Crisel Meets Her Match. Heart And Soul Wednesday, 27 October 2021


Heart And Soul Wednesday, 27 October 2021. James opens the door and it’s Crisan. She comes to Diego’s new home and they meet. Diego’s mother remembers the day they met at the hospital but the new Crisan has no idea of that. They offer her a seat and she sits. 

The men didn’t see Cheska and confronted Macoy. They go to check behind the truck. She sees someone under the truck. They got her out and found out that it was Noli. Cheska has exchanged clothes with Noli. They have been fooled. 

The police come to Alan and Geraldine’s house and tell them nothing has been heard of Cheska. Cheska returns to his grandma’s house. Meanwhile Theresa is still following Alan and Geraldine around. 

Macoy and Noli meet Diego and Crisan on the staircase. It led to a quarrel as Crisan claims they know the whereabouts of Cheska but they are hiding her.

Theresa meets Raymond in prison and tells him all that she has seen. 

At night Cheska is holding the water snooze when she remembers all the happy moments she has spent with Diego. 

Heart And Soul Episode 96

The episode begins with Cheska pleading with the man he sprinkled water on. Her grandma takes him to the room. Raymond and Theresa speaking in the prison cells about the plan they have to execute. 

Diego wished his mother goodnight and went off to sleep. But his mother called him up asking what the problem is after seeing the look on his face. He asks if the problem is from the hospital, school or Crisan?

He replied that nothing is the problem but it’s just about Crisan, he isn’t seeing her well. His mother tells him he knows that is the problem. Diego tells her how she has been acting weird offlate. 

How she has been flirting and seducing him meanwhile the Crisan he knows is not that kind of person. Flashback shows all these moments when she tried kissing Diego. 

How Macoy and Noli are no more friends with her and everything that is happening in their space. 

Crisan overhears Alan and Geraldine speaking about Cheska. And how Crisan said she has seen Cheska.

She cried that how Raymond kidnapped them can happen again, but Alan assures her that whatever happens he will protect her and her mother. They hugged.

Crisan leaves from there and meets a black lady fuming with anger on what might happen now that Cheska is back. At Cheska’s home, she tried to help the blind man eat his food but he asks her to leave her alone. Because Cheska wet him with water the first day she entered the house.

Macoy and Noli are walking together. They met Macoy’s friend who invited them to a pool party. Crisan was spying on them. When they left, she came out and asked the friend if Noli  Macoy told him where they were headed to? 

Diego comes out to her and calls her, she tells him that she saw Noli and Macoy and she is sure they may be going to Cheska, so Diego should help her get to her. They started following Noli and Macoy. Noli and Macoy get into a car and leave, they also stop a taxi and follow them.

Black lady also gets into the car, she was talking with someone when Diego asks if she is okay. They got down at the same place Noli and Macoy got down. They come face to face with each other. Noli asks where they were going following them up. Crisan shouted that they were following them to know where Cheska was. 

Noli scolded her and they left. Crisan held her hair and started fighting with her. Diego and Macoy separated them. Diego asks what is wrong with her, because she isn’t the Crisan he knows. 

Theresa is taking a selfie when Nanay calls. She asks of Crusan. She reveals to her the truth of whatever has happened and the union between Geraldine, Crisan and Alan. Crisel’s face is shown. She cries to Diego why he is suddenly taking the side of others and not her. 

Geraldine and Theresa meet and they start their usual quarrel. The quarrel turned into a catfight. 


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