lady felt bad. Some bad guys enter Diego’s house and take his family as hostages. They cover his mouth and drag her downstairs.  They take the keys and open a door. Raymond comes out and starts beating them. He takes a gun from one of them and sacks them from the house. He created the scene to make it seem like he is a good person. 

It’s morning, Cheska complains to black lady that she couldn’t sleep the previous night as Crisan is so disgusting. She also said she tried her best to get close to Diego but he wouldn’t notice her even. Crisel taunts her. Cheska gets into Raymond’s house and sees Raymond. He calls him, daddy. 

Heart And Soul Episode 126

The episode begins with Cheska asking Raymond what he is doing in Diego’s house. Raymond tells her he knows sorry is not enough to correct what she did against her but he is really sorry. This left Cheska in a state of shock. Cheska runs out saying she has to tell this to her mommy. Diego runs after her and convinces her to take things cool and not to tell anyone about his presence in his house. Black lady gives her advice. 

Geraldine and Crisan got worried about the whereabouts of Cheska. She takes a phone and calls her. Cheska was in the car coming, she tells her that she is coming home soon. Geraldine reminded her that Raymond is still out there and she shouldn’t be going out like that. Black lady was speaking with Cheska in the car. The driver observed her speaking to herself and asked if there was any problem. 

Crisan heard the doorbell rings. Thinking it might be Cheska, she opens the door and finds Macoy at the door. Crisan let him in. Macoy commends him on the move she made about what happened between her and Patricia. Macoy and Cheska engage in a conversation, where she reveals the whereabouts of Raymond. Geraldine and her children go to see Alan in the hospital. Crisel tells Alan to please wake up for the sake of Crisan. Geraldine curses Raymond for being the cause of all their problems. 

Macoy walks into Diego’s house and he hears he is hiding Raymond in there. Diego didn’t want him to enter but he forced and entered. He sees Raymond with them and wants to fight him but Diego stops him. Macoy reminded him if he hasn’t forgotten all that he did against him and his friends? Macoy and Diego argue. Macoy angrily walks out to inform the police about it. Diego also takes a taxi and follows him. 

Macoy goes to Crisan. Diego also arrives. He tells Diego to inform Crisan himself. When Diego hesitated, Macoy himself tells them that he has seen Raymond and Diego is hiding him in his house. Crisan walks to Diego and taunts him. Diego tells her he is his father and he can’t afford to lose him anymore because he is a changed person. Crisan reminded him that but he is a criminal who is behind all their problems. 

Crisan scolds Diego. Diego weeps. Noli looks on and tells Macoy that the way Crisan is angry with Diego is like nuclear bomb he set. Crisan reminded Diego all that Raymond had done against them. The last part of it, he caused Crisel’s shooting.  Crisan shouts at Diego and gives him dirty slaps. Diego calls Raymond on the phone and informs him of all that had happened. This made Raymond get angry. He takes his gun. When Lilian tried to stop him, he hit him and she bled. Raymond moves out from the house with the gun in his hands.