Crisel Is Exposed. Raymond K!lls His Dad. Heart And Soul Wednesday, 13 October 2021


Heart And Soul Episode 82

This episode begins with Cheska going to Geraldine while she sleeps, she weeps her worries and troubles upon her. She then kissed her and left.

Crisel meets her on the way while she is out of Geraldine’s room. She was jealous because she doesn’t want to share their mother’s love with her.

In the morning, Macoy tells Noli about Crisan agreeing to Diego’s Love. Cheska washing, when Crisan calls Diego on the phone and tells him he loves him just to make Crisan jealous. While Cheska wasn’t giving her attention, she herself tried to call for her attention.

Raymond discusses with Theresa on the next action to take so he could get his wife back. He tells her to take Crisan away from his house.

Crisan dresses and applies makeup on her face because she was going to meet her boyfriend Diego. She teases Cheska and asks how good she is looking and which of her hairstyles best fit her.

Theresa comes to take Crisan away but she wouldn’t go, Theresa raised her hand to hit her but she held her hand. 

Geraldine spoke with her friend Jenny who gave her some pieces of advice on how to handle the kids.

 Crisan drives Theresa away from the house. But Cheska tells her it’s rude to behave in such a way towards the elderly.

Theresa walks to Raymond and informs him that their plan didn’t work because she was sent out of the house. Raymond angrily goes to the house. Raymond goes and takes Cheska away from the house saying he is still his dad. 

Diego goes to Crisan’s house to give her flowers and he sees Raymond moving Cheska forcefully away from the house.

Diego goes to Crisan and asks her what happened, and then leaves her to go and check out what’s happening with Raymond and Cheska.

Raymond put Cheska in his car and drove away. Diego goes to the hospital to inform his grandpa that he saw Raymond moving Cheska forcefully away. Emmanuel says he knows what Raymond is up to.

Raymond takes Cheska to a house and tells her to call Geraldine, when she refuses, she blackmails her that she is her father, he gave her everything she has now so it’s time for her to help him also.

Raymond slaps Cheska because she failed to help him get to Geraldine. Just when he pushed Cheska, Emmanuel De Villa came there. Diego was talking to Crisan in her house, and she wasn’t happy because Cheska ruined their date that day.

Crisan crying to Diego and telling him her fears is that Cheska is coming in between them or that she feels Diego still has some feelings for Cheska. 

Diego sits with her and they both hold hands, and hug.

Emmanuel shouting at Raymond that all these happening to him is a repercussion of his crimes. He asks him to look at himself and what he has done to himself, he doesn’t even recognize him anymore. That there is no more dignity left in him. What he has to do now is to hand him over to the police. 

Raymond blamed him for making him like this. The mention of police made Raymond angry. He pulled a gun and held his father at gunpoint. Emmanuel hurriedly rushed to him, and started fighting with him for the gun. And then boom, there was a blast, Emmanuel was shot. Raymond has killed his own father. 

He quickly rushed to him, calling him and saying he is sorry. He began weeping, but Emmanuel is dead already. 

Crisan and Diego in a tight embrace when they heard a knock at the door. Crisan goes to open the door and finds Macoy at the door. Macoy was let in but she was not happy seeing him. She helds Diego’s hand and tells Macoy that Diego is her boyfriend

Macoy was exposing Crisan to know if she truly is Crisan. 

Raymond wipes his fingerprints from the gun and holds Cheska who has fallen unconscious with the gun, so it will seem as if Cheska killed Emmanuel.

Heart And Soul Episode 83

The episode begins with Cheska gaining consciousness, she remembers what happened before she fell unconscious. Raymond pushed her. She screams upon seeing the dead body of Emmanuel De Villa. 

Macoy speaks with Diego In Front of Crisan and exposes her that she is not Crisan but rather she is Crisel. 

Raymond put the blame of Emmanuel’s death on Cheska that she killed Emmanuel. Geraldine quickly goes there and finds Raymond crying and blaming Cheska for shooting his father. 

Crisel tells Diego that Macoy isn’t speaking the truth, he is lying. She pushed Macoy. And Diego too didn’t believe what Macoy tells him, Crisan goes and clinged to Diego. Macoy left.

Crisan telling him not to believe what Diego is telling him, this confused Diego who doesn’t know what to believe and what not. 

Emmanuel De Villa’s soul moves out of his body. He explains to Geraldine that it was Cheska who shot him but Raymond.

Diego consoles Crisan and wipes her tears, they hugged.

Cheska quickly runs from the room when she isn’t able to bear the blame anymore. Raymond followed her but Emmanuel got angry and dropped a vase, this scared Raymond and he couldn’t pursue Cheska further.

Emmanuel tells him now he is gone because of his mistake, he did his best for him but Raymond kept repeating the same mistakes. He tells him that despite, he loves him. Emmanuel’s soul goes into the light.

Noli speaking with Macoy and explaining things to him, she tells him that on the journey to Batangas, there was a soul swap when the accident happened. Crisel took over Crisan’s body, and Crisan also took over Cheska’s body.

They were conversing when Cheska/Crisan called her. She tells Macoy that Crisan called. Cheska/Crisan tells Noli the trouble she finds herself in. Being blamed for the death of Emmanuel De Villa.

Crisan/Crisel was called on the phone too, and this news was broken to her, she tells Diego.

Emmanuel’s body is laid in the hospital, Diego and Crisel/Crisan arrive at the hospital. Diego goes to him and mourns over his death. He wept bitterly. He remembers all the past he had with his grandpa, a flashback was shown. 

Diego asks Raymond if it was true that it was Cheska who killed Emmanuel. Geraldine also asks Raymond, who said it’s true and explains in his own manipulated lies to Geraldine. But Diego won’t believe this lie, he shouted at him. 

Raymond shouted back, and pounced on Diego to have a fight with him but Geraldine didn’t allow that.

Crisan/Crisel takes Diego and they leave from there. Jenny comes to Geraldine at the hospital hearing the news, she consoles her for their loss and asks what would make Cheska shoot Emmanuel De Villa.

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