Imlie 22 May 2023 Update On Monday

Imlie On Starlife Monday 22nd may 2023 update, Cheeni lets Imlie know that townspeople in the market tormented her and said she doesn’t have a dad. Imlie says she will face them at this moment. Cheeni stops her and requests that she tell her dad’s name. Even though she hasn’t used her father’s name since she was a child, Imlie claims that they are the same; A father is the one who soothes their cries, fights for them, and looks out for them.

Cheeni imagines Aryan and declares, “She doesn’t know where Hero Ji is now,” echoing Imlie’s description of him. Because she doesn’t want her to use his name, Imlie tells her to forget about Hero Ji. Aryan comes. Cheeni tells Imlie that she remembered Hero Ji and that he came and that she runs after him and gives him a hug. Cheeni is requested to enter by Imlie.

Neela makes a home shanti pooja call to Panditji. Arpita makes fun of Neela by suggesting that since she previously planned a kitty party with Anu and shanti pooja today, why doesn’t she become an event planner? Neela explodes. Arpita is halted as Narmada accepts her apology.

Panditji receives Aryan’s kundali or horoscope from Preeta. Arpita inquires whether she intends to remarry Aryan. Neela tells Panditji that she is worried about Aryan and asks him to find out if Aryan will have a girlfriend or not. Malini, along with Anu, enters and declares that Aryan already has a woman in his life.

Aryan tells Imlie why he came here. Aryan says he came for Cheeni. Imlie claims that Cheen and his loved ones are safe at her house, so he can leave. Aryan inquires about Cheeni’s loved ones.

Imlie states that she and her mother. Aryan asks who else. Imlie says one who upheld her when no one upheld her, safeguarded her, and knows that it is so hard to upbring a child alone. Aryan asks who is that. Imlie says her Seeta maiya. Aryan inquires about Cheeni’s father. Cheeni is the daughter of a distant relative, according to Meethi as he enters.

Neela is informed by Anu that Malini is Aryan’s business partner and that he is not alone. Arpita says that Aryan has written down who will be in his life, and if he already has someone in his heart, how will another person enter it?

Malini inquires about Narmada’s health and says that they came here to find out about her health. Narmada says she is fine. Malini says that’s good to hear and that they should leave right now. Anu demands to go to the pooja. She is greeted by Narmada.

Aryan is informed by Meethi that Cheeni stays with them because her mother was unable to care for her on her own after her father left her. Aryan says he will leave right now, touches her feet, and hands her a pizza package. He brought the food anyway because Meethi insisted that he have lunch with them as a village guest at the very least. She requests that Imlie serve thali.

Imlie inquires as to for what reason did she welcome Aryan, she will toss the food cost all over. Aryan really cares about Meethi and asks which amount. Imlie inquires as to why he did not recall her for five years. Meethi says Aryan does and came here for Cheeni, so Imlie ought to illuminate him Cheeni’s reality. Because Imlie believes that if Aryan learns who Cheeni is, he will hate her, she will never reveal her identity to Aryan. She eats while awake. Seeta maiya is Meethi’s request for Imlie’s happiness.

Panditji checks Aryan’s kundali and says khushi/satisfaction is hanging tight for Aryan. Preeta claims to be Preeta rather than Khushi, and she has been living here for six years. Panditji claims that the girl has been with Aryan for some time and will alter his destiny. Malini wonders if he is referring to Imlie. Cheeni does not succeed when Aryan teaches her to pronounce pizza. Cheeni requests that Imlie have pizza with them. Imlie claims she is not starving.

The argument between Aryan and Imlie begins. Imlie says he generally enters her life to obliterate it. Aryan says she is obliterating Bhaskar Times with her phony article and requests that she sign a conciliatory sentiment letter. The letter of apology is burned by Imlie. Aryan claims that she was wrong. He always acts right, according to Imlie. He counts the time since they are isolated. Imlie asserts that she was correct both then and now.

Aryan asserts that she is only concerned about her and does not care how others suffer as a result of her; she does not care that he will bear significant losses. Imlie asserts that even she is hurt and will suffer as a result of her. Rajat sends Malini a picture of Aryan after spying on him. Anu steals Malini’s phone and conceals it. Preeta says panditji ought to take her name straightforwardly as Aryan’s better half and expectations Aryan gets back soon from Pagdandiya.

