Crisan Finally Gets Her Body Back. Heart And Soul Wednesday, 24 November 2021


Heart And Soul Wednesday, 24 November 2021 episode begins with Crisel and Crisan in the shrine as Crisel prepares to hand over Crisan’s body back to her. Geraldine tells her that all shall be well. The man asks them to hold hands. They held their hands and wept. He began the incantation as the soul switch began. Crisel and Crisan’s soul leaves their body and are seen in the air. Noli and Macoy walk and converse about Crisan. Macoy was upset that he would lose Crisan to Diego again. 

At the shrine, Crisan and Crisel’s soul are seen floating and turning around. Suddenly and external presence was felt. It was black lady. She came and wanted to prevent the ritual. She started scattering the room and blowing air on the candles. The candles began turning off. 

Diego, his mother and James go to the temple to pray to God. The spiritual man held Cheska and Crisan’s hands while black lady continued trying to ruin the soul switch ritual. Black lady surrounded the souls of Crisel and Crisan. Geraldine moves back and her leg hits one of the red candles and it falls. Black lady got down and held the neck of the man. 

Raymond in jail sees on Tv the news of the fight that happened between Crisel and Crisan. Black lady continues strangling the man. She pushes him and he falls. Lola tells Geraldine to light up the candle that has fallen down. Geraldine tries to light it but black lady stops her. She kept trying to light it. The man woke up and helped Geraldine to light it up while black lady was looking. They successfully light the candle. 

Geraldine holds the candle against black lady and she vanishes away. She comes back and hungs in the air. Geraldine places the candle down and a spiritual barrier forms around them. Black lady vanishes and Geraldine screams. The man stood up and held the hands of Crisan and Cheska. Their souls switch and enter their body. The process completes. The man unties them. Geraldine goes to them and realizes that the soul switch was successful. Crisan has gotten her body back. 

Geraldine hugs them as they weep. Geraldine asked about the black entity. The man tells them she has gone. He advised Crisel to be careful and not associate herself with the evil spirit. Geraldine and her kids go back home and form a happy family. Geraldine lies with them on the bed. She wished them goodnight. That night, they all sleep with them on the same bed. 

Noli and Macoy are talking about Crisan and Crisel and their soul switch. Noli got scared that it might fail since madam strong beauty didn’t succeed. As they were talking, Crisan calls Macoy and informs them about the good news. Noli was very happy and said, Frenny, welcome to your body. 

Geraldine dresses Crisel and Crisan as they were going out. She kisses them and wishes them well. Lola comes in and asks Geraldine if she is sure of what she is doing and if she is sure this is not a set-up? She replies that she is doing her best to make things right and said Crisel is changing for the better and what they should do now is to support her. 

Crisel and Crisan are seen in the mall taking pictures. Noli and Macoy are seen in the same mall. They saw them and decided to call and see who Crisan said. They shout together, Crisan! Both Cheska and Crisan turn. Crisan looks at Crisel and goes to meet Noli and Macoy. She hugs them. 

Crisel feels jealous and moves away. She goes to the screen and black lady appears on the screen and starts shouting at her. Crisel also shouts at black lady to leave her alone. Everyone at the mall turns to see Crisel screaming. Crisan goes to her. She tells Crisan that she saw black lady on the screen. 

Crisel goes home and tells Geraldine about black lady disturbing her and not allowing her to be. At De Villa medical center, Theresa goes there and talks to Alan. She hears Vincent coming and quickly moves out of the hospital.

Geraldine takes Crisel and Crisan to see the spiritual man. Crisel tells him about the black lady worrying her. He tells her in order not to see black lady, their third eye has to be closed. They sat down while he lit the candles. He closes the third eye of Geraldine and Crisan, but black lady possesses Crisel and says she won’t allow that to happen. Black lady leaves Cheska’s body. They hug. 

Heart And Soul Episode 120

The episode begins with Vincent revealing to Geraldine that the accident that happened wasn’t an accident but it was planned by Theresa. He shows Geraldine a video footage of Theresa plotting the accident and executing it by tempering with the car’s braking system. Vincent tells her that he has reported the issue to the police. Geraldine got angry and decided to go and deal with Theresa herself. 

Theresa hears a knock at her door. She opened and Geraldine held her hair. They begin fighting when Geraldine scolds her for what she has done by plotting the accident. Theresa slaps Geraldine.

Flashback shows the moment when Geraldine received the award in school and they both fought. Geraldine slaps her back. They started exchanging words. Geraldine leaves as Theresa keeps shouting at her. 

At the hospital, Diego gives a little crippled boy a skateboard, and wishes him a happy birthday. Crisan introduces herself to him and so Diego did. Vincent recommended that Alan should be taken to Singapore, where they will take good care of him as they have facilities to take care of Coma patients. 

At home, while they were dining, Geraldine tells her children about the decision to move Alan to Singapore to have him treated there. Crisel and Crisan held hands and smiled. Geraldine turns and sees such a beautiful sight. Theresa goes to the police station and meets Raymond. 

Geraldine and her kids are seen on the way to move Alan to Singapore. Suddenly their car got crossed by another car. Some armed men got down from the car. One of them moves to Geraldine’s car. Geraldine turns and sees that it is Raymond. Raymond asks her if she misses him. Geraldine gets shocked. 

Raymond holds Geraldine and tells her to come down. Crisan and Crisel said they won’t allow him to take their mother away, but Raymond points a gun at them. He tells them to go into the car before he shoots them. He tells his guys to move into the car. Raymond calls Theresa and she gets down from her car and says hi Geraldine. He tells Geraldine he left him because of that ice guy? Geraldine insults him and he punches her. Geraldine falls down. Crisel and Crisan in the car think of what to do.

 They take the phone and send a message to Diego. Diego and Vincent in the hospital when he saw the message. Vincent says they should call the police quickly. Raymond was dragging Geraldine away when she punched his underside. His gun falls. Theresa holds Geraldine and Raymond goes back and takes his gun. He shoots warning shots. Meanwhile someone was secretly filming this. Theresa drags the kids. Nolk and Macoy are in a car. Noli was going through her Instagram photos when she saw the video of what was going on on Instagram. She shows this to Macoy. 

Raymond points a gun at Geraldine and says he loves her. He shoots but Crisel goes and takes the bullet. Theresa tells Raymond that the police are coming. They run away from there. Raymond and Vincent arrive with the police. Crisel was dying. The police run after Raymond and Theresa. They exchanged bullets. 

Raymond got shot. He holds a gun at Theresa and warns the police that he will shoot her if they do not lay their arms down. They all place their guns and escape. He shot one of them at the arm. He jumps onto a moving truck and goes away. The police point a gun at Theresa, but Theresa kicks him and takes a gun from him and shoots him. While she was running away, she got hit by a moving truck and Theresa died. 

Cheska is rushed to the hospital. Vincent promises her that they will do their best to save Cheska. He asks Diego to be with them as he goes into the accident ward. Theresa sees darkness around her. She goes to black lady who tells her that she is dead. 


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