Crisan Teaches Crisel A Big Lesson. Heart And Soul Wednesday, 10 November 2021


The episode begins with Cheska still weeping after Geraldine leaves Daren’s house. Daren holds her hand and lifts her up. 

Diego is also weeping when he is with Crisan after learning a new truth about Emmanuel’s death. Crisan consoles him.

Crisan tells him that he doesn’t want Cheska to come between them.

 Black lady comes to Crisan and when they are talking, Geraldine comes knocking at the door. She enters and asks why she is talking to herself and shouting, she answers that it’s because of Diego.  

Macoy and Noli go to visit Cheska in the house.

Geraldine and Crisan are seen in the car. Geraldine informs her that they are going to see a priest. Black lady comes and tells her that she shouldn’t allow her to send her into the temple. 

When they got down, Geraldine makes her meet the priest. They dragged her into the temple, just when they entered, she collapsed. Geraldine gets her into the car and takes her to the hospital. But on the way she woke up and said she is okay and doesn’t need a doctor. 

Diego arrives on his skateboard and meets Cheska and Daren. Cheska sees him and remembers their past. Diego apologizes to Cheska, accusing her falsely. He gets on his skateboard and off he goes. 

Alan comes to Geraldine. She tells him what happened at the temple, and said the she is seeing a different version of the Crisan she saw at the juice bar. Black lady comes and teases Crisan. 

Cheska and Daren talked for a moment, she wished him a goodnight and he went off to sleep. Daren’s mother is still not on good terms with Crisan because of the criminal tag on her so she goes and scolds her and tells her not to be getting close to her son. 

Black lady tells Crisan that very soon Geraldine will come to know that she is not Crisan, but Crisel. 

Crisan is moving in the public space when she comes to meet Cheska. 

Heart And Soul Episode 107

Heart And Soul Tuesday, 9 November 2021 episode begins with Cheska and Crisan meeting. Crisan tells her that she is a criminal who deserves to be punished, saying that Crisan doesn’t want her to have her way with Diego. Cheska takes her bag to go buy Crisan held her hand and dragged her hair and dragged her into a fight. 

Geraldine and Alan are walking in the same mall when they saw Cheska and Crisan fighting. But as usual, Cheska was again blamed for trying to beat Crisan. Geraldine and Alan leave while Grandma Salia comes and takes Cheska away. 

Diego comes to Daren’s house to have a word with him about Cheska. He tells him he is sorry for whatever happened and how he misunderstood Cheska. At home Crisan complains about Cheska to her parents.

Daren tells Cheska that Diego came to the house and said sorry to her. Crisan tells about her victory to black lady. Geraldine’s lawyer brings the annulment letter to Geraldine that her divorce with Raymond is now successful, she hands him the papers and congratulates her. Crisan saw this and was very happy.  Raymond’s lawyer also serves him with the annulment documents. 

Theresa is called on the phone and she was awakened from sleep, this made her angry and she felt reluctant before answering the call. Raymond tells her that Geraldine divorced him and now she is free to marry Alan. Something needs to be done, else she will lose Alan forever to Geraldine. 

At the ice plant, one of Alan’s workers comes and tells him that Theresa is on the top floor wanting to jump from the building over claims that Alan has broken her heart. Alan goes down together with all the workers at the ice plant and sees Theresa on the top floor threatening to jump down and kill herself because Alan has left her broken-hearted. 

Alan goes upstairs to meet her. Timothy held Theresa and pulled her backwards. Alan gets there and tells her how he is disappointed in her. 

Daren calls Cheska and gives her a gift box. Cheska opens it and finds a collection of books and a teddy bear in it with a note. 

She reads the note which said he knows he misses reading and so he thought of giving her those books and the teddy. Cheska was very happy and thanked him. She opens one of the books titled “the little prince.”

Macoy stood at the gate and saw this, he misunderstood what he saw. Meanwhile he was holding flowers which he was going to give Crisan, he threw them on the floor and trampled upon them. 


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