Imlie 30 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Imlie On Starlife Tuesday 30th May 2023 update, Malini calls the freedom day festivity scene where Imlie will cover her story and illuminates that a journalist from a presumed media house is conveying a bomb in her mic. The event organizer inquires about her. She says a kind words and detaches call. Imlie takes a gander at the mic and thinks Bhaskar implies sun and she will raise her news paper back to its brilliance. Aryan heads to the same location with his family to celebrate independence day.

Imlie arrives at scene and is halted at the metal turncoat. She is stopped by officers, who inquire about the contents of her bag. Imlie says she is a Bhaskar Times journalist and came to cover the story. Officials track down a toy in her sack. It’s Imlie’s daughter’s toy, she claims. They spare her and apologize. Imlie connects with a gatekeeper who inquires as to why she is missing from revealing since long. She promises to be consistent going forward.

Malini asks Rohith, her assistant, if Imlie has been caught. Helper illuminates her that Imlie was gotten, yet monitors tracked down a toy in her pack and saved her. Malini inquires as to whether the mic is still in Imlie’s sack. Aide confirms. Because it is a significant day for Malini, she calls her maid and asks her to prepare a feast for her and Anu. House keeper illuminates her that Anu has gone to Pakrutri maidan to take part in autonomy day festivity. Malini panics thinking Imlie has gone to similar occasion and surges towards the setting to get Anu out from that point.

Aryan arrives at the setting with family. Family gets blissful seeing Imlie there. Aryan inquires about Imlie’s actions here. Arpita clarifies that she will cover the event today. Aryan prevents Cheeni from interacting with Imlie. She says she is feeling parched. Jaggu gives her a water bottle and warns her not to swallow it. Cheeni finishes the entire bottle of water by purposefully touching her mouth.

Seeing Imlie’s uncultured nature, her supporters smile. Cheeni requires more fluids. Arpita offers her water bottle. Even that is finished, and Cheeni asks for more water. Narmada follows with her water bottle. Cheeni asks Aryan to bring her more water after purposefully splashing water on her dress. Aryan goes to get her some water. When Cheeni sees Imlie at the water koisk, she is pleased, and she moves everyone to a seat in the first row.

Cheeni orders everyone to sit in the front row. Rathore is already seated in the first row, which causes Anu to arrive late and frown. Aryan and Imlie knock on one another. She accepts Aryan’s apology. She expresses concern when she observes his hurt face during the street fight. He tells her to ignore him.

She counters that the audience is misled into believing that they will unite. Aryan claims he has relocated a great distance and will not return. Imlie says he gave all that his words, Bhaskar Times, his business, and time on layaway. After that, they argue. They split up.

When Cheeni and Jaggu see the minsiter’s entry, they are excited. They connect with serve who offers them to lift the banner with him. Arpita thanks serve.

Rajjo from the series “RAJJO” is seen. She flees after tripping on dirt. Anu’s sari is covered in dirt. She attracts Anu’s ire. Imlie observes it from a distance and believes that Anu is expressing her frustration unnecessarily to a poor girl. Additionally, Rajjo instructs Anu on the morality of washing her sari. Anu cautions her to dare not touch her 1.5 lakhs rs sari.

Rajjo claims that someone deceived her because they can get a similar sari, blouse, and petticoat for 200 rupees. Anu asserts that illiterate and uncultured villagers lack class knowledge. Imlie intervenes, claiming that she is not illiterate but uncultured. She records Anu’s video and takes steps to transfer it. Anu goes. Imlie and Rajjo interact.

( the above episode was acted when Rajjo was debuted in India so her scene here is simply to advance her series)

Malini enters Pragati maidan camouflaged as a safety officer. She figures she will take Anu from that point and leave right away and looks for Anu. Aryan looks for his loved ones. Malini sees him and thinks she should watch out. Aryan makes a stop at a man to make a phone call from a man’s phone as he moves toward her. Malini sees Anu and strolls towards her yet knocks on Imlie.

She makes a hasty dash for Anu. Anu yells that today, every poor person is attacking her. Malini reveals her identity and the presence of a bomb in this location. Imlie hears that and tries to follow them, but he runs into trouble. She believes that she cannot allow so many people to suffer as a result of a single criminal act. She uses a guard’s metal detector to look for a bomb.

Aryan keeps looking for his family. Arpita finds that Anu is missing. Minister raises the flag of the nation. When Imlie gets close to a microphone that Aryan is holding, her metal detector starts beeping. Cheeni steals Jaggu’s microphone and sprints to the stage to sing with him.

Aryan inquires about Imlie’s seriousness after spotting the metal detector in her hand. Imlie reveals that Cheeni’s microphone contains a bomb. Guards prevent Malini and Anu from speeding toward the gate. Imlie and Aryan dash onto the stage, grab the microphone, and toss it into the air. Airborne bombing. Imlie fumbles. Aryan holds her. Imlie runs and grabs the national flag as he sees it falling. As soon as they hear the explosion, people run.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai begins to be chanted by Imlie. People halt. In her speech, Imlie explains that despite the fact that their nation was attacked once more, they were able to defeat the criminals’ scheme and demonstrate that everyone is a patriot and loves their country. Everybody serenade Bharat mata ki jai with her. Aryan fixes the public banner back. Cheeni gives Imlie a hug and yells “girl power.” Serve acclaims Imlie. Imlie claims to be Imlie, a journalist for Bhaskar Times from Pagdandiya.

The minister says she should join the army because she is a brave journalist. According to Imlie, no soldier at the border can be compared to superheroes because she is just a regular citizen who did her job with her boss, Babu Aryan. Each soldier there is like a torch that protects their country. Clap in support of them all. Serve orders officials to get the offender.

Hearing praise for Imlie angers Malini. Anu reveals that she only has one earring missing. When Imlie discovers the earring, she suspects that it belongs to the woman who mentioned the bomb, and she vows to track her down and bring her to justice.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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