Malini says even she maintains that Aryan should get back soon. Aryan informs Imlie that he was aware that she would make his life difficult and that he will not leave Pagdandiya without receiving her letter of apology. Imlie challenges him that she won’t sign it. Aryan says the game starts now and leaves from that point.

Imlie and Aryan confront each other and break up. Imlie believes that she broke off from him the previous time because she didn’t want to hurt him, but this time she will stand still like a mountain. Aryan fears that the rage he has held onto for five years will turn him into a flood and drown Imlie.

Malini tries to take her phone during pooja at Rathore House, but Anu stops her, and the phone is destroyed by havan fire. Arpita insults Malini that she is so anxious to rejoin Aryan and Imlie that she dropped her telephone in fire. Malini trusts Aryan doesn’t meet Imlie.

Aryan misses Imlie when he returns to his hotel room. Imlie misses Aryan as she watches the rain. Frustrated, they both recall their most recent argument. A song called Tujhe Bhuladiya plays in the background. They both recall all of their previous fights and romantic moments. Next morning, Meethig prepares Cheeni for school. She receives pickle and roti for tiffin from Imlie. Cheeni claims to require a different item. Meethi asks for kheer, halwa, and kadi chawal.

Cheeni means pizza or pinja. When Imlie inquires about her plans to meet Aryan once more, she replies that she cannot. Pizza is Cheeni’s only request. Cheeni has Meethi’s support and asks Imlie to give her what she wants. Cheeni dances and sings “Naan,” or “Grandma No. 1,” as she expresses gratitude to Hero/Aryan for providing her with tasty food. Imlie says she ought to quit reciting Aryan’s name as he will not be with her generally.

Because Anu threw her phone into the fire, Malini becomes enraged. Anu advise her to concentrate on getting married to an Aryan and living a happy life. Malini declares that she does not wish to wed Aryan. The technician checks her phone and tells her that her sim card works fine, but her data has been deleted. Malini throws her floor and declares that she is unaware of what Rajat did to her. Sundar, Naramada, and Arpita ask Aryan indirectly if he ever met Imlie. Aryan detecting Arpita and Sundar’s presence gets some information about Imlie.

The two of them inquire as to whether he met Imlie and what did they talk. Aryan asserts that he did, that he does not wish to meet her again, and that he must destroy her. As god brought them back together, they all become concerned for Imlie and ask him to forget the past and move on with Imlie. Aryan asserts that he is aware of Imlie’s situation and will only return to Delhi after putting an end to the need to return to Pagdandiya permanently.

On credit, Imlie goes to a store to purchase pizza and pasta ingredients. She is called names by the shopkeeper, and he says he won’t give her credit again. Neela and Preeta meet Malini and Anu, and they tell them that Aryan met Imlie.

When she hears that, Malini becomes agitated and declares that she had a gut feeling that something bad would occur today. Preeta begins her drama by stating that Imlie will entice Aryan once more and return to his life. Imlie visits news paper office and solicitations supervisor for her compensation. The editor asserts that he has no control over paying her. Imlie inquires as to who is in charge at the moment. When Aryan walks in, he claims that the newspaper is under his control because he bought it.

He then asks her to sign a letter of apology and takes her salary. Imlie says she has 2 months’ compensation forthcoming, he can give her compensation and take her jai seeta maiya ki welcoming consequently. Aryan claims that he altered the regulations and has stopped hiring freelancers, requiring her to earn a salary by working in the office; he is her manager from today and she is her representative. Imlie reviews similar words before and leaves declining his proposition.

Cheeni and Imlie stroll by a grocery store. She is made fun of by the shopkeeper because his biggest creditor is passing by. Imlie asserts that since he is the father of two children and understands their feelings, he ought to credit her for her pizza purchase. Instead, the shopkeeper informs her that this is her status and gives her stones in a bag.

He is confronted by Cheeni. She is advised to entice the man and obtain a father’s name for her daughter in charity if she received pizza from a man, according to the shopkeeper. He is warned not to say anything negative by Imlie, who slaps him and tells him not to. The shopkeeper’s assistant gets angry and tells her that her sins are ruining Pagdandiya as a whole and that she should run away.

Stones are chosen by Cheeni to strike shopkeepers. Retailer lifts and discards her. Aryan enters and holds Cheeni. When Cheeni sees Hero Ji, she is happy.

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