Singapore Journey Turns Fire For Fire.🔥Heart And Soul Wednesday, 19 January 2022: Episode

Diego comes inside and tells Cheska to dissociate herself from black lady because she is influencing her.

She asks Diego to leave her house. Black lady applauded her for ignoring Diego also. Diego is at home eating when his mother gives him the newspaper and asks why did he confront Raymond? Raymond sits with his goons and chills.

He informs them about the Singapore plan. Alan and Geraldine sit in their car with Geraldine making promises that he will protect her with his life. Diego and Crisan sleep together under the moonlight. They have a happy moment together. Crisan was happy they were going to Singapore whey they will be free of black lady and all problems.

The episode begins with Alan and family members with their bags getting ready for the trip to Singapore. Diego and his mother come and bid them farewell. Crisan and Diego stare at each other, and hug. Diego weeps that his Crisan is going away and he is going to miss her so much. They go to the airport for their travel documents. Meanwhile Raymond also starts disguising himself. Crisan’s name is mentioned and she takes her documents.

They showed them their flight. Diego’s mother sends Diego and James to go and see a priest. Diego greets him and Lilian asks why they are there. Diego tells him he has come to look for solutions to fight an evil spirit. Raymond goes to the airport disguised as an old man with walking sticks. He gave his fake ID and took his travel documents. Alan and his family board the airplane. Crisel also boarded the airplane too. Crisel pushed Crisan on the way. She goes and sits near Crisan.

Diego and the priest also look for a way to defeat black lady. Flashback shows the moment when black lady raised Diego up and hit him against the walls in his room. Black lady was also sitting in the airplane. Cheska and Crisan began exchanging words in the place. Geraldine comes and scolds them telling them to behave themselves because they are in a plane and all eyes will be watching them. But still they kept on exchanging words.

Black lady possessed a man in the plane. Raymond also disguised enter the airplane. Black lady goes and sits beside Crisel and teases her. Gladys noticed this and wondered why she was acting so weird. The plane to Singapore takes off. Noli goes to see Diego. He informs him about going to see the father to help him defeat black lady.

When the plane was up in midair, Raymond gets up from his seat and enters the washroom. He remembers how he planned the disguise. Alan also goes into the washroom and meets Raymond on the way. Crisel starts beating the chair that Crisan was sitting on. Crisan got up and asked what she was doing with her chair? They started their silly talks in the flight.

Raymond goes and sits beside Geraldine. He pulls a gun and points at her and asks her to keep quiet. Geraldine mentions her name, Raymond? Raymond tells her not to make any noise else he will shoot. Alan returns from the washroom and see the man sitting at his seat. Raymond tells him to sit at the next seat and keep quiet else his wife will suffer the bullet.

Cheska made a bad fall on Crisan. She ignores her and goes to the washroom. Diego is at home when Noli goes to see him. He is with his laptop and researching names of Demons, devils and evil spirits. They didn’t see anything like black lady. Alan gave his phone to the waitress secretly with a message that “the wanted criminal, Raymond De Villa is on the flight, tell the pilot we need to go back to Manila and alert the police.”

Crisel follows Crisan into the washroom. He started throwing things, and the plane turned back to Manila. Alan rushes to Raymond for the gun. Passengers scream with fear. Raymond shoots a pilot and they lose control of the plane. The plane was wandering in the air, meanwhile Crisel and Crisan were also fighting heavily. Everybody rushes for their emergency parachute.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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