Cheska Losses Her Body. Heart And Soul Wednesday, 15 December 2021



The episode begins with Raymond sharing money with his goons. Crisel goes to speak with Crisan but she didn’t hear that. Crisel then drops glasses so Crisan will recognize her presence but black lady takes her and ties her up in the underworld so she won’t cause any further havoc. Crisel tries freeing herself but couldn’t. 

Geraldine and his kids are on the dining table when Vincent calls her on the phone and gives her good news about Noli’s recovery. Geraldine tells her Cheska and Crisan who were also there at the table. This shocks Cheska. Black lady informs her that there is nothing to worry about as she has taken care of Noli and kept her mouth shut. 

They all rush to the hospital, black lady was also there to make sure that Noli doesn’t spill a word about Cheska’s truth and who pushed her from the temple. Noli was screaming on top of her voice when they got there fearing for her life that black lady might hurt her.

 The nurses come to check on Noli. Crisan asks Vincent what might be wrong and he replies that he will be doing a series of tests as she might be traumatized by the accident. 

Diego goes there and sees Crisan. He tells him he doesn’t know what might be wrong with Noli but he can assure her that everything will be fine. Noli tells the nurses about black lady. They wondered what it was. 

Geraldine receives a call from Raymond who said, hello, my beautiful ex wife. Geraldine taunts him. Raymond laughs at her. Geraldine trembles with fear. 

While speaking with Crisan about Diego, Black lady fumes at Cheska why she is not doing the work she has given her to do. 

Cheska barks back and tells her, you are so impatient, you have given me work, now watch me do it. 

The issue of Raymond has occured to Geraldine like a nightmare, especially when she knew what Raymond is capable of. Alan tells her they have to report to the police. Crisan and Cheska in the jewelry shop. Cheska sees a watch that she liked and steals it into her bag. 

Diego goes to see Noli in the hospital. Diego tells her Crisan is still mad at him for what had happened to Macoy. He then asks Noli to tell him what the problem is. Noli remembers when black lady sends her soul to the underworld and makes dead souls taunt her. She remembers the threat black lady told her not to open up to anyone about Cheska’s truth.

  So Noli couldn’t tell Diego anything. Crisan tells Cheska to keep the watch at the place where she took it because that is theft. Cheska tells her it’s very exciting and there is nothing wrong in taking it. Crisan takes it back from her and puts it back at it’s right place.  She then left the jewelry shop. Black lady asks Cheska is that the best you can do? Cheska said Crisan is a very cowardly girl. 

Cheska meets Madeleine, one of her friends who scolds her and they start exchanging words. Cheska pounced on her and the cat fight began. Alan calls Crisan and tells her Raymond is back so she should be careful. Crisan sees Cheska fighting with Madeleine and goes to her rescue. Cheska lied that it was Madeline who put up the fight. Madeleine tells her she is such a pathetic liar. Madeleine provoked Crisan to a fight and asked if she could fight them. She slaps Crisan but she doesn’t react back. 

Crisel is in the underworld being tortured. Crisan is slapped again. Cheska tells Crisan to fight back and not stand there for her to be beaten. Crisel tells Crisan she is very sorry that she is not there to protect her, but shouldn’t commit any sins as black lady and Cheska want. Crisan was very angry and felt the urge to fight back. Crisel screams her name. 

Madeline was about to slap her again but she held her hand. She scolds her as to why will fight Cheska. She replied that she is the one who started it. Crisan tells her she is sorry on behalf of Cheska. Madeleine then leaves from there and says she shouldn’t cross her way anymore. 

Cheska and black lady felt disappointed as black lady scolds her. 

Diego goes home and informs his mother and ponders on why Noli was not ready to tell him her problem. Crisan and Cheska get back home. Crisan scolds her about why she will fight with Madeleine. Cheska pushes Crisan after she scolds her. 


The episode continues with Cheska in the popcorn joint when black lady comes to her telling her that she is not able to complete her mission and she will take the body from her and send her to where she belongs. Cheska pleaded with black lady but she didn’t listen to her. Black lady dragged Cheska’s soul out of her body. She fainted and saw her body on the floor and asked the black lady what’s happening. 

By then Crisan was also looking for Cheska. Cheska was examined by people there and she was very cold. Black lady tells her she is not able to do the work given to her so that will be her end. Cheska begged black lady to forgive her so that she would do as she wanted. Please let me do it, she said. Cheska weeps and begs black lady. 

Black lady then gave her just two days to complete her mission, else that would be her end. Black lady gets her back into her body. People there were surprised to see Cheska feeling conscious, to them it was like seeing the dead resurrect. Cheska tells them to get away from her and she leaves. A security expert was contacted. Alan tells them to ensure the safety of his family. Raymond, who was sitting in a car somewhere, looked on. Geraldine was lost when Alan asked, is everything okay? 

Crisan was all over the mall looking for Cheska. She moves from place to place and shows her pictures to people. One lady identified her as the girl who fell unconscious. Crisan kept the look on. Cheska was confronted by Madeleine’s boyfriend who scolds her for picking up a fight with his girlfriend. Crisan sees Cheska. Cheska was angry at her, she tells Crisel that she is sorry, but Cheska asks her not to call her Crisel but Cheska. 

At home, Crisan has laid a bed with sorry printed on the bed sheets. Crisan explains to her why she had to do what she did. There is no use of being adventurous. It’s always good to control yourself. Geraldine comes home with the security experts. Geraldine tells them those men are going to be their bodyguards. Crisel was still in the pit of hell. Diego was also busy reading paranormal books on spirits. 

Cheska and Crisan go out. The bodyguards accompany them. There, Madeleine and his boyfriend passed. Cheska tells Crisan that these are the two idiots who attacked her and asks Crisan to act. Cheska follows the boy and tells the bodyguard to wait behind. Cheska gets in and confronts him. He hit Cheska very hard because she insulted her.

 Her mouth bleeds. Cheska taunts him and she receives more hits. Crisan asks Patricia if she hasn’t seen Cheska. She goes about looking for her. Cheska hits herself. Black lady asks what she is doing. Cheska replied she has to look like a victim so that Crisan believes and reacts. Finally, Crisan sees Cheska crying and bleeding. 

Crisan asks who did that to her. She replied that it was Andre who beat her. Crisel weeps from hell that Crisan will not fall for black lady. Cheska fabricated lies so that Crisan would sin by going after Andre. Cheska cries and tells Crisan to react. Crisan goes out very angry, as black lady claps for Cheska for the drama she has put up that Crisan believed that she was truly beaten. 

Crisel was protected by the light and black lady’s dark torturers couldn’t lay a finger on her. Crisel managed to run her way through. 

Geraldine stares at the picture frame and tells Jenny that she likes the picture so much. Just when they were about to go out, the frame fell on itself. Crisan tells the bodyguards to go and look after Cheska as she is injured. She ran after Andre.