Cheska To Take Crisan’s Life. Heart And Soul Wednesday, 29 December 2021


The episode begins with black lady coming to Cheska and calling her hello my darling angel. Cheska scolds black lady why she didn’t tell her mother that Crisel stole her body? Maricar sees Geraldine and holds her taunting why she lied to her. After that incident, Geraldine gets home and looks worried. 

This made Crisan confront her and asked for which reason she looked worried. Geraldine didn’t answer and angrily walks away saying there is no problem. Diego takes Vincent out in his car. Vincent inquired what was going on between him, Crisan and then Geraldine. 

Geraldine sat on her bed and weeps. Crisel goes to her and asks what was wrong. Geraldine answers that nothing is the problem. Geraldine then assures her that she will also choose her, she is her responsibility and she won’t shy away from that. Crisan stood behind the wall and listened to the conversation going on between them when Cheska’s soul came to her and held her mouth and dragged her away. Geraldine and Crisel heard the noise and went to check. 

Cheska drags Crisan to the kitchen and points a knife at her. She tried stabbing her but Crisan dodged every attempt by her. Crisan tells Cheska she is sorry for what happened to her. Crisel stood at the gate and looked on. Maricar shouts at her attorney feigning her disappointments at him. The attorney apologized for failing her and said if she is truly her daughter, then there will be no need to panic.

They should just wait for the DNA reports to come then they can legally take their matters up. 

Cheska was about to stab when Crisan held the knife. Her hand starts to bleed from the cut. Crisel, who was standing at the door, never came to help her. Crisan prayer and Cheska vanished away. Geraldine enters and sees her bleeding. Crisan tells Geraldine what had happened. 

Crisel became very angry at Crisan for wanting to take her body and give it to Cheska. She begged Crisan not to take Cheska’s body from her. Geraldine was in the dressing room when their photo frame fell down. She knew it might be Cheska and called. She picks up one of the frames and Cheska comes standing and watching her. Cheska tells how much she is so disappointed with her. Cheska snatches back the photo. Geraldine tells her she is very sorry for what she is making her go through. She pushes her and she falls on the bed. 

Heart And Soul Episode 152

The episode begins with Cheska shouting at Geraldine and she said she is sorry as she was helpless. She will now make sure that both of her children, Crisan and Crisel will die. Diego calls Crisan on the phone to come and meet him. Crisel tells her not to trust Diego and shouldn’t forget how Macoy died. Crisan asked her what the problem is. Crisan then goes to meet Diego. While they were talking, Noli called Crisan from behind. She turns and sees Frenny and hugs her. 

Gladys and Maricar speaking, Maricar felt disappointed at how Cheska doesn’t want to be with her. Cheska’s soul answers that it’s not true, she really wants to be with her. Cheska hugs Maricar and she feels the ghostly chill. Crisel spied on Diego, Noli and Crisan having fun. She felt jealous. Crisan asked Noli what happened to her? How did she fall from the temple? 

Noli remembers all that happened when Cheska fought and pushed her from the temple. She also remembers black lady warning her by sending her to hell and how they tormented her. Noli tells Crisan it was Cheska and black lady. She is very sorry that she couldn’t tell her anything that time as she was scared. 

The three of them smile and take photos while Crisel watches from behind with jealousy written all over her face. Maricar sensed the presence of the spirit and tells Gladys to get her the incense. Cheska said it is your daughter Cheska. Gladys brings the incense to her which she lights and Cheska vanishes to black lady. 

Cheska tells black lady they are all liars. Cheska swore that she will let Crisel and Crisan suffer for stealing her body. Black lady said, that’s my girl. Crisan hugs Diego after Noli leaves and this made Crisel feel even more jealous. Diego gives his protection necklace to her to use. 

Diego stares in the dark and speaks to the sky telling Macoy he is so sorry for what happened to him as it’s her fault of trusting Raymond that caused that. He then assures him that he will take good care of Crisan and protect her. Alan and his family are eating when Cheska comes there very angry.

 The lights start flickering and Alan tells them there is no need to panic as it’s just power fluctuations. Cheska comes and begins throwing things at them. Cheska scatters everything on them and you could tell she is very angry. Crisan stood up to her and took the protection Diego gave to her. Cheska screams upon seeing it and vanishes.