Heart And Soul Wednesday, 6 October 2021. This episode begins with Diego beggging Crisan to make it up to him once again, and accept him as the friend they used to be earlier. But Crisan is not ready to listen to him so Diego takes his bag and leaves.

Black lady was speaking with Crisel when Patricia came and black lady vanished.Patricia asks why she is not yet dressed for the party, she tells her not to say she is still thinking about Crisan, she should forget about everything and have fun. She asked her to quickly get dressed for the party.

Crisan and Macoy conversing about Diego and Cheska, Alan and Theresa jogging and conversing about what is happening between Crisan and Cheska.The skateboard event is going on. Patricia and Cheska arrived there, she forced Cheska to go and put on the skating boots. They came back dressed in skate boots and protective equipment.

But Cheska tells Patricia she has no experience in skating. This baffled Patricia. But Cheska lied that the accident has made her forget everything. Patricia assures her that once she has the experience, she won’t forget.

Crisan and Macoy are also there together at the event. Macoy’s friend came and he escorted Crisan. Seeing Crisan is alone, Cheska goes to her to incite another Diego fight with her.

Diego meets his mother who consoles him about the Crisan predicament he is going through.

While Crisan and Crisel are fighting, black lady comes and teases Crisel which angers Crisel. She followed Crisan at her back to push her but she missed her target and fell hitting her head against a brick.

Suddenly, Cheska fell unconscious, other students including Macoy, Patricia and the first aid team came to her aid.Emmanuel was in the office when Raymond comes in, he asks him if there is something he is not telling him.

Raymond receives a call that Cheska is hurt heavily and she has fallen unconscious.Crisel’s soul left Cheska’s body. Black lady comes there to make fun of her.

Giraldine and her friend were discussing Cheska and Crisan when she received a call and she was informed about the accident. Her drinking glass fell upon receiving the news. At the hospital, the situation got worse, Cheska was lying lifeless, her pulse was getting low gradually.

Crisel tried getting into her body but all attempts to enter Cheska’s body failed. She cried and asked black lady why she was unable to enter Cheska’s body. Raymond and Emmanuel tried their best to bring her back to life for the sake of Giraldine as Raymond put it.

Geraldine arrives at the hospital, and she is told Cheska has been put on a life support machine. She asks Cheska to please wake up for her sake. Her pulse kept reducing. There, Crisel’s spirit goes to Giraldine, wept bitterly and hugged her.

Crisan calls Diego and informs him about Cheska’s accident. Patricia arrived at the hospital and lied to Geraldine that what happened wasn’t an accident but the doing of Crisan.

This made Giraldine very angry. Raymond promised her that he will get the police involved in it. Crisel comes to Crisan and shocks her with electric current. She turned and saw it was Crisel, she asks where Cheska’s body is and Crisel tells her that Cheska is dead.

Crisel’s spirit started another fight with her and wanted to strangle her to death.Diego goes to the hospital and asked his grandfather about Cheska’s health. He was told Cheska has fallen into Coma.

Meanwhile Raymond has already called the police and wanted to have Crisan arrested.

Emmanuel De Villa didn’t agree with the decision about involving the police. She advised Giraldine to take the police out of this, but Geraldine said she only wants justice for her child. Raymond also seconded her.

While they were talking, Diego overhears them who goes and inform Crisan about the police. Crisan felt disappointed saying she isn’t the cause of this. What happened was just an accident.

Emmanuel and Raymond talking in private, he tells Raymond that their decision isn’t a good one. Raymond replied that Cheska is lifeless because of her. This made Emmanuel reminded him that Crisan is Geraldine’s daughter, having her daughter arrested isn’t a good thing.

It’s unbelievable. But Raymond said he is doing this to protect his family, but otherwise, Emmanuel said, you are doing this to protect your secret.

The police arrives in Crisanta’s house to have her arrested. But they heard the police, and Crisan and Diego went into hiding. They couldn’t and the police gets hold of her and was taken in the Jeep to the station.

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