Crisan Beats Crisel. Heart And Soul Wednesday, 3 November 2021


Heart And Soul Wednesday, 3 November 2021 episode begins with Cheska hiding in the bush. Crisan sees the bush shaking and thought it might be Crisan but a cat appears from the direction. 

She screams upon not seeing Cheska. She leaves from there and goes to inform Diego that she has seen Cheska.

Noli and Macoy come to the road to wait for Cheska, she comes there and tells them what had happened. Cheska takes her phone and tells Auntie Salia that she has left the house. She asks why she would do that and leave Daren behind. 

Daren comes to Auntie Salia and asks if she has seen Crisan. Theresa wanted to blackmail Alan. She sets a video and wanted to have an affair with Alan who was fast asleep due to her drugs. Alan sees this and manages to wake up, and Theresa’s plan fails. 

Geraldine comes there and slaps Theresa for trying to blackmail Alan. 

Crisan is very angry that she couldn’t catch Cheska.

Cheska is speaking with sir Daren, he asks her if her name is Cheska because he heard at the party about someone being called Cheska. For some moments Cheska couldn’t answer this question Daren asked. 

At the prison, Raymond shouts at Theresa why she failed this simple plan of blackmailing Alan so that Geraldine will lose trust in him and forget about him forever.

Diego and his mother spoke when she was asking about the Crisan and Cheska issue. 

Crisan was in a car alone looking for Cheska. Cheska takes her salary from Grandma Salia and goes to board a car. 

Just when she was about to enter the car, Crisan arrives and pulls her down. They began fighting again. Cheska throws dust unto Crisan’s eyes and runs away. 

The police comes to Geraldine’s house and informs her that Cheska’s case is homicide rather than a mere murder. 

Alan tells Geraldine that she will be a threat to the family but Geraldine tells him that she is just a kid. 

Cheska runs into the house and calls out to Auntie Salia.

Alan tells Geraldine that this is not the first time Cheska has done something bad. 

Diego arrives at Geraldine’s house. Crisan calls Geraldine and tells her that she has seen Cheska. She follows her and tells Geraldine that Cheska has been spotted in Daren’s house. 

Vincent brings the policy to Diego to have a look at.  Diego tells him how Emmanuel’s death is still haunting him. But Vincent tells him to move on. There, Diego said if it wasn’t Cheska, his grandpa would still be alive. Vincent remembers when Raymond tells him that it was him who killed Emmanuel and not Cheska. 

Heart And Soul Episode 103

The episode begins with Crisan looking for Cheska behind Daren’s house. Cheska hides and calls Grandma Salia to open the door for her. Cheska is brought in. Crisan is looking for Cheska when Black lady comes and teases him. 

Diego, Alan and Geraldine arrive in a car. 

Crisan shows them the scarf that was left behind by Cheska. 

Alan wanted to involve the police but Geraldine didn’t like the idea. 

Cheska tells Auntie Salia and Daren that she is wanted by the police over a crime she is innocent of. They learn that she was charged with the crime of murder.

Daren’s mother comes and hears this news and asks Cheska to stay away from her and his son. When Cheska said she wasn’t the one who committed such a crime, she tells her that is what every criminal will say, she and her family can’t continue to live with a criminal. 

Daren tells his mother this is hard for him to believe, he doesn’t think Crisan can do that so they should keep her in the house. His mother asks what he is talking about. Because this can have all of them arrested. 

The police arrive at the location where Cheska was found. They asked the neighbors if they had found Cheska and showed her picture to them, they all said they hadn’t seen her. 


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